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"Apex Legends" Leveling Guide

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Leveling Up in Apex Legends

Like many games, Apex Legends has a leveling system where you gain experience from doing various things, level up, and receive rewards. This guide will cover how the leveling system works and what kinds of rewards you can get.

For reference, Apex has 100 maximum levels a player can grind through. It's currently unclear how difficult it will be to reach level 100, but we can expect it to take a while.

Rewards for Leveling Up

There are two rewards you will earn by leveling up: Apex Packs and Legend Tokens.

Every time you level up for the first 21 levels you will receive an Apex Pack. At level 21+, you receive an Apex Pack every other level with a total maximum earn-able number of free Apex Packs being 45.

Additionally, you will also earn Legend Tokens every time you level up, and will continue to earn them after level 100.

This is pretty important, because this is the only way you can lock down your own cosmetic rewards such as skins, banner modifications, or quips without from spending real money. The Apex Packs will grant these at random, varying in quality. They may also grant crafting metals, which allow you to select which cosmetic you want to craft. For more information on crafting, check out my guide. It seems that every single cosmetic in the game can be crafted with the exception of the ultra rare Heirlooms which can only come from Apex Packs.

Legend Tokens allow you to buy other Legends such as Caustic and Mirage. They also let you buy a few select Legendary Recolor Skins from the store. These skins, thus far, have been Legendary and will rotate every seven days. You also need the existing Legendary skin first before you can buy the recolored version. Additionally, they're quite expensive, and likely only relevant for spenders or high level players who are looking for re-colored versions of their favorite Legendary skins.


Experience Gains

You can gain experience from a variety of activities in the game, but nothing beyond the standard stuff you would expect to see. These sources include:


  • Normal Kill +50 XP
  • First Kill of the Day +500 XP
  • Kill the Champion +500 XP
  • Become the Kill Leader +50 XP

Placements & Survival

  • Survival Time +3 XP per Second
  • Win +900 XP
  • Top 3 +300 XP


  • Revive Ally +25 XP
  • Respawn Ally +200 XP
  • Play in a Squad with the Champion +500 XP
  • Play with Friends (+5% Survival Time XP per Friend)

Apart from a few specific things, generally the answer is "play well, get more XP".

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It's worth noting there have been a few oddities in the XP system. I'm consistently seeing some games where the total XP earned is greater than the sum of the breakdown. I then see other games where the breakdown is 100% accurate. It's unclear what is not being accounted for or where the mistake is. Just know that there are some bugs to be worked on on XP gains.

Bugged XP Breakdown

The total states 7,393 XP, however the sum of the breakdown is 6487 XP. A difference of 906 XP.

The total states 7,393 XP, however the sum of the breakdown is 6487 XP. A difference of 906 XP.

Maximizing Your Experience

In order to get a better understanding of what type of play styles are best for grinding experience, or determine if there are any specific strategies to employ, I picked through a lot of screenshots of XP breakdowns after matches.

TLDR: Focus on survival and avoid combat to maximize XP gains.

The XP rewards are heavily focused on simply being in the game first and foremost. Your time spent will go much further than your performance so you want to focus on being alive, in-game, and not in lobby. Combat performance takes a distance second in impact to your total XP gains. In comparison, surviving in Apex Legends for five minutes is worth the same XP as getting 18 kills! Lastly, reviving and respawning allies is not a big portion of your XP gains. Of course, I don't recommend skipping that part of the game, just know that if you're getting into combat, your performance in damage, kills, and revives, all has very little impact to your progression.

For a better idea, I broke down the XP gains from a victory match with the following stats:

  • 1st Place
  • Survived 22 minutes
  • 6 Kills
  • 866 Damage
  • 2 Revives
  • 2 Friends

This is obviously an infrequent occurrence, but it sheds some light on your potential XP gains given 68% of the total match's XP (75% if you count friends) came from survival time.

For the full chart, refer to below:

XP Breakdown

This match was a 1st place match that took 22 minutes where there were 6 kills, 800+ damage, and 2 revives.

This match was a 1st place match that took 22 minutes where there were 6 kills, 800+ damage, and 2 revives.

Final Thoughts

I honestly wish the conclusion was more than just "play more, don't worry about playing well" and would personally prefer to see some XP shifted into performance, especially if it were something customized to your chosen Legends. However, I understand the notion that it can be nice for everyone to get some cool stuff regardless of performance and quite frankly I enjoy playing the game so I can't really complain.

One thing that is nice is that every second in the match counts the same, so in reality your strategy whether it's dropping hot or dropping farm and getting loot, isn't that critical to your grind and your rewards. The largest cost you're paying is the loading and waiting times before your next match if you die frequently, which is overall not too bad.

Simply put, focus your energy on having fun.


RP on January 13, 2020:

Because when i get to level 21 they don't give me the apex pack

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