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"Black Ops 3 Zombies" Chronicles Kino Der Toten: Strategy, Perks, and Best Weapons

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"Call of Duty Black Ops III"

"Call of Duty Black Ops III"

Kino Der Toten Remastered

Kino Der Toten was the first map originally released on Call of Duty Black Ops 1. Because of its popularity, it has been remastered for Black Ops 3. Kino Der Toten has the same level design, but the graphics have been improved. Additionally, the map will include Black Ops 3 weapons, gobble gums, and a few new perks.

The map has electrical traps and automatic turrets that you can activate to kill zombies. There's a teleporter in the center of the map that can teleport you to the pack-a-punch room where you can upgrade your weapons. There are multiple gobble gum machines on Kino Der Toten.

This article will talk about the perks, best weapons, and a few strategies for Kino Der Toten.

Kino Der Toten Perk Locations

  • Juggernog: in the center of the map past the theater stage. It's in a corner where the seats are. Juggernog increases your health. It costs 2500 points.
  • Mule kick: From the spawn room, go up the stairs and open the door. Go straight past the first room. You'll see the mule kick perk in the corner. It allows you to carry a third weapon. The price is 4000.
  • Quick Revive: in the spawn room on the first floor. It allows you to revive other players faster (or revive yourself on solo mode). The price is 1500.
  • Double Tap: in the alleyway in a corner up against a wall. Double-tap makes your weapons shoot faster. The price is 2000.
  • Speed Cola: in the room with the two spiraling stairs where the machine gun turret is (past the dressing room). Speed cola is near a window up against the wall. It allows you to reload twice as fast. The price is 3000.

There are also three other perks that were not featured in the original Kino Der Toten on Black Ops 1. You can only get them by using the wunderfizz machine that is located on the theater stage. Paying 1500 points will give you a random perk.

You can get Stamina Up, Widows Wine, and Deadshot Daiquiri. Stamina up increases sprint time. Widows Wine freezes zombies in place if they attack you. Deadshot Daiquiri makes your weapons automatically lock on to zombies heads.

Kino Der Toten was the first map originally released on Call of Duty Black Ops 1.

Kino Der Toten was the first map originally released on Call of Duty Black Ops 1.

Best Weapons


If you want to make it to a high round, then you'll want to get the thundergun out of the mystery box. Only one player can get the weapon. It's the best weapon on Kino Der Toten because you can kill zombies on higher rounds. Additionally, you can eliminate entire zombie hordes with a single shot!


While the KN-44 will not kill zombies very effectively past round 50, it's a great weapon to use for making points because of its fast reload and high rate of fire. It will kill zombies on round 1-50 quite fast if you have it upgraded & use the perks double-tap and deadshot daiquiri. Lastly, you can continue to purchase ammo for the KN-44 because it's a wall weapon (although it can be found in the mystery box as well).

Ray Gun Mark 2

The Ray Gun Mark 2 is a more powerful version of the regular ray gun. It was not available on the original Kino Der Toten. It can kill a zombie in one hit in the earlier rounds. Eventually, the Ray Gun Mark 2 will become ineffective because it will take multiple shots to kill a zombie. However, it's much more powerful than other weapons on rounds 1-50.

205 Brecci (Pack-a-Punched Version)

When upgraded, the 205 brecci turns into a more powerful semi-auto shotgun called the "Stellar Screech." It's a close to medium range weapon that can kill zombies in one or two hits. The upgraded 205 brecci can still kill zombies quickly in rounds 30-50. The 205 brecci can be great in tight spaces or for killing zombie train groups.

"Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies"

"Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombies"

Kino Der Toten Strategies

As with any zombies map, the game continues to get more difficult, as the zombies can absorb more damage before dying. On rounds past 40 or 50, it will be nearly impossible to camp in one spot without dying. Eventually, you'll have to run around Kino Der Toten and create zombie trains. But below are a few spots on Kino Der Toten that are good to camp in the earlier rounds when zombies are weaker.

Spawn Room

If you don't open the door on the second floor past the stairs in the spawn room, it's possible to camp by the stairs and shoot zombies. No zombies will be able to attack from behind. All of them will come up the stairs except for the one window on the opposite side of the door. You'll need at least two players for this camping strategy to work because there are two staircases.

Theater Stage

Not opening the door on the opposite side of the theater stage allows you to camp up against the wall. All the zombies will attack you from the theater stage. There will only be one to defend. One player can guard the window while one or more players cover the theater stage. This strategy is effective in the earlier rounds when you're trying to make points.

Alley Way Area by Double Tap Perk

Camping outside in the alley area by double-tap can be an effective strategy as long as you have more than one player. Also, make sure you don't open the door by the double tap machine. All the zombies will attack from the front except for the one window that a player can defend.

A zombie train is when you get a large group of zombies to follow you from behind.

A zombie train is when you get a large group of zombies to follow you from behind.

Zombie Training

A zombie train is when you get a large group of zombies to follow you from behind. Once they all spawn, you turn around and shoot them. A great area to run a zombie train is on the theater stage. For this strategy to work best, use an assault rifle like the KN-44 to make points and the thundergun to eliminate large groups of zombie trains.

Eventually, the zombies will become nearly impossible to kill in a few shots unless you shoot them with the thundergun. Use the pack-a-punch machine until you get the upgrade called "fireworks." Fireworks is an extremely powerful upgrade that makes your weapon randomly shoot fireworks that can kill multiple zombies even on round 100! The fireworks upgrade works best on assault rifles.

Use the electrical traps around Kino Der Toten to kill the zombies in the higher rounds. It costs points to use them, but it's easy to make points on rounds past 30 if you use the KN-44 or another assault rifle. Keep running around the map and activating traps and use the thundergun when you're trapped or have a zombie train.

Nearly every weapon becomes ineffective on high rounds past 50 except the thundergun and upgrades like deadwire, fireworks, and turned. Use gobblegums that give you ammo for the thundergun. Also, keep buying ammo for the KN-44 and activate the electrical traps and automatic machine gun turrets on Kino Der Toten. Good luck!


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Tocaleb11 on October 16, 2019:

Unfortunately you have to buy it my guy. Its called zombie chronicles, a dlc

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i just need to know how to get kino der toten BO3 for my ps4 any help would be great

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The last picture is Nacht der untoten

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Most of the points i would agree with but i would also say that the Thundergun shouldn't be used in my opinion because at high rounds it doesn't not kill then even pack-a-punched. The kn-44 is an amazing choice with either blast furnace, fireworks or dead wire. The Brecci could be replace with the KRM Packed but either will work. The Ray gun MK2 works well in the earlier rounds but it will go like the Thundergun where it just wont be efficient enough. If your kinda new to high rounds but can survive long enough to get set up with your guns, perks and packed guns then you wont need Quick Revive. The perks i would recommend are Juggernog, Speed cola, Double tap and Mule Kick. Jug for more health, Speed for faster reload, Double Tap for more powerful shots and Mule Kick for a third weapon. Depending on your skill level with training zombies i would recommend for new players the stage but only open one door to the stage, for more experienced players the ally way because they only come from 2 ways.

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