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"Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies: Easter Egg Guide for the Magmagat Weapon

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How to Create the Magmagat in Blood of the Dead

Every zombie map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has a special wonder weapon. It's usually a unique weapon that is very powerful. Blood of the Dead is essentially a remake of the Mob of the Dead level from Black Ops 2. While new areas have been added to the Alcatraz prison map, older areas have remained as well. For example, you will find the original prison room, warden's office, and dock area.

Blood of the Dead has a weapon called the Blundergat. It's basically a fantasy shotgun weapon for defeating zombies. The wonder weapon can be upgraded to the Acid Gat by finding three parts on the map, then it can turn into the Magmagat by completing the secret Easter egg.

Note, that the Acid Gat can be upgraded to the Vitriolic Withering via the Pack a Punch, but it's not necessary if you want the Magmagat, the most powerful version of the gun.


How to Obtain the Blundergat and Acid Gat

First, you'll need the Blundergat before you can do anything. There are two ways to acquire it. You can try your luck at the mystery box. The box will give you a random weapon after you spend 950 points on it. Knifing the mystery box after utilizing it allows another player to take your weapon (a new feature). The second way of getting the Blundergat is by completing the Easter egg that involves throwing the Hell's Retriever at the skulls in the prison. Currently, it's possible for more than one player to get the Blundergat.

Once you have the weapon, you'll need to find three parts that allow you to build the Acid Gat. The parts are scattered throughout the prison areas.

  • Part 1: Traverse Tunnel—Go between the Powerhouse building and the New Industries area. A large part is on the ground. Look for a wall weapon, as the part is right below it.
  • Part 2: Sally Port—Inside the Warden's Office is a door that can be opened up with a key. The Acid Gat part will be on the table. To find the key, destroy the special zombie named Brutus. The monumental zombie attacks after you activate both power switches. The key will drop after he's defeated.
  • Part 3: Infirmary—The final part is inside the cabinet of the Infirmary. You must open it with the key.

If you're getting lost on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead, look at the screen on the top left. It will tell you exactly where you are on the map. The Alcatraz prison is quite large.

Once you've obtained all three parts for the Blundergat, create the Acid Gat by using a workbench. One of the workbenches is outside in the docks. The second is inside the prison on the third cell block.

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Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead: Magmagat

Completing the Easter egg to obtain the Magmagat can be quite challenging, for it's a time-sensitive objective. Additionally, zombies, demon dogs, or the Brutus zombie can get in the way.

Go to the Wardens House. It's past the Eagle Plaza. Inside the Warden's House is a fireplace. Place the Acid Gat (Vitriolic Withering if it's upgraded) into the fireplace.

The next part is relatively difficult if you're on a very high round. You must kill zombies next to the fireplace so the souls fill up the three skulls above the fireplace. Blue auras float will float into the skulls after killing zombies near the fireplace. The skulls will become flaming blue once they're filled up.

The final step must be completed in a limited amount of time. Take the flaming weapon out of the fireplace. You must replenish the fire of the weapon by activating all of the blue barrels from the Warden's Office to the New Industries building. There are six blue barrels that must be touched. Time is of the essence. You'll have to start over if you don't activate all the blue barrels in time. It's probably best to find the blue barrels at the end of a zombie round in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead. Otherwise, you'll likely be corned by too many enemies.

The locations of the blue barrels are as follows: Eagle Plaza, Michigan Avenue, Times Square, Recreation Yard, West Grounds past the Catwalk, and the New Industries facility.

Place the flaming Acid Gat inside the machine (a yellow table) of the New Industries building. Souls will construct the Magmagat wonder weapon within a few seconds.

The Magmagat is an extremely powerful weapon. Not only does it attract zombies, but the explosion from the bullet will light zombies on fire. The weapon is great in the higher rounds when the game becomes increasingly difficult. Firing the bullets at the ground is usually more effective than directly shooting the zombies. Lastly, don't waste ammo on a single zombie. Fire the bullets at large groups of zombies to get the most effective use out of it. Use a secondary weapon as a point maker.


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