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Basic Receivers for "Blacklight: Retribution"

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The Laughing Crow is a moniker whose voice I borrow: a rascal who is abrasive but honest, curious, and outgoing.

Blacklight: Retribution was a first-person shooter available on PC and Playstation. It was free-to-play, meaning that you could get started and try it out without having to make any investment at all.

You could invest real money, if you want, to speed up your progress in unlocking special pieces of gear, but you could also earn whatever you needed with the currency you earned in-game.

Sadly, the PC version of the game was shut down in 2019, but fans keep hope that the game might be relaunched or remade in the future.


What Are Receivers and How Do You Get Them?

In Blacklight: Retribution, your main weapons utilize a base to work on called a receiver. Each receiver has a unique spread of stats that set your basic playstyle. You can then add other weapon components to further enhance that playstyle, or perhaps downplay weaknesses.

Some receivers, such as the Bolt Action Rifle (BAR) deal tremendous damage at long ranges, but are slow to reload and are single-shot only. A Sub Machine Gun (SMG) has a high rate of fire but has a short-range and you burn through your clips quickly.

Receivers are shown by going into the Customization > Weapons section of the menu and clicking on the "Receiver" option. Here you will see all receivers currently available in the game, and whether you have unlocked them. Some will become available only at a higher level.

To unlock a receiver, hover over it and click "Purchase". You may want to rent one for only a day to find out if you like it, but my advice would be to save up and buy each permanently when you can because it allows you a lot more freedom in changing up your playstyle.

Assault Rifles

Members of this group are:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Burstfire Rifle

Weapons of this group are the jacks of all trades and easily adapted to a variety of playstyles. The Assault Rifle is the starting weapon and with reason; it has a really good balance between spread, recoil and damage which means you can be competitive from the get-go.

The Heavy Assault Rifle deals more damage but shoots slower than the AR, and customizing it produces more extreme results: very accurate, very high damage or a spray-and-pray machine for area denial.

The Burstfire Rifle fires in short bursts and effectively has a cooldown period between bursts. This means you are very vulnerable if you don't aim properly or lose your cool under fire. That said, it's reasonably close in spread and recoil, so if you aim properly you will kill your opponent. It is currently an underrated receiver.

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Sniper Rifles

Members of this group are:

  • Bolt Action Rifle
  • Combat Rifle
  • Anti-Material Rifles

The weapons of a professional, these weapons are all very slow but accurate and deal very high damage. They are designed for use by people with aiming skills, and tactical movement is very important. Because you can't really defend yourself against many opponents at once, you will need to outmaneuver enemies and pick them off.

Combat Rifles are decent in a hectic fight because you can tap-fire them, but they are tricky to master. Anti-Material Rifles are almost guaranteed kills, even when taking a body shot, but they are very slow and have little customization options (only a scope and stock).

The Bolt Action Rifle has an interesting variant that has a low scope-in time and high fire rate (80 max) which allows you to chain shots until you run out of clip. This allows it to be used in close quarters conditions - but even this is more for a bored player than someone who wants to be really competitive.


Members of this group are:

  • Tactical SMG
  • Burstfire SMG
  • Bullpup Full Auto

These are fast weapons often used by players with speedy builds, and supremely useful for short ranges and tiny maps such as Metro. All of them shoot fast and hard, but their ranges are limited and they are difficult to use to snipe people at long ranges.

The Burstfire SMG in addition fires only in bursts, meaning that for a short time between bursts you are vulnerable and someone can take advantage of this by dodging your initial shots and killing you while you fire a second burst.

Of the three weapons, the Bullpup is more all-purpose and is good for short to medium ranges.

Heavy Assault

Members of this group are:

  • Light Machine Gun
  • LMG-Recon

Heavy-duty weapons with immense recoil, these weapons combine high damage and fire rate with a decrease in movement speed and a slow reload time. Although it would seem that these would be novice weapons, proper use of an LMG take a lot of practice.

These weapons are used for short ranges, or in matches where the settings are set to give people low health, so the first one or two shots of this weapon will kill them. Building an LMG for low spread, combined with a good aim, you can guarantee that the first two shots hit and likely kill your target under these circumstances.

That said, these weapons are also the standard kit for OS Centrum, where up to four players kill a legion of zombies that spawn in waves. A large clip, high damage and rate of fire are great to clear out a horde of creatures.

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