A Guide for Ascension's Remastered Easter Egg

Updated on February 7, 2018

Many Call of Duty zombie levels feature Easter eggs. They are basically optional missions that you can complete to earn a trophy or an achievement. Some of these missions reward you with perks after you've completed them. The remastered version of Ascension still contains its Easter egg mission.

You must have four players in the game to complete this Easter egg. You cannot complete it while playing solo. You'll have to find some players or friends that are willing to complete the Easter egg with you.

Additionally, you'll need the Thundergun, Gersch Device, the Ray Gun, or Ray Gun Mark 2, and the Matryoshka Dolls, so before starting a match, it's highly recommended that you equip the "immolation liquidation" gobblegum. It will temporarily spawn the mystery box in every location for a cheap price. Immolation liquidation is basically a fire sale up. It will increase your chances of getting the weapons required for this Easter egg.

Step-by-Step Ascension Directions

  1. Turn the power switch on.
  2. Use the three lunar lander pads, then launch the rocket into space.
  3. Throw a Gersch device outside of the map below the traffic sign.
  4. Activate the computer console below the stairs in the Stamin Up perk area.
  5. Wait for the monkey rounds and activate the four switches at the same time. (This requires four players.)
  6. All four players must stand on the pressure plate below the rocket near the pack-a-punch machine for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Fly the Lunar Landers to collect the letters to spell "LUNA."
  8. Use the Thundergun, Gersch device, and Ray Guns to shoot the glowing orb on the ground in the junkyard area where the Stamin Up perk is located.

Completing Each Step

  1. The Power: For the first step, you'll need to turn on the power in Ascension. Focus on getting as many points as possible by knifing zombies and using double points. It's easier to complete the Easter egg in the earlier rounds because the zombies are weaker and there are fewer of them. Once you have enough points, begin opening up all the doors on the map. The power switch is located on the rooftop in the center of the map. You'll have to go up several flights of stairs.
  2. Send the Rocket Into Space: Sending the rocket into space opens the area below the rocket. It will enable players to use the pack-a-punch machine to upgrade weapons. To send the rocket into space, you must first use all three lunar landers and fly them back to the spawn room. Once you have used all the lunar landers, activate the switch on the rooftop (near the power switch). The rocket will shoot off into space and the area below will open as a result.
  3. Throw a Gersch Device Below the Traffic Sign: Stand below the stairs where the lunar lander pad with the Widow's Wine perk is. There will be a truck nearby. Look outside the map and find a traffic sign. Throw a Gersch device below the traffic sign. If you don't have one, use the mystery box until you acquire one. You and the other players should also focus on acquiring the Ray Gun, Thundergun, and the Dolls.
  4. Activating the Computer Console: The next step is to activate a computer console in Ascension. Go to the junkyard area where the lunar lander with the Stamin Up perk is located. There's a computer console below a flight of stairs. Turn on the computer. You might want to do this at the end of the round when there are less zombies. You don't want to get trapped in a corner by zombies.
  5. Activate 4 Buttons Simultaneously: In order to complete this step, you'll need every player to stand by a button and activate it at the same time. Additionally, the step can only be completed during a monkey round and not during a zombie round. The four button locations are as follows: one is to the left of the Stamin Up machine, one is opposite the Juggernog machine, one is to the left of the Widow's Wine machine, and the last is across the room from Speed Cola. Assign a player to each button and press them at the same time.
  6. Every Player Must Stand on the Platform Below the Rocket: Each player must go below the area where the space rocket launched (near the pack-a-punch machine). Every player must stand on the platform in the center until the clock's hand has finished going around. Any player who steps out of the metal grate platform will reset the clock's timer. It can be tricky if a ton of zombies are attacking. If possible, complete this step when there aren't many of zombies around.
  7. Fly the Lunar Landers & Collect Letters: You must spell "LUNA" by flying the lunar landers in the correct order. Use the one at the spawn for L. Use the lunar lander at the Stamin Up location to get the letter U. Then utilize the lunar lander at the Widow's Wine location to collect the letter N. Finally, use the lunar lander that's at the top of Ascension past Speed Cola to get the letter A.
  8. Shoot the White Orb: The final step for Ascension is the white orb. You must throw the Gersch Device at the white orb, then shoot it with the Ray Guns, the Thundergun, and the Dolls. You can only damage the white orb when the Gersch Device's black hole is above it. The white orb is on the ground where you activated the computer console earlier. It's near the lunar lander pad where Stamin Up is located. Make sure that the Thundergun and Ray Guns are upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch. Once you damage the white orb enough, it will fly into the air. When that happens you will have completed the Easter Egg!

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