Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles: High Round Strategy for Kino Der Toten

Updated on May 30, 2017

Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles: High Round Strategy

The main objective in all the Black Ops 3 chronicle zombie maps is to try and survive against the zombie horde as long as possible. The other objective players may have is to level up their rank, acquire liquid diviniums, or complete the easter egg mission (ends the game on some maps).

While an effective strategy for making it to high rounds is running zombie trains or running randomly around the map, some strategies involve defending a particular area without needing to run around so much. The benefit of defending (or camping) on a Black Ops 3 zombies map is that the rounds will go faster and you will level up faster. The reason for this is because you're letting all the zombies come towards you in monumental groups. Contrast that to running away from the zombies and turning around to shoot them once they group up (often referred to as a "zombie train" by many players).

Kino Der Toten Strategy

Kino Der Toten was the first map on Call of Duty Black Ops 1. The map has now been remastered with better graphics & contains new features like the ability to use gobblegums and acquire more perks. Many of the strategies that worked well on Black Ops 2 will work on Black Ops 2 zombie Chronicles.

One of the strategies that will be discussed in this article involves defending (or camping) in the room where you initially spawn. There are two large staircases and four windows where zombies come through. A door is located at the bottom left and another door can be found on the second floor on the right by the stairs.

A couple prerequisites are required for the strategy outlined in this article. It will work with 2-4 players, but not on solo. Also, the door on the second floor in the spawn room must NOT EVER be opened for this strategy to work properly.

Kino Der Toten Spawn Room Strategy

This strategy involves camping at the top of the stairs in the spawn room. Most of the zombies will attack from below, as there is only one window they come through on the second floor. Additionally, they will not attack from behind as long as you keep the second floor door closed.

One player(s) can guard one of the staircases and the other(s) can guard the other. The zombies will be distributed a bit. Sometimes more zombies will attack from one staircase more than the other. This strategy is almost perfect because players can cover both flanks without worrying about getting attacked from behind. First, however, you'll need good weapons and perks to survive. Otherwise, you will get overrun and die.

Making Points and Getting Perks

There's no point in camping at the top of the stairs in the spawn room on Kino Der Toten until you acquire better weapons and perks. Start off by buying the RK5 pistol that's located on the second floor. This pistol is not that powerful, but it will do fine for the first 5-10 rounds or so. Knife the zombies for the first couple rounds to get the points required to open up the doors that lead to the theater stage on the map. Just remember, DON'T open the second floor door in the spawn room!

Once you get enough points, which should be within the first 5-10 rounds, open the 1st floor door and all subsequent doors until you make it to the theater stage. Buy the juggernog perk as soon as possible and use the mystery box until you get a good weapon. I'd recommend purchasing the ICR-1 or the KN-44 off the walls because they are relatively powerful and you can continuously buy ammo for them.

In order for the camping strategy to work effectively; you'll need speed cola, double tap, and the deadshot daiquiri perks. They work best for zombie strategies that involve defending an area where you don't run much because they help you kill zombies faster. Deadshot daiquir is especially effective because it makes getting headshots easier. Headshots do significantly more damage to zombies. A word of advice; continuously tap the aim button and fire button to destroy zombies faster when using deadshot daiquir.

Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles: Kino Der Toten Spawn Room Strategy

Once you have a few perks and decent weapons, return to the Kino Der Toten spawn room with the two staircases. Always make sure there's at least one person defending one of the stairs. Otherwise, a flank will be exposed and the zombies will overrun your team.

If someone goes down and needs to be revived, throw monkey bombs or use a gobblegum like "in plain sight" that makes zombies ignore you. Quick revive is also a good perk to have, but it's not absolutely necessary.

Keep shooting the zombies that come up the stairs. Note that the crawling gas zombies will also attack, but they won't drop from the ceiling where you're defending (another reason why this strategy is pretty good).

If you or your team starts to run out of ammo, avoid shooting the last zombie to delay the rounds. This will give you and your team time to buy ammo, use the mystery box, buy perks or gobblegums, or upgrade weapons via the pack-a-punch machine.

Weapons that reload fast will be the best for defending the stairs, as zombies will be attacking almost non-stop. Weapons that are slow to reload may make it difficult to survive. They are better suited for strategies that involve creating zombie trains.

Which Black Ops 3 zombie weapon do you prefer?

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Staying and defending the spawn room against zombies can be an effective strategy that allows you to make it to round 30, 40, or higher. It's fundamental that you have upgraded weapons, multiple perks, and make use of gobblegums, though. Also, working cooperatively with your team as well. It's unlikely that this strategy will help you make it to round 60 or higher, but you can still utilize the strategy until it becomes ineffective, as zombies eventually absorb too much damage (forcing you to run away).

I hope this helps you when you play Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles. If you have any suggestions that can improve this particular strategy; leave them below!


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