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Best Strategy to Start a Game in Mob of the Dead, Alcatraz - "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies"

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It is vital to work towards objectives early in the game in order to achieve high rounds in Alcatraz, MOTD. If a team works together, they can quickly complete easy tasks that are necessary for moving on to the more complicated tasks.

There are several limitations that will prevent players from quickly completing objectives. First, each player is limited to one Afterlife per round. There is also a limited amount of zombies each round. This can effect the speed of Feeding the Beast and accumulating points.

You can build the plane and equip Hell's Retriever by the end of Round Five. But this does not happen often. Players waste money opening doors they do not need to and buying weapons they don't yet need.

Following this strategy will allow you to quickly get to the Golden Gate Bridge with Hell's Retriever in order to upgrade it on early rounds. In order to do this, we will concentrate on the following tasks.


Round One: Open areas and Check for the Warden's Key

There is not much that can be done during the first round. The goal during this round should be for one player to accumulate at least 1000 points in order to open the first door. One zombie should be kept alive long enough to check for the Warden's Key in the location by the Cafeteria.

Every player should be shooting the zombies five times and then stabbing them.


  • Unlock the cell door that holds the double points power-up before reviving yourself.
  • Every player then takes one window. Allow the zombies to pull off at least five boards so you can receive the points for rebuilding it.
  • Make sure at least one player ends the round with 1000 points
  • Before you kill the last zombie open the door. Open either door will open both doors.
  • The players should split up into two groups of two.

Group 1

  • Go to the area outside of the Cafeteria.
  • One player should enter Afterlife. The second player should continually revive that player halfway, stop, and repeat.
  • Lower the Warden's Key if it is in this area, open the door to the Showers, and open the cell door.
  • Revive the player and pick up the Warden's Key if it was lowered.
  • Go to the center of the Cell Blocks by the wolf head.

Group 2

  • Go to the center of the Cell Blocks.
  • Keep the zombie busy until group 1 has completed their objectives.
  • Kill the zombie close to the wolf head.
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Round Two: Feed the Beast, Open Areas, and Warden's Key

At the start of round two, all four players should be at the center of the Cell Blocks. Since you have already fed a zombie to the beast, you will only need to feed five more during this round. At least one player should accumulate 2000 points in order to buy the door for the top level of the Cell Blocks.

During this round zombies will need to be shot 8 times and then stabbed, or stabbed twice.


  • Feed zombies to the beast until it is complete.
  • Kill all but one zombie.
  • Open the door to the top level of the Cell Blocks.
  • Players should spit up into two groups

Group 1

  • One player should enter Afterlife at the electrical box that is between Electric Cherry and the Gondola. The other player should half revive the player similar to the previous step.
  • The player in Afterlife then powers the Gondola and Electric Cherry.
  • Then the player drops below and lowers the Warden's Key, opens the Warden's Office, turns on Speed Cola, and opens the cell door that has the Max-Ammo power up.
  • Once this is finished the other player can fully revive that player.

Group 2

  • Keep the zombie busy.
  • Build windows.
  • Kill the zombie after the other team has finished the objectives.

Note: If the Warden's Key was outside of the Warden's Office, then you would have lowered it but not yet picked it up. It will stay lowered. In order to get to the next area quickly you should wait to open the door that leads to the Warden's Office. You can pick up this key on round four.


Round Three: Finish Feeding, Collect Parts, and Open Areas

We can finish Feeding the Beast on round three by splitting up into two groups. If a player had enough points to open the Infirmary or take the Gondola at the end of round two, then they should do so before killing the last zombie. If they did have enough points then they will need to open it as soon as they accumulate enough points.


  • Split up into two groups

Group 1

  • Take the walkway behind Electric Cherry that leads to the Infirmary.
  • Open the door to the Infirmary.
  • Feed the Beast in the Infirmary until it is completed.
  • Before the round ends one player should enter Afterlife, open the Roof, and turn on Deadshot Daiquiri.
  • The other player should go back to the center of the Cell Blocks, drop down, and pick up the Warden's Key.
  • Do not kill the last zombie.

Group 2

  • Take the Gondola to the Docks.
  • Feed the Beast at the Docks until it is completed.
  • Pick up the Dolly for the Zombie Shield.
  • Open the gate that requires the Warden's Key. If you do not have the Warden's Key then you will need to wait until Group One has picked it up.
  • Before the round ends one player should stand inside the cage by the Tanks.
  • The other player then enters Afterlife and powers the door.
  • The player not in Afterlife should then pick up the Tanks.
  • Before being revive the player in Afterlife should power the door again and turn on Jugger-Nog.
  • Don't kill the last zombie.

Ending the Round

After all the above objects are complete then the players should move to separate areas of the map. When all players are in position kill the last zombie.

  • The player that is by the Warden's Office should stay there.
  • The player in the Infirmary should go to the starting area and stand outside the cell that has the double points.
  • One player on the Docks should stay on the bottom level, while the other players moves to the top level.

Round Four: Accumulate Points

We have fed the beast and Hell's Retriever is waiting for us. But before we can pick it up, we will need to buy several doors.

By now players should have some points already accumulated. However, they will need to buy a weapon and might want to pick up Jugger-Nog. There are also several doors that will still need to be purchased.

I like to use round four as a point accumulation round. We will finally use that Double-Point Power-Up that we unlocked at the start of the game. In order to maximize our points, we should wait until the zombies have had time to enter the map.

By being in separate areas we will waste less time going after the same zombie.

Steps For Accumulating Points

  • Wait until zombies have started to enter the map.
  • Grab the Double-Point Power-Up.
  • Kill zombies in your specific area.
  • Don't Kill the last zombie.

Opening Areas

Before we end the round we can utilize our Afterlife.

  • The player in the starting location should move to the Showers through the door we opened in Round One, open the gate that blocks the washing machine, go into Afterlife, and power up the washing machine. Do not turn it on yet.
  • One player on the Docks should open the door to the electrical room, pick up the clamp for the Zombie Shield, enter Afterlife, and overload the electrical panels.
  • The other player on the Docks should open the door leading to the Citadel Tunnels and the Door leading to the Spiral Stairway. Then go into Afterlife and lower the Rigging for the plane. The player on the Docks without a part should pick up the Rigging.
  • The player by the Warden's Office should open the door leading to the Citadel Tunnels, enter Afterlife, and turn on Double Tap. This player will now be able to access Hell's Retriever. This player can then go back to the Warden's Office and pick up the part.

Ending the Round

Once this is complete make sure the last zombie is not at the Showers. The player in the Showers should not turn on the washing machine and survive the zombies. Then he can pick up the part.

Round Five: Final Steps

Most of the map is unlocked and the majority of the parts are collected. At round five we will need to open a few doors and complete some minor steps.

Once the plane is built you can fly it to the Bridge and start the steps for Upgrading Hell's Retriever.

The Zombie Shield

  • One of the players at the Docks needs to pick up the last part for the Zombie Shield.
  • It can then be built at the Building Station of your choosing. I prefer to build it at the Cafeteria.

The Plane

All four players should now be holding a part. There is only one part left, and it is in the Infirmary. It can be picked up without any additional actions needed.

  • All four players should make their way to the Roof and add their parts.
  • One player should pick up the fifth part in the Infirmary and add it to the Plane.

The Acid Gat Kit

  • Pick up the parts to the Acid Gat Kit.
  • Build it at a Building Station.


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