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"Apex Legends" Ping Guide: Communicate Better and Win More

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"Apex Legends" has a robust ping system featuring tons of types of pings and voice lines to go along with them.

"Apex Legends" has a robust ping system featuring tons of types of pings and voice lines to go along with them.

Pings in Apex Legends

Often wanted in other games, a ping system allows for a much more advanced level of communication with your team without the use of a microphone.

It can also help communicate locations in a faster and more effective way than voice ever could. It can show specific spots on the map as well as distance without having to say something like "left side of the building on the west side of town ducking beneath the right window".

Even just finding direction without having to check your compass can be incredibly valuable. Apex Legends features a ping system that is fairly robust and useful, but it takes a little bit to get used to it.

This guide will cover how all the pings work and how you can take advantage of them as a cornerstone of success.

Basic Pings

Apex Legends features two basic pings available at the click of a button. By default, you will find:

  • Upon pressing "F", you will use an "Enemy Spotted" ping, leaving a marker on the location you pinged for your allies to see.
  • Upon pressing the middle mouse button (often the scroll wheel button), you will leave a marker suggesting you want to go to a location for your allies to see.
  • You can also use the middle mouse button over a ping you've already given to cancel that ping. Your character will vocally reinforce this as well.
  • If your ally makes a ping, you can hover over their ping and hold down the middle mouse button to contextually bring up a menu to respond to their ping. For example, when leaving the drop ship, an ally may ping if they want to go to a specific location. You can hold the middle mouse button to bring up a menu that allows you to agree or disagree with that choice.
"Apex Legends" ping wheel

"Apex Legends" ping wheel

The Ping Wheel

Beyond the standard pings that are easy to use, Apex allows players to make more advanced pings to allies based on a ping wheel that you can bring up by holding your mouse 3-button (mouse wheel). From there, you can move your cursor around the circle to select a ping you want to use. It's easy:

  1. Select a ping location.
  2. Push and hold your mouse wheel button to bring up the ping wheel.
  3. Move your cursor around until you land on the ping you want.
  4. Release your mouse wheel button to ping.

Your pings option on this wheel include:

  • "GO" (the basic middle mouse ping)
  • "Enemy" (the basic enemy "F" ping)
  • "Looting This Area"
  • "Attacking Here"
  • "Going Here"
  • "Defending This Area"
  • "Watching Here"
  • "Someone's Been Here"

The options are fairly robust and cover all the key things you want to communicate with your team.

Pings for Desired Items

You can also use the ping button to ping items you want or need. For example, you can ping your ammo count in your inventory to request that ammo slot. There are all sorts of gear pieces you can ping and your character will vocally request them, including:

  • Ammo type
  • Helmet and body armor
  • Weapon attachments
  • Medical supplies
  • Shield supplies

Pings as a Part of Effective Communication

Your team's communication is the cornerstone around which you perform. Obviously, it's best to use voice chat, but even then it can be hard to communicate quickly and accurately. Pings allow you to improve your game dramatically but only as much as your ability to use them properly.

Be sure to communicate all major movements and actions with your team, it's important to have everyone on the same page and moving towards the same goal. You shouldn't engage without pinging to your allies, nor run away to a new looting area without informing your team. Combat happens fast and having a team respond as quickly as possible is often the difference between winning and losing more than individual skill or gear.

It's also important to keep pinging desired loot, as teammates will often overlook gear they aren't interested in that you may be.

Overall just be sure to make your intentions and needs are known, so your team can all be on the same page.