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The Ultimate Guide to Black Ops 2: Zombies Origins

Shinzuu is an ex-pilot and hardcore gamer. Video games have been the most influential cause of their current skill set and abilities.

Quick Disclaimer

This guide was originally written for the Black Ops 2 version of this map. While the remastered version in Black Ops 3 has the same game mechanics and steps for the main Easter Egg, the gun information will be a bit different alongside the addition of Gobble-Gum machines. As more information is studied, more will be added to the guide for those playing in Black Ops 3, rather than Black Ops 2.

However, feel free to read through as the steps and completions on this guide still work. The only difference so far is the GG machines and different guns.

Welcome to Die!

Welcome to my walkthrough on Black Ops 2: Zombies Origins. This guide will give you all the information you need to get through Origins all the way to the final rounds. It's long, so for easy navigation I've divided it into 11 sections.

  1. Step 1: Teamwork
  2. Round 1: Everything You Need to Know
  3. Starting Round 2: Stick to a Single Gun
  4. Rounds 2-7: You Must Be the Juggernaut
  5. Rounds 8-12: Finishing Up
  6. Strike Beacons
  7. All Ultimate Staff Tutorials
  8. Best Training Areas
  9. All About Guns
  10. Best Perks
  11. Bonuses

If you're in to go off and do your own thing, play solo. No one wants to be in a room with a twat whose head is so far up his butt, he can't see how stupid he is. Origins is also not for those who are new to the game. Be sure to check out my BO2: Zombies Tips and Tricks guide and gain some experience before you decide to tackle this map.

The Easter Egg: Let it be known now that you will be doing the Easter Egg for this map every time you play to get all the power-ups you'll need to get to high rounds. (You can do the Easter Egg without doing the finale and still play for rounds.) The Easter Egg can be a challenge. It takes most people way too long to do it, mostly because of wasting points. This guide will allow you to get everything done by round 13. I won't lie, the first seven rounds will require a bit of skill. Get ready, because you have to constantly regulate your team's points to get this right.

Tip: Don't Dig Until You See White!

A lot of the time, people start digging as soon as they see a skull pile. NEVER dig until you see snow. Here's why: You're not going to go to Generator 3 at first, so by digging near Generator 2, you're forcing the Ice Staff into the Generator 3 area. If you open the doors to Generator 3, you won't have the points to get to No Man's Land before round 5.

  1. DO NOT BUY ANY GUNS IN ROUND 1. That is the first and foremost important thing.
  2. You must let ALL the zombies come through the barrier. If done right, this won't be too tricky. Each person gets one window (more if you play with fewer than four people). As each zombie comes out, empty a clip into its legs and then knife it. This will give each player 150-210 points, depending on how bad each person's aim is.
  3. Leave one zombie at the bottom of the spawn UNHURT. As soon as he's down there, everyone should start Generator 1 and stay on the platform for an extra 100 points. After this, each player should have between 950-1350 points, depending on the number of zombies at each window.
  4. The player with the most points opens the first door to Generator 2. The next person with 1,000 points opens the second door. Turn on Generator 2 while still in round 1 so that the Templars that spawn for the generator are still 1-hit kills with a knife. (Generators 1 and 2 are the hardest generators to start up. In the late rounds, if they get shut off, you're usually forced to hold a zombie in-between rounds to get them back up.)

Optional: Generator 3

  • Now here comes a fun part. If you have at least one person who chooses the M14 as their weapon of choice for round 2, you can open the FIRST DOOR to Generator 3 ONLY. Do not open the second door or you will be wasting a necessary 1,000 points. Here's the reason you can open the first door (750 points): on each half of this section of the map, there are three spots where you can get zombie shield parts. On Generator 2's side, the first door only has one spot and the second door has two spots. On Generator 3's side, the first door has two spots, and the second has only one. By opening the first door to Generator 3, you have a 66.6% chance of building the zombie shield by round 3 or 4.
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Which gun should you choose?

Which gun should you choose?

Which gun should you choose? One of the most important things to make this guide work is that from round 2 to round 7, you can only buy one gun. You will need all the points you can muster, especially if you don't want to wait until round 10 to get the Ice Staff. Most people will go with the MP40 (Cost: 1,300 points), but if you want some serious points and have some decent skill, you can save 800 points by buying the M14 for 500 points (refer to my Tips and Tricks blog for "point-whoring" tactics). The M14 is a good, 8-round weapon if you can aim for the head.

Avoid the mystery box: You only get one gun before you go into No Man's Land, and possibly before you get to round 7 depending on how bad your luck is with bonuses and/or other players. Avoid the box, so you don't chance getting a crappy gun, or worse, no gun at all. If you flop on the box, you'd better hope someone digs up a weapon for you.

Leave the spawn room: A lot of people will say that it's best to wait until round 4 or 5 to leave the spawn room, but that will just make the later rounds harder and guarantee you'll never get the Ice Staff before round 10. A lot of people don't realize that once you get to No Man's Land, your current zombie count and future zombie counts are increased by 50%. It's easy: more zombies = more points. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

WTH are you doing!?

If you see more than one slash on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you F-d up.

If you see more than one slash on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you F-d up.

The Easter Egg: Prepare as You Go Along

From rounds 1 to 7, you can save some time for parts of the Easter Egg as you go along. First off, you can easily grab the Ice Record at Generator 2 and the Fist Tablet at the table in the far end of the tank bunker at Generator 2. Also, you can take care of some electric panels that upgrade the Lightning Staff so you won't have to come back later. Here are the electric panel locations in the order you'll see them and how many times to turn them:

  1. Bottom of stairs in the spawn room. Turn two times.
  2. Next to the Fist Tablet table in the Generator 2 tank bunker. Turn three times.
  3. By the back path that passes the church. Turn three times.
  4. Right next to the wind tunnel (Generator 4). Turn two times.
  5. Behind the tank. Turn two times.
  6. Inside the church right behind the holy water. Turn one time.

Finally, after you've finished the first step of making the Ultimate Lightning Staff, all you have to do is exit the Lightning Cave and flip the electric panel at Generator 5 three times, and you're done with the second step in no time at all!

As mentioned above, you may only purchase one gun during this portion of the game. If you have the M14 as your only gun and have been racking up points, you can buy a gun by round 5 or 6.

  1. Use pistols: In rounds 2 and 3, you and your team should be utilizing knives and pistols (assuming you got a Max Ammo) to get the most points. Avoid shooting as much as possible with guns other than the M14s and pistols.
  2. Buy your gun: If you're lucky, it won't start snowing until round 3 or 4. If you're not, it'll start in round 2. In round 2, you will all buy your one gun that you will use until round 6 or 7. If you've done all of the round 1 requirements and chose to gamble on opening the first door to Generator 3, you might have access to the B23R on the other side for a mere 1,000 points.
  3. Move forward: After you have all gotten your guns, the first player to get to 1,250 points opens the first door into the central bunker, and the first player with 1,500 opens the door to No Man's Land. Once you get out there (which should be either in round 3 or the beginning of 4), you want to head straight for Generator 4 (aka the Jugg location).

No Man's Land:

There are a couple of important things to remember once you get out here:

  1. DO NOT BUY JUGGERNOGG UNTIL AT LEAST ROUND 5 or 6 (depending on how long it snows and when you have opened the excavation site). This is because you're going to need ALL your money.
  2. Once you are out in No Man's Land, you need 2,500 points for the excavation site and at least 1,500 points for the church barrier. This is because it's usually snowing in rounds 3 and 4, and you need to dig up the Ice Staff parts if you want it before round 10. Even though there are three parts, you can only find one in each section of the map.

Ice Staff part locations:

  1. The first part is found in the Generators 1, 2 and 3 areas. There are three total skull dig sites in Area 3 and there are three in Area 2. However, if untouched, the part is more likely to go to Area 2 since Area 3 only spawns two sites at the beginning of the game.
  2. The second part of the Ice Staff can be found in the wide space of No Man's Land. This has several dig sites: two at Generator 5, three just outside Generator 5 on Tank Road (no further than just beyond the Bunker), all footprint areas, the back path that passes the church, Generator 4 (right in front of the Wonderfizz Machine), and outside Generator 4 on Tank Road (no further than the left path).
  3. The final part is found in the church area. There is one inside the footprint right outside the church after you remove the barrier. Two dig sites are found on either side of the tank underneath the church, one just outside the back of the church, and two at Generator 6. If you're lucky, you'll find this Ice Staff part by only opening the first barrier.

You Have to Earn Souls

When doing the Easter Egg and getting your power-ups, you will need to get souls by killing zombies in certain zones. There are no shortcuts to obtaining these souls. Do NOT grab nukes or use the Maxis Drone to try to speed up the process because they will NOT feed souls. It will merely prolong the time you'll be spending on getting everything done. The less time you spend on doing the Easter Egg, the easier time you'll have with the rest of the game.

The zombie shield: If you only have a couple of zombies left, go right ahead and build the zombie shield (the last piece is in one of the three footprints on the right side of the map, heading towards Generator 4). The shield will serve both as a substitute for Juggernog as well as a backup weapon for what you're going to do next.

Generator 4: You will then turn on Generator 4, using your shields for protection as necessary, without killing Templars as you might accidentally kill zombies, which you do not want.

Fill the soul box: After Generator 4 is on, train the zombies around the generator until the middle robot passes by. After it does, go BEHIND Jugg and kill zombies while they are in that footprint to fill up the soul box. Do this as quickly as possible. (IMPORTANT! DO NOT GRAB NUKES. THEY WILL NOT COUNT FOR SOULS IN THE BOX!)

The pit: As soon as the box is finished, quickly exit and head for the right path (facing Generator 5) and fill up the box in the pit (base of excavation site stairs that split two ways).

The middle robot: Once finished, you want to hold a zombie at the end of the round. If it's only round 5, you have to train all the zombies outside of Generator 5 until the middle robot comes back. (NOTE: The robots will close any unfinished soul boxes if they walk by, and you'll have to start over.)

The excavation site: By this time, it should be round 5 or 6 (You may choose to wait until the end of round 7 and just fill up the box at Generator 5, but it's a little riskier). If you have fewer than five zombies left, always make sure they are not injured and have someone train them in an isolated area. At this point, there should be one player who has made it to or exceeded 2,500 points. This person must open the excavation site and get the gramophone and black record. The black record is found in one of three different places:

  1. Against the mini gas generator at the "excavation site" sign where the stairs split two ways, right next to the second soul box.
  2. On the back path that passes the church, you'll see a square section stick out, it'll be on top of that.
  3. The final place it can be is in a wheelbarrow right next to the Pack-a-Punch machine.