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"Apex Legends" Crafting Guide

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Crafting in Apex Legends

While Apex Legends seems to focus much of their reward systems around getting the cosmetics from the loot boxes—Apex Packs—they do also allow you to choose some of your own rewards via a crafting system.

How It Works

Crafting is very simple in Apex Legends. In the top right section of the screen, you'll see a blue icon with a number next to it. This blue icon represents your crafting metals. As long as you have more than 30, you can craft something.

There are two areas in the game where you can craft something.

  1. In the Legends tab, you can select a Legend where you can craft Legend based cosmetics including skins, banners, quips, and finishers.
  2. In the Armory tab, you can select a specific weapon where you can craft weapon skins.

Simply go to the section you want and find an item you want to craft. Right click on the item or click the Unlock button and you'll be presented with a price in crafting metals and a confirmation. Craft it, and you're done! You can now equip and use your crafted item.

Crafting a legendary item.

Crafting a legendary item.

What Items Can Be Crafted?

You can craft any item of any rarity in the game, with the exception of Heirlooms and other Legends. This includes:

  • Skins
    Legend Skins
    Weapon Skins
  • Banners
  • Quips
  • Finishers

All commons, rares, epics, and legendaries can be crafted. Keep in mind that not all types of items have options of all rarities. For example, skins have all rarities, quips have no legendaries, and finishers only have legendaries. You can tell which item is what rarity by following their color schema.

  • Common is Grey
  • Rare is Blue
  • Epic is Purple
  • Legendary is Yellow

Items are also ordered by rarity, from most rare to least rare.

Crafting Costs

Unfortunately crafting costs aren't visible on the list of cosmetics. You have to right-click the item and attempt to craft in order to see the price. Fortunately, every single item follows the same cost structure. Crafting costs only vary by rarity; they do not vary by item type. Various items do have more or less of certain rarities, for example, there are no common Legend Skins, and there are only Legendary Finishers.

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They follow this cost structure:

  • Legendary: 1,200 Crafting Metals
  • Epic: 400 Crafting Metals
  • Rare: 60 Crafting Metals
  • Common: 30 Crafting Metals

Earning Crafting Metals

Crafting materials drop from Apex Packs on a semi-regular basis. It's the game's way of saying that while you're getting random rewards from the loot boxes, you can occasionally pick your own due to the crafting materials, so you have some agency to get a few things that you really want.

Crafting drops do come in different rarities, with the higher rarities granting more.

  • Common Crafting Metals grants 15.
  • Rare Crafting Metals grants 30.
  • Epic Crafting Metals grants 200.
  • Legendary Crafting Metals grants 600.

Ironically, it takes two drops of a specific rarity to craft an object of that same rarity. Meaning you need to roll the Legendary Crafting Metals twice in order to actually craft a Legendary.

The drop rates appear to be roughly 20% per slot for some crafting metals. Of those drops:

  • ~70% common metals drop.
  • ~20% rare metals drop.
  • ~7% epic metals drop.
  • ~3% legendary metals drop.

These drop rates are still being validated and may take some time, so I'll update as I get more recordings. Furthermore, it is possible that the drop rates vary over time as your pool of remaining unlocked cosmetics shrink. Apex Legends does not grant duplicate cosmetics, so there is some question about how that influences your loot pool. For example:

  • When rolling a duplicate, they could instead grant crafting metals, such that your chance of getting crafting metals goes up over time.
  • When rolling a specific rarity, there is an equal chance of getting all remaining items such that your chance of getting crafting metals of that rarity goes up over time.
  • These things could also roll separately, so you have a fixed rate of crafting metals or a cosmetic, and only after rolling a cosmetic does it determine which one.

It will take some time to better understand this.

If you want to earn more Apex Packs, you'll have to level up. For more information, feel free to check out my leveling guide.

Crafting metals dropping in an Apex Pack.

Crafting metals dropping in an Apex Pack.

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