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"Apex Legends" Lifeline Ability & Strategy Guide

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Lifeline Guide


Lifeline: The Medic

Lifeline offers great utility to a team as a healing oriented support. Featuring a healing drone, faster healing/revives, and an occasional care package on demand, Lifeline can be incredibly helpful. However, lacking in offensive skills means aggressive play styles are more challenging to pull off. Lifeline is a great choice for team oriented defensive play styles that allow her to take advantage of her set of abilities which are often not useful in combat.

Lifeline's Abilities


Lifeline's Abilities: "Q" D.O.C. Heal Drone

Upon pressing "Q," Lifeline will release a healing drone that heals all nearby legends for a short period of time. It will extend a healing tube to all Legends being actively healed. There is a brief delay while this occurs. Enemies can also be healed should one find your healing drone. Healing does not reduce if multiple Legends are nearby. The drone cannot heal you to full health, but will take you fairly close. However, you can use other items while being healed so you can use a syringe to top yourself off, or restore your shields.

Heal Drone Stats:

  • Duration: 20 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 60 Seconds
  • Health: Unknown, but can be destroyed in 1 shot

Key Strategies:

  • Given the limited range, slow healing, and easy destructibility, it's generally not advisable to use this mid-combat. It is possible to pull it off to some degree, but you're more likely to leave your teammates unassisted for too long. It's generally wiser to use the healing drone after combat to heal up.
  • If you are going to use it mid-combat, one strategy to keep in mind is to drop your healing drone on a revive. It will heal both you and the revived person, and you'll also have a shield protecting it.
  • You can also try dropping the heal drone around a corner and then popping around to take shots at people, but this is very predictable and isn't always a great option.
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Lifeline's Abilities: "Passive" Combat Medic

Lifeline's passive abilities really let her shine as a true medic in combat. Her passive is arguable the one ability she has that differentiates her in fighting whereas the other abilities are really for between fights.

  • Lifeline uses healing items 25% faster, this includes shield cells, shield batteries, syringes, med kits, phoenix kits.
  • Lifeline can revive allies at a faster rate than normal, and creates a shield in the direction she faces when beginning the revive. This shield will absorb all projectiles, including bullets from both enemies and allies. It doesn't cover a wide range, but is certainly great for a mid-fight revive.

Key Strategies:

  • It can be hard to pull off healing/shielding, as well as revives, mid-combat. However, Lifeline is arguably the only character that should attempt to do so given the increased speed as well as the revive shield. In fights where the enemy is 5-10 seconds away, you should absolutely take advantage of this passive. However, be very careful and mindful in doing so, particularly since the shield is often an easy give away that you're trying to revive.
  • As mentioned above, if you're going for a combat revive be sure to use your healing drone along with it. A revived ally is not useful if they're one shot from down again. Communicate with your team; an effective use of Lifeline's revive would be a heal drone + shield battery (not cell!), which could get a teammate mostly back into combat ability in less than 15 seconds. This is less helpful without a shield battery, or with low level armor, so choose wisely.

Lifeline's Abilities: "Z" Care Package

Lifeline's ultimate ability calls down a care package with three loot slots at a selected position. This care package is guaranteed to have some rare loot, usually with at least 1 epic item. It does not drop weapons, only gear. Legendary (gold) items do have a chance to drop, but as of March 2019, the care package will no longer drop Legendary armor or helmets. Without weapons, this means it is possible to get legendary scopes, or a Turbocharger, but that is all.

The care package takes 360 seconds to charge. It will contain one item from each of the following categories:

  • Rare or legendary body armor, helmet, or knockdown shield
  • Healing/Shield items
  • Rare or legendary attachments

As a special note, you can differentiate a Lifeline care package from a standard care package by it's color. Lifeline's will appear white and blue, while regular care packages are white and red.

Key Strategies:

  • Lifeline is arguably the most meaningful use of an ultimate accelerant, cutting 20%, 72 seconds, off the charge time.
  • A drop is fairly visible/audible to other squads, and draws a lot of attention. Be careful when calling it, be sure it's in a favorable position such as tucked around some cover, or used specifically to bait people into going after it.

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