"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": How to Get the Awaken Gazebo Achievement in Buried

Updated on March 3, 2020
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

Upgrade on Round 1.
Upgrade on Round 1. | Source

In order to upgrade a weapon on round 1 in Buried you will need to utilize two of the new features in Buried, drawing weapons and breaking barriers. In order to complete this achievement, you will need to do so without using the bank or the weapon locker. This can be done. I completed this Achievement while buying the Colt M16A1 off the wall and with 800 points to spare.

I am going to go through the steps and at the end of each step I will give a summary of my own progress when completing this Achievement, including the points I had

The Steps For Upgrading on Round 1:

  1. Draw the First Weapon
  2. Let the Giant out of His Cage
  3. Kill All but One Zombie
  4. Use the Giant to Break the Barriers
  5. Draw the Wall Weapons
  6. Buy a Weapon
  7. Navigate the Haunted Mansion
  8. Upgrade a Weapon

1. Draw the First Wall Weapon

You will start the game with 500 points. As soon as you spawn into the first room, you will need to drop down a hole that leads to the Tunnels. The first wall weapon is located on the wall next to a question mark. You can pick up the chalk for that wall weapon by pressing the action button, then you can build it on the question mark.

You will receive 1000 points for drawing this weapon, bringing you to a total of 1500 points.

The Giant loves Candy and Booze.
The Giant loves Candy and Booze. | Source

2. Let The Giant Out Of His Cage

Next, you are going to want to let the Giant out of his cage. If desired, you can opt to complete step three before step two. That might make it easier to release the Giant without interruption.

To let the Giant out of the cage you will first use the Key to open the cell door. Then you will locate the Booze inside the cell and give it to the Giant. The Giant will smash the door to escape the Sheriff's Office. When he does this you will receive 200 points.

This should bring you to a total of 1700 points.

3. Kill All but One Zombie

You can complete this step while completing other steps. However, it is sometimes easier to do this at the beginning, and get the zombies out of your way.

There are seven zombies in the first round, so you will need to kill six. In order to maximize points, you will want to shoot each zombie five times, below the shoulders and then stab them. You will receive 10 points for each shot and 130 points for each stab. This will give you 180 points per Zombie and a total of 1080 points for all six zombies.

This should bring you to a total of 2780 points.

4. Use the Giant to Break the Barriers

You can have the Giant Smash through barriers by feeding him Booze. You will receive points for each barrier that the Giant smashes. These points are based on the distance the Giant travels in order to smash the barrier.

You will need to open the Saloon in order to get to the Booze. It will cost you 1250 to open this door. There will be one free booze bottle available, after that, you will need to buy each Booze bottle for 1000 points. In order to have enough points to upgrade a weapon, you will need to maximize the points you receive from the barriers the Giant Breaks. Watch the embedded video to see the positions that I stand in order to get maximum points from each barrier.

When completing this Achievement I broke the following Barriers. I listed the points I received after each barrier.

  • Gunsmith Barrier - 1610 points
  • Jug Barrier - 1760 points
  • Barrier between the Candy Store and the General Store - 1530 points
  • The Church Barrier - 750 points
  • The Haunted House Barrier - 1260 points

I received a total of 6910

I did not have to open some of those barriers, but did so that I could get the extra points. I could have also received extra points by opening the Barn barrier, but did not need the extra points.

You will need to buy the Booze four times for a total of 4000 points. If you add that to the 1250 points it cost to open the Saloon, you are paying a total of 5250 points. So I only gained 1660 points from this task, but it opened some of the areas needed to draw the chalk weapons.

After this step, you should have a total of 4440 points.

Chalk for Wall Weapons.
Chalk for Wall Weapons. | Source

5. Draw the Wall Weapons

There are a total of six weapons that can be drawn on the walls. You drew the first weapon on the wall during the first step. In the last step, you opened the barrier to the Gunsmith, which will make it easier to get to the chalk weapons. Select the link below to see the location of each wall weapon and where they can be placed.

You receive 1000 points for the first five weapons drawn and 2000 points for the last wall weapon. Since we already counted the points for the first weapon, you will receive a total of 6000 points.

You will need to open the couch in the Saloon for 750 points and the courthouse door for 1250 points, for a total cost of 2000 points. After buying the doors you should have made 4000 points drawing these last five wall weapons.

After this step, you should have a total of 8440 points.

6. Navigate the Haunted Mansion

Before you enter the Haunted Mansion you should do two things, turn on the power, and buy a weapon.

Make sure you choose a wall weapon that will allow you to get through the Haunted Mansion without being touched by a Ghost. I bought the Colt M16A1 for 1200 points. This weapon shoots a three-round burst, which allows me to quickly dispense of the Ghosts.

Keep in mind that you will need to still pay 1250 points in order to open the door to the Haunted Mansion. After opening this door you will have 7190 points. You will need 5000 points when you reach the Pack-A-Punch machine. So you have 2190 points to spend on a weapon.

It helps to know where the Ghosts will appear in the Haunted Mansion. the embedded video above shows a clip of me going through the Haunted Mansion in an earlier game. A Ghost will take 2000 points each time it touches you, so getting touched once will result in not being able to complete this Achievement.

Pack-A-Punch Machine in Buried.
Pack-A-Punch Machine in Buried. | Source

7. Upgrade a Weapon

After leaving the Haunted Mansion you will need to navigate the Maze in order to reach the Gazebo that holds the Pack-a-Punch machine. I normally like to keep one Ghost in order to travel there without having zombies spawn. However, since you don't want to chance losing 2000 points you will be better off dealing with the one remaining zombie. Do not kill that zombie until you have finished upgrading your weapon.

Go to the bottom of the Gazebo and upgrade your weapon. You should see the Achievement appear.


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    • EdSaterstad profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward D. Saterstad 

      6 years ago from PA

      Yes, you can get around buying most of the doors, but since I could get enough to open the door and still upgrade I saved myself some time by not going through that loop every time I needed Booze.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Don't needd to spent 1200 in getting to the bar, go up and round(up above cage,jump over to the barn,through the tunnels,jumo the gap.


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