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Best High Round Camping Strategy on "Black Ops 4 Blood" of the Dead Zombies

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High Round Strategy on Blood of the Dead Zombies

The primary goal of all zombie maps on Black Ops 4 is to survive to a high round. While there are secrets to be uncovered on each map, the main goal is to kill zombies and survive for as long as possible. One of the strategies is to defend a particular area, referred to as camping. The second strategy is to find an area to run around in and gather up zombie hordes (commonly called training).

This article is going to explain an excellent camping strategy to survive to the higher rounds. The strategy will probably work best with two players or less, as it may get too congested otherwise. It's your choice, but I would not recommend four players total.

Blood of the Dead is a huge zombie-infested prison. It's supposed to look like the Alcatraz prison. Make sure to explore the map to familiarize yourself with the areas. The level can become quite perplexing, particularly when enemies are attacking you, forcing you to move to other areas. You can delay a round if you don't eliminate the last enemies.

First of all, it's extremely important that you do not open the door that gives access to the China Alley. The camping strategy will not work at all if you open the China Alley door.


Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Tips

Before you initiate the camping strategy, be sure to complete the steps below first. It will make the strategy significantly easier when you're prepared to fight the living dead.

  • Turn on both power switches on Blood of the Dead.
  • Build the zombie shield by finding the three parts.
  • Unlock the Pack a Punch on the rooftops to enable weapon upgrading.
  • Get the Monkey Bomb Cymbals from the mystery box.
  • Acquire the Blundergat shotgun by using the mystery box or completing the Hell's Retriever Easter egg.
  • Upgrade the Blundergat to the Acid Gat, then the Magmagat.
  • Never open the door to the China Alley tunnels.

When you first begin the game, open up the doors leading to other areas of the prison as soon as possible. Lingering in one area too long is dangerous because the zombies become too powerful for your weak weapons. Turn on the power to the catwalk, then activate the second power switch that is located in Building 64. Be prepared to fight the Brutus zombie that attacks after turning on the second power switch. Buy one or two weapons because the starting pistol is terrible unless it's upgraded.

Camping in the China Alley Tunnel

Once you have the Acid Gat upgraded to the Magmagat, then you're ready to start the main strategy. The China Alley is an extremely good location for camping. As long as you don't open the door behind you, no enemies will be able to attack from behind, including the demon dogs and armored zombies. It is impossible for the strategy to work if you're being attacked from both sides.

The China Alley is next to the Building 64 area. You can reach the China Alley by going through the Citadel Tunnels, past the spiraling stairs. Stand near the door in the China Alley and shoot all the zombies in front of you. The Magmagat will distract the zombies and kill them. If you run out of ammo with your second weapon, then keep buying ammo for the assault rifle weapon that's in the Building 64 area nearby.

Use the death machine minigun for your special weapon. Not only will it annihilate hordes of zombies, but it will destroy Brutus, the larger enemy that attacks sometimes.

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The Monkey Bombs could potentially save your life. Throw them when you're overwhelmed or need to revive someone. The Monkey Bombs will distract zombies for a short time and explode.

It's fundamental that you utilize the Stone Cold Stronghold perk. The perk creates a shield circle around you after you remain still for several seconds. You will deal more damage and receive armor over time. Stone Cold Stronghold is a fantastic perk for this camping strategy, as the perk does not work when you're running around.

The China Alley Strategy in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead

The China Alley Strategy in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead

Other Perks to Equip on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies

Quick revive is another great perk to use for the strategy. The perk is a bit different compared to previous Treyarch titles. It provides faster revive, but also faster health regeneration.

The Bandoleer Bandit perk allows you to carry more reserve ammo. It may be beneficial for the strategy, but it won't offer much assistance when you're getting max ammos or purchasing ammo in between rounds.

The Dying Wish perk prevents the player from going into last stand when sustaining too much damage from zombies. You'll become invincible and will deal significantly more melee damage. The effect lasts about 10 seconds. 1 health will remain afterwards.

It's impossible to survive in the China Alley indefinitely, but it works well with the proper perks and weapons. Surviving for a few dozen rounds is feasible. Once it becomes too overwhelming, you should try another strategy to survive on rounds past 40 or 50 for Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead. The zombies will inexorably become stronger. Additionally, the rounds last a very long time past 50.

The Magmagat (upgraded Acid Gat) is essential for the strategy

The Magmagat (upgraded Acid Gat) is essential for the strategy

In regards to what elixirs to use for the strategy, choose whatever works best for your play style. The elixirs are similar to the gobblegums that were featured in the previous title. Many elixirs grant you special abilities. Other elixirs can make the mystery box cheaper or spawn power-ups. To unlock rarer types, access the main menu, and spend your points. You can't choose what to unlock since it's randomized. Additionally, rarer elixirs can only be utilized a limited number of times. Quite frankly, they are not that significant for the strategy to work effectively.

Assuming you're following the basic tips provided above, you'll be able to make it to a relatively high round in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead.

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Chris Clark on December 16, 2018:

You don't need to build the acid gat to make the magmagat.

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