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"Apex Legends" Stat Trackers Guide

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Stat Tracker Guide


Stat Trackers in "Apex Legends"

Stat tracking in Apex Legends works differently than most games you're used to playing. Rather than having a large set of metrics about your gameplay that are tracked, Apex Legends allows players to unlock stat trackers of specific points of data as a type of cosmetic item.

You can view all data tracked by a tracker even if it is unlocked. Unfortunately, because this is per tracker, it means you don't have much overall data on your own performance by default that is easily viewable, though they may make more data viewable by you only in the future. Fortunately, as a type of cosmetic, it means that stat tracking is shown to players as part of the player banner.

The player banner is shown is several locations:

  • When you begin the game, you can see your banner as well as your teammate's banners.
  • The champion and the champion's team's banners are shown to all users.
  • If you kill someone, your banner will be shown to that user.
  • If you are the champion or the kill leader, your banner will be shown around the map.

This means you really get to flaunt your stats as a player even though they're not all unlocked by default. Additionally, all stats are always tracked, so when you do unlock a stat tracker, it will already be loaded with your current data and ready to show off.

Champion Banner


How to Get Stat Trackers

Stat trackers are generally fairly easy to obtain, with most of them being considered common items, and only a few are rare. There are no epic or legendary stat trackers.

To get a stat tracker, you need to do one of two things:

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As I said, they're fairly easy to obtain so you will get them regularly in Apex Packs. However, you'd be getting random stat trackers so it may not be that compelling because odds are you really only want to show a few stats on a few Legends at the most. Crafting them is a great option, it's incredibly cheap costing:

  • 30 crafting metals for a common stat tracker
  • 60 crafting metals for a rare stat tracker

Each Legend has about 20 stat trackers with 2-3 of them being rare. Only one will be unlocked by default, and that's the tracker for tracking kills. This leaves you plenty of options to unlock and pick from. Plus, even if you want to craft three options for every Legend, it's not prohibitively expensive.

To craft a stat tracker, you'll need to go to the menu where you equip them. I'll cover this below.

Equipping Stat Trackers

You can choose to show three stat trackers at a single time per Legend. Trackers are customized per Legend, and all Legends have at least a few trackers unique for themselves such as Lifeline's drone healing tracker. To set which stat trackers you need to:

  1. Select the Legends menu from the main screen
  2. Select the Legend you wish to change trackers for
  3. Select the Banners option in the top navigation menu
  4. Click a Tracker on the left navigation menu
    There are 3, click the one you wish to change
  5. Select a tracker from the list
    If your selected tracker is still locked, you can double click it or right-click it to craft it if you have enough crafting metals
  6. Your equipped tracker will show an orange check mark next to it
  7. Your updated banner containing your newly set tracker will also show on the right

It's very simple, but I admit it took me a bit to figure it out personally.

Stat Tracker Menu

All data is tracked and shown, but only unlocked trackers can be displayed to other players.

All data is tracked and shown, but only unlocked trackers can be displayed to other players.

Final Thoughts

Part of me is a little annoyed that player performance data isn't summarized and easily viewable somewhere. However, all the data is there, and it's cool to be able to show it off in this stat tracker system. For better or worse, Apex Legends keeps most data summarized in a way that makes it difficult to compare, so it's hard to get a great sense of a person's skill but rather just some sense of their total time played in the game. However, there are currently no ranking systems that are user-facing, so this may satisfy that need in the future.

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Justin on April 09, 2019:

You can also track global stats like legends winrates

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