Best "Die Rise" Solo Strategy in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2"

Updated on June 5, 2019
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."


There are many solo strategy options in Die Rise. The Buddha Room has been a player favorite ever since they gained the courage to leave the roof. There are multiple ways to hold down areas, train, and receive your free perk in the Buddha Room. By combining these methods you can make it to high rounds.

Suggested Load-Out

  • Upgraded SVU-AS
  • Upgraded AN-94
  • "Mustang and Sally" or The Sliquifier
  • Semtex Grenades
  • Claymores
  • GalvaKnuckles
  • Trampo Steam


The Pole

During early rounds, I like to utilize the broken structure pole that is pointed towards the AN-94 hallway. If you are using powerful weapons in early rounds you can easily stay in this position for entire rounds.


  • Zombies can only approach from the front
  • Limited need to escape in early rounds


  • Less points per bullet, fewer zombies lined up
  • Escape can be dangerous


  1. Throw sticky Grenades at the base of the pole to take out a crowd of zombies.
  2. Spray the Sliquifier at the base of the pole to slow down the zombies.
  3. Upgrading your weapon early will allow remaining in this position longer.
  4. Escape by walking backward off the pole when necessary.
  5. Stop using this method if you need to escape several times in a single round.

Alternative Tactic

Some players will use the Siliquifier in a slightly different manner. They will spray the base as explained above. But once the zombies gather below instead of shooting them with another gun, they will shoot one zombie with the Siliquifier. This will cause that zombie to become infected and explode. If done properly this can create a chain reaction that will spread to any zombies in the immediate vicinity.

I do not like using the above-mentioned infection method. It is a slow and tedious way to advance rounds. This is also considered to be a cheap method by various players.


The Walkway

I like using the walkway between early and late rounds. I will often move to this position if I need to escape from the pole multiple times in a round. To get into position climb the structure pole that is leaning on the walkway and go all the way to the left. Shoot in the direction of your entry point.


  • Zombies can only advance from one direction.
  • Can add extra defense for fewer escapes.
  • More zombies lined up than at the pole.
  • Escape is less dangerous.


  • Improper Trampo Steam use could result in extra traveling.
  • Slightly more difficult to get into position than the pole.
  • Fewer Zombies lined up then would be if running a train.


  • Use a Trampo Steam and Claymores for added defense.
  • Use Mustang and Sally to take out large hoards of zombies.
  • Escape before being hit as you will receive fall damage during an escape.

Trampo Steam Placement:

The majority of players will place their Trampo Steam directly in front of them. I prefer to place my Trampo Steam at an angle, leaving a small gap on the right-hand side. This will allow zombies to get through when I am standing on the right, but will fling them if I take a step to the left. I will stay to the right most of the time and move to the left when I need to reload or if I need a little more time to take out the current stream of walkers. Advantages to placing it at an angle are:

  • Easier to pick up Power-Ups
  • Quickly get into position.
  • Fling yourself out of harm's way, instead of directly into the zombies.
  • Less Damage to the Trampo Steam
  • More points for kills that would have been taken by the Trampo Steam.

Running a Train

I will run a Zombie Train in the Buddha room during high rounds or when I need to accumulated extra points. It is important to keep an eye on the zombie entry points and the bottlenecks. I will incorporate the pole strategy and the walkway strategy into my train. This allows me to fire without risk of being hit from behind.


  • Maximize points by shooting into a line of zombies.
  • Numerous running options to avoid risks.
  • Less tedious than the other two methods.


  • Riskier than the other two methods.
  • Difficult to utilize the Sliquifier or Trampo Steam.

Getting Ammo:

Since you are not using your Trampo Steam on the walkway you can instead set it at the top of the pole. This will allow you to fling yourself up to the AN-94 hallway in order to obtain ammo. You can keep the Trampo Steam in that position for multiple rounds. It will throw some zombies, but will not incur a lot of damage. If the Trampo Steam is there during the round you will not be able to utilize The Pole Strategy.


"Die Rise" Solo Strategy: Buddha Room


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