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"Apex Legends" Newbie Guide (More Tips and Tricks to Get Your First Victory)

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Apex Legends Newbie Guide

Apex Legends Newbie Guide

Apex Legends Battle Royale Newbie Guide With More Tips

Apex Legends the new class-based Team Battle Royale from EA (Electronic Arts) and the makers of Titanfall, launched this Monday, February 4th, 2019. Apex Legends pits 20 teams of three against other teams of three in a free for all, the last man standing, open-world battle royale. The focus of this guide is to provide tips and tricks to apex legends beginners new to the game that might not have picked up on a few nuances or basics of the game.

In case you missed the first half of this guide, check out the Apex Legends Newbie Guide for more Tricks and tips to claiming your first victory. This second half will explain or delve into some points not mentioned in their tutorial/training mission as well as some advanced concepts for Apex Legends and other battle royales in general. The last team standing wins! Let's do this.

1: Team Composition

With abilities taken in account, you must take into account Team Composition to figure what type of play works best for your team. For example, if your first pick is the tank-classed character, Gibraltar, the second pick will usually the general style of the combat, and hopefully the third supplements it. So if we pick the tank-classed Gibraltar and the healer-classed Lifeline, we can assume from their abilities, that both characters will want to bunker down or find an area to bunker down and fight via attrition. If the first two picks are the sneaky Wraith and the zip-lining Pathfinder then you probably want a character that will rely on movement and or guerrilla styled hit-and-run combat. You can also go with weird combos where in involves two working together and a solo player playing their own character’s way, but that’s for more advanced bad enough dudes that know what they are doing.

2: Health, Recovery, Ammo and Inventory Management

If you have not played Player Unknown Battlegrounds or any battle royale with an inventory system, this might catch you off guard at a bad time if you are not up to speed on how inventory works. Each player has a limited inventory, boosted by backpacks you can find lying around. Recovery Items, grenades, attachments and even extra ammo take up inventory slots. (Armor does not take up inventory slots.) You have individual selection wheels for recovery consumables and grenade styled consumables, but both share the same inventory, so if you run around picking up everything, expect to find yourself unable to pick up anything else. As an aside, make sure you learn what type of gun you are going to be working with as ammo and gun attachments are separated by types. For example, shotgun attachments and ammo will only work with shotguns (and specific shotgun types).

Apex Legends Bangalore

Apex Legends Bangalore

3: Guns and Gun Attachments

With ammo, grenades and consumables out of the way, let’s talk about the last inhabitant of your Inventory, gun attachments. These suckers are probably some of the more confusing and unexplained aspects of the game and will clog your inventory if you do not manage them. You can only carry two guns at a time in this game, if you want to pick up another gun, you will have to switch what you currently hold. If you switch a gun with another gun of its type, their attachments will pass to the gun you pick up, if they are of the same time. Attachments on the gun do not take up space in the inventory, but dropping a gun with un-transferrable attachments that overflow your inventory on removal will drop the attachments.

It is important to establish early what attachments you have found vs what guns the team has found. If you are using shotguns and your teammate has a heavy machine gun, please do point out or pass-heavy machine gun attachments you find to them. It is better to stick with the gun types you are currently carrying attachments for instead of starting with a fresh new gun all together unless you aren’t good with it. (It's always a good time to learn how to use it though.)

4: Locations and Loot Rarity

Loot rarity goes from grey, blue, purple and gold, which are common, rare, epic and legendary, in that order. The further up the rarity chain the item is the better the item, stat-wise. The exception to this is the purple (epic) and gold (legendary) items which have the same stats but the gold(legendary) items have an extra bonus/perk. Some areas intrinsically have better loot than other areas, and whenever you enter a new area, it will show on the left the type of loot expected to be found.

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For example, the supply dropship that flies around usually has tons of good stuff, but it is also usually a mosh pit of teams landing and looking for quick finds (and quicker deaths). The supply dropship itself lands after a while, spawning more equipment. Another place of note is the “hot zone” which is a blue area on the map, which also happens to have a higher rarity rate given to it. Both the hot zone and landing zone of the supply dropship are on the map, so if you are going for any of these, keep on your toes.

5: Battle Royale Knowledge

Instead of talking only about Apex Legends, this section will cover experience and knowledge gained through playing battle royales games in general and how you can apply that knowledge to Apex Legends or other battle royales you may play. First, while you are landing, if you are auto-following your jumpmaster let your jumpmaster do all the work of landing, your job for this section is to look around and scout/point out where other teams are dropping and more importantly if any are dropping near or on you. When exploring an area, Already opened chest and doors are a huge red flag that someone has been here, but it might not be known if they were recently there or not. If you start not seeing items in an area or you see a pile of items in the same spot, someone might have been there too. While roaming, having the high ground is important, try to stick to high up areas, but also do not be easy pickings out in the open.

Speaking of open areas, Apex Legends has a very open landscape, so while you may be able to stay in a house or building for cover, try not to get pinned down in there as the enemy will have many options for re-positioning or escape in case another team shows up to play. Secondly, getting pinned down is bad if you happen to be outside where the ring will be since you will have to move if you want a chance to win. If you happen to not know what the ring is, the ring is basically a constantly shrinking wall of death you always want to want to be inside. Inside the ring is good, outside the ring is bad so being able to move freely and gain advantageous positions is an important part of the late game as the area shrinks more and more.

Apex Legends Mirage

Apex Legends Mirage

Extra Random Tips and Tricks for Apex Legend and Battle Royale Newbies

Communicate, communicate, and communicate! You have no idea how many games I’ve gone through where not a single word was said or ping was given by teammates. (And as a result, we all died.) If you see an enemy, if you are falling behind, if you are over-burdened or need to heal, let your team know. Your consumables are no good to you if you are dead, if you have a break in combat, heal yourself or your teammates up. If you are in a weird fire fight, don’t be afraid to bust out the grenades and other throwable ordinances. Try to work as a team to focus fire (if possible) an enemy, downed enemies cannot shoot back unless they happen to have the legendary knockdown shield.

When an ally falls to zero, they will be “knocked down” but can be brought back up with some help. If they aren’t brought back up in time or are taken back down to zero while in the “knocked down” state, they will die, but don’t worry, In this battle royale, you can actually resurrect dead teammates. When a teammate dies, they will leave behind a box/banner. From then you have a short time to get to them, get their banner (or cell phone?) and take it to a respawn beacon. Be warned though, they will come back with absolutely nothing, so drop them a pistol or something.

Apex Legends Newbie Guide Conclusion

This concludes the Apex Legends Newbie Guide, head over to Apex Legends Newbie Guide Tricks and Tips for more, well, tricks and tips!

With all of these tricks and tips under your belt, you should be able to walk into your first Apex Legends matches and take your first steps to victory! If I have missed anything or if I have any errors, please let me know in the comments below! What if your favorite battle royale game and why do you like it?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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