"Battlefield 1" Multiplayer: Airplanes Guide

Updated on February 18, 2019
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Tayyab is a student by day and a gaming fanatic by night. He plans to provide the best possible tips and tricks to help fellow gamers.

Battlefield is a series that is loved by millions of people and when the game's developers decided to take the gameplay back to the World War I era, their decision turned out to be very successful because doing so capitalized on the failure of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (CoD). Many dissatisfied CoD players switched over to play Battlefield. As a result, a large number of people are trying to learn the mechanic systems of Battlefield.

The airplanes in the game are one aspect of Battlefield's mechanic systems. They're very effective when they're used properly. Here are some tips to help you attain perfect flying skills.

Selecting a Plane

There are three main types of planes in Battlefield 1. Each one is unique in its own way. Here are the three types:

  1. Fighter Plane
  2. Attack Plane
  3. Bomber

In-game description of the Trench Fighter plane.
In-game description of the Trench Fighter plane.

1. Fighter Planes

The fighter plane is the most agile airplane of the three. However, it has the lowest level of health, which makes it vulnerable to being shot down easily. Its agility enables it to easily chase down other planes and avoid pursuing enemies. It features a machine gun at its front and players can choose from a wide variety of bombs to supplement the plane's weaponry.

In-game description of Ground Support Attack Plane.
In-game description of Ground Support Attack Plane.

2. Attack Planes

The attack plane is a jack-of-all-trades type of vehicle. It is listed between the fighter plane and the bomber because of its average agility, medium health, and mediocre speed. It also features different bombs for different purposes. This plane has a machine gun at its tail end to enable a second player to join in attacks and assist in taking down any fighters that may be chasing it.

In-game description of Barrage Bomber.
In-game description of Barrage Bomber.

3. The Bomber

This airplane's name clearly explains its function. It is a huge plane with loads of bombs and (just like the previous two aircrafts,) it has different bombs for specific purposes. It has an explosive gun at its front, which enables players to wreck havoc on the infantry on the ground. Some of the bomber's disadvantages are that its front gun is not controlled by the pilot and the plane is slow, stiff, and big, therefore, it is an easy target for enemy fighter planes. However, its high health ensures its survival until the assaulting fighter planes are shot down from the gun placed at the bomber's tail end.

Fighter Planes
Attack Planes

Master the Controls

If you have played any other airplane simulator or arcade game it is likely that the flying controls in those games differ from the kind you will use in Battlefield 1. Initially, they will feel a bit weird, but with time and practice you will you be able to use the controls with ease.

Learning to out-maneuver other pilots without breaking a sweat and while keeping yourself calm is absolutely necessary.

Mastering the Timing

After you have practiced and mastered the controls. The next step is learning when to drop the bombs. This is the most crucial and important part of flying aircrafts in Battlefield. There are many factors that affect the timing of dropping the bombs on the infantry. These factors are:

  • Altitude: This is a very important factor because many of the bombs will tilt forward when they fall (like the trench fighter), so if you are at a higher altitude, you will need to release the bombs before you are near the target, whereas if you are at a lower altitude, then you can release when you are directly above your target. I prefer flying low to release bombs because it is much easier to spot targets that way and it's easier to perfect the timing.
  • Speed: It is common sense to figure this one out. If you're moving at a faster speed, you will have to release bombs very carefully because your momentum will cause the bomb to move forward. If you're moving at slow speeds, you should release the bomb when you are directly above your target. I recommend flying slowly and low until you have completely mastered timing.
  • Bomb Types: As I mentioned earlier, the trench fighter bomb tilts forward so you will need to adjust that tilt according to your speed and altitude. If you have equipped fragmentation bombs on the attack plane or bomber, you will need to predict where the target is going and release accordingly, due to the delay in the explosion. So if your target is moving away from you then you must release a bit late for the bombs to explode when the target reaches them or vice versa.

I recommend that newbies fly slowly and low to perfect their bomb-dropping skills. Bomb-dropping is the most essential part of getting consecutive and regular kills. When you feel like you have mastered the slow and low combo, then you should try experimenting with different variations of altitude and speed.

Spam the "Spotting" Button

One of the most helpful tips I can offer is that players should spam R1 or RB (i.e. the spotting button) before approaching high traffic areas in order to spot the enemies easily. This will literally light up your screen with red marks. After this, you can select a direction that will give you the highest likelihood of killing one or multiple targets.

Be Extremely Patient

I learned that having patience while you master using aircrafts is important. If you do not want to waste the resources of your team, then you must be patient. Always take the long route in approaching enemy spawns because rushing will surely make you crash.

Regularly repair your plane because you never know when an enemy might try to chase you down and every percent of health is useful in those moments. Beware of flagpoles while flying. I won't share how many flagpoles I have crashed into because it is embarrassing.

My Setup

I have used all the airplanes, but one stands out for me, and that was the fighter plane. I had a lot of success when I used the fighter plane with the trench fighter package. Its speed and agility make it easier to take down enemy bombers and the bomb payload is quickly reloaded, so the process of getting kills is made enjoyable because less time is wasted.

The delay in attack plane bomb fragmentation adds another layer of complexity to an already complex flying experience. The trench fighter package provides instant kills, so you just have to be accurate when you drop your bombs and try not to depend on players moving into certain positions. The front gun on the attack plane is useless in dogfights due to the slow firing speed of rounds, so it makes it hard to survive for a full game.

The front behemoth gun is the only useful weapon on a bomber. You can kill people AC-130 style, but if you are the pilot then it is useless in my opinion. The large body size paired with the aircraft's slow speed and stiffness means that these planes basically serve as moving targets for fighters, especially when there is nobody at the back gun.

Ultimately, successful gameplay is all about each player's personal preference. What works for each person will vary because every player is different, so I recommend you experiment with the available options to learn your preferences.

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