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"Apex Legends" Apex Packs & Heirlooms Guide

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Apex pack guide.

Apex pack guide.

What Are Apex Packs?

Apex Packs are loot boxes in Apex Legends that contain cosmetics of all different types. They can be earned for free by leveling up or paid for via microtransactions. Each Apex Pack contains three items, but they can vary in rarity and type.

Item Rarities in Apex

In Apex Legends, cosmetics such as legend skins, weapon skins, banners, quips, etc. all come in various rarities. Unsurprisingly, rarer gear drops less often, and is more expensive should you choose to craft a specific item.

The rarities found in Apex are:

  • Common (denoted in Grey)
  • Rare (denoted in Blue)
  • Epic (denoted in Purple)
  • Legendary (denoted in Yellow)
  • Heirloom (hidden rarity; denoted in Red)

Rare Item Acquisition and Drop Rates

Three Ways to Get Rare or Higher Items

  1. Get them in Apex Packs by leveling up or purchasing them for Apex Coins
  2. Craft them with Crafting Metals
  3. Buy them in the Store with Apex Coins

The primary method you'll be getting items with is Apex Packs. Fortunately, the drop rates are published so you know what your chances are:

  1. Rare or better item: 100%
  2. Epic or better item: 24.8%
  3. Legendary item: 7.4%

You will at least get 1 rare or better in every Apex Pack. You will also regularly get crafting metals you can use to craft a specific item you want.

These drop rates cover the entire pack contents rather than per individual roll. There are 3 items in a pack. It's yet to be determined what the rates are per roll are as well as what the expected distribution of item types. However, from my recordings I've gotten the following rates per slot:

  • Common: 44% chance per roll
  • Rare: 47% chance per roll
  • Epic: 6% chance per roll
  • Legendary: 3% chance per roll

Earning Apex Packs

You earn an Apex Pack for free every time you level up from levels 1-21, and every other level after that up to a total of 45 free Apex Packs. For more information on leveling, check out my leveling guide. You can buy more from their store by purchasing Apex Coins. An Apex Pack will cost 100 Apex Coins, roughly $1 USD or down to $0.87 USD if you purchase at a bulk rate.

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Apex coin store.

Apex coin store.

"Bad Luck Protection" System

Fortunately for us, Apex Legends has a system to prevent "bad luck". While the drop rate of a Legendary is 7.4%, the system will guarantee a drop.

  • A player cannot open more than 30 Apex Packs without getting a Legendary
  • A player cannot open more than 500 Apex Packs without getting an Heirloom

This system is in place to ensure no one gets screwed over or simply unlucky, preventing that terrible situation we all worry about when it comes to loot boxes in that we could be the one that just somehow never gets the good items.

Item Types in Apex

Apex Legends has many different types of cosmetic items a player can use including:


Legend Skins

Weapon Skins










In total there are hundreds of items. All of these items can drop in Apex Packs, and have their own rarities. For reference I'll put a chart below covering the various rarities available per item type.

Item Rarity Break per Type


Item Type Drop Rates

While rarity drop rates are clear in that they're published on the Apex Legends website, the distribution of which item types are dropped is unclear. However, to get an idea below I've included a chart detailing the drop distribution of 140 Apex Pack openings.

Apex pack item distribution.

Apex pack item distribution.

What Are Heirlooms?

Finally, Heirlooms are a hidden 5th rarity in Apex Legends featuring a dark red color. An Heirloom drops as an entire set, and when it does, it will not consume an Apex Pack from your inventory. They drop at a rate lower than 1%, likely more like 0.1% or 0.2%. However, as mentioned above, it does have bad luck protection, so you are guaranteed to get it within 500 Apex Packs. Obviously that is a ton of effort given you can currently only get 45 free packs, and packs otherwise cost roughly $1 each. However, currently there is only 1 Heirloom set which contains 3 items for Wraith including a kunai style knife, an intro quip, and a banner pose.We can expect more Heirloom sets to be added at some point, but it's not clear when.

Wraith Heirloom set screenshot.

Wraith Heirloom set screenshot.

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends is a free game so you expect some pretty compelling microtransaction content. Fortunately none of the game offers power and it's only cosmetic. Furthermore, the cosmetics are rich and diverse and offer a lot more than just your basic weapon skins. Additionally, while some of the skin content is overly bland, there is simply so much raw content I can't help but be impressed. Plus, some of the content is pretty awesome. The loot boxes are fine, but the crafting system will eventually ensure you aren't 100% at the mercy of chance. Lastly, while some of the content is bland, this is just the launch content, and we can expect some cool stuff to come soon.

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