The Best Shotgun in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2"

Updated on February 24, 2020
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I am currently an IT professional working in data analytics. I love to play video games in my spare time and compare in-game tools.


The shotguns in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are a stronger weapon group than in some previous Call of Duty games. A couple of shotguns can be utilized with efficiency and can help you rule the close-quarter gunfighting. Their devastatingly high short-range power can tear throw enemy players quickly and easily. If you are good at running, jumping, and crouching while shooting and are able to run paths through the maps to get close to enemies, the shotguns can make you an unstoppable force that the enemy can only hope to avoid. Like any weapon type, all shotguns have their pros and cons but I prefer one shotgun over the rest, the Remington 870 MCS.

The Remington 870 MCS Shotgun

While some players would argue the KSG is the best shotgun, the Remington has some characteristics that have been critical to my success. The KSG is a slug shotgun so it shoots out one big shell instead of the buckshot that the Remington shoots. This means that you have to be more accurate to kill with the KSG, especially at range, than the Remington. The Remington shoots a wider spread and can hit a wider range laterally than the KSG, which helps considerably when trying to kill a guy that is in extremely close range (ie. within 3 feet). The KSG has worse accuracy with its slug shot as at range it becomes less accurate the further your target is. Even at range, the Remington can usually at least hit enemies as long as they are within the buckshot spread. I've also had issues with the KSG not registering hit markers when I am clearly shooting directly at a non-moving target (maybe due to accuracy issues with the gun or my connection or something). All this adds up to the Remington being a better shotgun for me.

I will explain my Remington class below as well as set up a table showing the class setup. Remember that this class and gun is preferable to me, and may or may not work for you depending on how you play the game. But I have used all the shotguns for a generous amount of time (as I have diamond camo for them) and I did the best, by far, with the Remington. Please leave any feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. below so I can get your point of view. Also, check out my other 'Best' Black Ops 2 articles, and let me know what you think.

My Create-a-Class Setup

Primary Weapon
Remington 870 MCS
Primary Attachments
Long Barrel, Quickdraw Handle
Secondary Weapon
Secondary Attachments
Perk 1
Lightweight, Hardline
Perk 2
Perk 3
Dexterity, Extreme Conditioning
Lethal Grenade
Tactical Grenade
Perk 1 Greed, Perk 3 Greed

Class Explanation

Like most of my class setups, I prioritize my player's ability (perks) over his guns or grenades. I feel that if I can create a "super-soldier" with a single weapon that I will still come out on top. Therefore, expect a similar perk-heavy class for the Remington 870 MCS. Again, anything in my class can be customized to fit your play style as long as it fits in the "pick 10" create-a-class system. Let me know what you would do differently in the comments section.


First, I chose the Remington as my primary (duh) and put the long barrel and quickdraw handle attachments on it. The long barrel increases the range of the gun, which the gun natively lacks due to being a shotgun. I use the quickdraw handle so I can aim-down-sight (ADS) faster. This gives you a split second jump on your opponents, especially being in constant close-quarter gun fights. The laser sight would be a good substitute for the quickdraw handle if you prefer to hipfire. Similar to my other classes, I don't have any secondary weapons or attachments or any grenades.

Perks and Wildcards

I use two wildcards to open two more perk slots for my class. I use perk 1 greed and perk 3 greed to open more slots in those respective perk groups. For the perk 1 slots I use lightweight, so I can move and run faster, and hardline, so I can get my scorestreaks faster. Scorestreaks are harder to get since I am rushing and constantly running into battle with the shotguns so I need as much help as I can get and hardline helps me out. Ghost can be substituted for a perk 1 slot so you can more easily get closer to your enemies while being undetected. For perk two I use toughness, which allows me to flinch less when I am under fire so I can keep a steady aim on my target. Lastly, my perk 3 slots are dexterity, which allows me to aim after sprinting faster and climb faster, and extreme conditioning, which allows me to sprint longer without getting tired so I can quickly get back into enemy territory.

Class Summary

My class setup assumes you don't care about KDR and are simply trying to get near the enemy and kill as many as possible as fast as possible. Your life expectancy should lower considerably when using shotguns but your overall kills, and therefore your score per min, should increase as you are seeing, and hopefully killing, more enemies. Bottom line: don't worry about dying, just kill enemies. This isn't to say that you won't get scorestreaks. You just won't be getting many K9 units or swarms running shotguns, unless you are a professional haha. Shotguns are great weapons to have when completing objectives as enemies are usually close to the objectives when you are planting the bomb or capping the flag. This will also boost your SPM.

I hope this class setup helps you if you decide to try it out. Again, leave any suggestions or comments you'd like as I'd like to see what you guys think of the class and choice of the best shotgun.

Would you use this class setup?

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What is your favorite shotgun in "Black Ops 2"?

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    • profile image

      ethan combs 

      2 years ago

      i think your class is good but i have to agree with wolfman it reloads slowly

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have diamond shotguns as well and ive found that the best attachments in my opinion is the fast mag and long barrel bc reload time is so long and the long barrel increases range and damage not that it needs more damage but it works but the remington is the best of all the shotguns in core for hardcore i like the s12

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      7 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Awesome answer. You keep writing and I will keep learning.

    • neco555 profile imageAUTHOR

      Morgan Sheridan 

      7 years ago from Illinois, United States

      Practically everything I have and will post on hubpages will be opinion so I would argue that a post like this describing something as optimal or "best" has the implicit interpretation that it is my favorite. By posting the hub using "best" I communicate that it is my favorite AND sort of issue it as a challenge to either agree with me or share how I'm wrong. Posting this hub (and other hubs like it) is just as much for me to gain/learn something as it is to share what I've experienced. To me, using "best" is a kinda lucrative way to generate discussion and opinions. I believe it's normal and commonplace among describing aspects of games as well as various hubs that prioritize anything.

      I hope this answers your questions. You have some extremely thought-provoking comments. I like seeing them! Thanks! :)

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      7 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      When you say "best" in normal parlance, do you mean to say my favorite? And the term "best" is used as a competitive challenge for discussion?

      Do not mind me, just trying to grasp the subculture.

      voted up and interesting


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