Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles: Moon Training Strategy in Tunnel 11

Updated on June 28, 2017

Moon High Round Strategy

Moon was a zombie map that was originally released on the first Call of Duty Black Ops. It has been remastered for Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles. The map is basically the same except Black Ops 3 weapons replace most of the old weapons. You first spawn on Earth and must teleport before the zombies kill you. Moon has low gravity in many of the areas. You'll run and jump slower because of the gravity except in indoor areas where the windows are not broken. Zombies will also move slower.

This article is going to explain an extremely good strategy for Moon that involves camping in a certain spot (or alternatively running to create zombie trains).

Moon High Round Tunnel 11 Strategy Requirements:

  • You need the "Wave Gun" weapon that can turn into the Zap Gun Dual Wield.
  • Hacker Device to stop excavators and turn power ups into max ammos
  • Upgrade (pack-a-punch) your secondary weapon with the deadwire enhancement
  • Do NOT open the last door in tunnel 11 or the strategy won't work.
  • Get the "Gersh Device" out of the mystery box.
  • Get Juggernog and speed cola (located on Earth spawn area)


Your main objective on Black Ops 3 Moon should be to get the Wave Gun. The strategy will not work effectively without it. The Wave Gun shoots a powerful laser beam at zombies that make them expand and explode. By hitting left on the D-Pad, you can turn the Wave Gun into the "Zap Gun Dual Wield." The Zap Gun Dual Wield can kill a zombie in a single hit forever! It's somewhat similar to the Wunderwaffe DG-2 weapon except that it cannot kill multiple zombies in one shot. Keep using the mystery box until you get the Wave Gun in the game.

For those who are impatient, the area you need to go for the strategy is the last room in tunnel 11. As long as you don't open the door in the final room at tunnel 11, there will only be two zombie spawns. The zombies will jump through a window and drop down from the ceiling. The strategy works great because the Wave Gun destroys them. Additionally, you won't be attacked from behind except by the astronaut that can easily be destroyed by using an assault rife that has the deadwire upgrade.

Moon Strategy

Before you start a match on Moon, you might want to equip gobblegums that give you ammo or upgrade your weapons. Use the alchemical antithesis gobblegum because you can replace the ammo you shoot. And obviously the max ammo gobblegum is good if you run out out ammo completely. A fire sale gobblegum can help you get the wave gun. Fire sale makes the mystery box spawn in every location for a limited amount of time and makes the price 10 points instead of the usual 950.

You'll have to teleport back to Earth if you want to get both juggernog and speed cola. It's possible to run a zombie train at the start and collect enough points to buy juggernog before teleporting to the Moon, though.

Because you cannot open the last door in tunnel 11 for the strategy, go through tunnel 6 instead. After teleporting to the moon, make enough points until you can open the first door to tunnel 6. There will be two more doors that you need to open before you'll be able to access tunnel 11 from the opposite side.

Find the mystery box and use it every chance you get. Your goal should be to get a Gersch device and the Wave Gun weapon. There's no need to camp in the last room in tunnel 11 in the early rounds because there are not that many zombies. Look for the hacker device and (optionally) hack doors to open them for a cheaper price.

Once you get enough points, go to the top of the moon and teleport to acquire juggernog and/or speed cola. Additionally, the only way to pack-a-punch (upgrade) your weapons is to teleport back to Earth where the pack-a-punch machine is.

When you're able to, pack-a-punch an assault rifle like the KN-44 a second time to get deadwire. Other enhancements are good too, but try and get deadwire because it makes killing the astronaut much easier. The KN-44 is good to upgrade, as you can buy ammo for it off the wall (at the top of Moon).

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Tunnel 11 Wave Gun Strategy

Once you have perks, the wave gun, the hacker device, the gersch device, and a secondary weapon with deadwire; go to the last room in tunnel 11. To locate that room, go to the room with the big pyramid, then head up the stairs past where the gobblegum machine is.

DO NOT open the door in tunnel 11, as zombies will attack you from behind. Use the Wave Gun and shoot the zombies that jump through the window and drop from the ceiling. Switch to an assault rifle with deadwire if the astronaut attacks from up the stairs behind.

If you see a power up, throw a gersh device to distract the zombies. Then hack the power up with the hacking device to turn it into a max ammo. If the excavator is coming to damage the airlocks in one of the tunnels, return to console at the start of the map and hack the console to stop the excavator. You can either teleport (takes longer) or run back to the computer consoles by running through tunnel 6.

The reason why camping or running a zombie train in the last room in tunnel 11 works is because the Wave Gun holds a lot of ammo and it kills zombies instantly. It does not get weaker in the higher rounds. Keep firing the Wave Gun at the ground and you'll continue to kill zombies and rack up a ton of points. Just keep an eye on your ammo reserves. Without the Wave Gun, the strategy will not work properly. Good luck!


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