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"Black Ops 2: Zombies" Tranzit Tips and Tricks for Surviving Part 1

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Black Ops 2: Zombies Tranzit can be a very difficult map because it is so large and is easy to get lost in. This guide will give you some tips and tricks for surviving against the zombie horde in Tranzit. There are five main areas in Tranzit. The bus will take you to each of these.

Save Points By Building a Turbine

When you first spawn, you will be able to build your first "Buildable" item at the very beginning. The first Buildable you can create at the workbench is the Turbine. The Turbine is a portable device that powers doors and other objects in the world that require power. Parts needed for the Turbine are in the first room that you spawn in on Tranzit.

Parts Needed To Craft the Turbine

  1. Mannequin Torso: In the center of the room leaning against the sign.
  2. Fan Blade: On the seats.
  3. Tail Fin: Is near the lockers.

Take these parts to the workbench in the room to create the Turbine. (Note that you can only hold one part at a time so you will need to take them to the workbench individually). Once you have the Turbine you can open the door that requires power in the room. Press UP on the D-PAD to lay it down and it will open it. Then take the Turbine back and go through the door quickly. Do the same thing for the next door and you will be outside by the bus.

The bus will warn you before it departs—so stay alert.

The bus will warn you before it departs—so stay alert.

Tips and Tricks

Once you are outside the bus will be ready to leave shortly. The bus will beep indicating that it is about to leave. While you can stay in this area or other areas of the map for as long as you want, it will be difficult to survive. You need to find better weapons, bus upgrades, perks, and etc. if you want to survive against the zombies.

Get on the bus before it departs. This can be easy to miss, but there is a B23R pistol on the ceiling of the bus. This is a very good weapon in the early rounds of Tranzit! You can always buy more ammo for it if you run out.

Surviving on the Bus

Zombies can get through nearly every window on the bus. Make sure you watch for zombies on each side. They can also jump in the front window, but you can get a Grill Bus Upgrade for the front of the bus so zombies cannot jump through. Sometimes the Grill can be found at the spawn point of Tranzit, however, sometimes it is in other areas of the map.

Players can shoot outside the back of the bus at the zombies. This is not necessary, but may prevent some zombies from catching up to the bus. When the bus is moving zombies move extremely fast!

The diner houses an MP5, which is a great gun in both early and later rounds.

The diner houses an MP5, which is a great gun in both early and later rounds.

Diner and Garage Area

The second bus stop takes you to a diner and a garage. The mystery box is in the building next to the garage. It always spawns here first, but will eventually move to other areas of the map if you get a teddy bear from the mystery box. The mystery box (or magic box) is extremely important to use as much as possible as it offers the best weapons. Long time veterans of zombies will understand this. The mystery box gives you random weapons so you could get a great weapon or a horrible weapon. The more you use it the better chance you have (950 points for each use—points are given back if given teddy bear).

The diner has speed cola and an MP5. The MP5 is a great weapon to use early on and is fairly powerful in later rounds! I highly recommend to buy it when you first reach the diner. Speed cola cannot be used until the power is on.

If you want to make a lot of points, staying at the diner is not such a bad idea! If you run around the area you can group up many zombies and shoot them with the MP5 or use a weapon that you got from the mystery box. The bus will eventually return to take you to the next area.

Camping at the Diner?

If there is ever a point when you have several perks and very good weapons like the ray gun or RPD, then you could stay at the diner and just try to survive there for the rest of the game. Running out of ammo may be the main issue, though. You may have to leave to find the mystery box or hopefully get a Max Ammo if you run out of ammunition. Max Ammo power-ups become rarer in rounds past 20.

Special Melee Weapon

Farm Area

The next bus stop is the farm. This area is not that large, but there is a Remington 870 shotgun and double tap perk inside the barn. And if you go into the farmhouse you can store a weapon in the fridge to use later or in another game! This is a new feature implemented to zombies!

Be very careful when in the farm area because it is very dark. If you are too far away from the bus you may not be able to make it back before it leaves. Defending by the gate works pretty well as there is more room to move compared to the bus. Once the bus is about to leave you can easily get back on board the bus when killing zombies near the gate.

Get Strategic


Choxy on November 28, 2012:

LOVE LOVE LOVE Tranzit! I almost peed my pants the first time a denizen latched itself on my head though! I wasn't expecting that at all!

Great tips!

Jack from United Kingdom on November 25, 2012:

Useful information, played Tranzit yesterday, it isn't the easiest Zombies mode I've ever played.