Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies: Golden Spork Easter Egg Guide

Updated on October 21, 2018

The Golden Spork in Blood of the Dead

There are many secrets in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies. Many of the secrets that were in the original map, Mob of the Dead, have returned in the remake. The knife melee weapon is only good at killing zombies during the first few rounds. Players can get more points for using the knife, but it becomes ineffective when zombies can absorb more damage. Additionally, more enemies spawn during each round, particularly the demon dogs and the armored zombies.

The Golden Spork is an insanely powerful melee weapon that instantly kills zombies a little past round 30. It's significantly stronger than the Bowie knife. You must first retrieve the regular Spork from the docks.

The Easter egg for the Golden Spork is quite complicated. Many other objectives must be completed beforehand.

  • Acquire the Warden's key from the Brutus armored zombie.
  • Turn on both power switches and open up all doors.
  • Build the zombie shield by finding three parts.
  • Obtain the Blundergat and upgrade it to the Acid Gat
  • Get the Hell's Retriever tomahawk by feeding the Cerberus heads with zombies.

Although you don't need the Hell's Retriever right away, it's probably a good idea to get it early. Killing zombies next to the Cerberus heads (demon dog variant) is extremely difficult in high rounds.

Because the Golden Spork requires a lot of work to obtain, you should buy a few perks and upgrade one weapon. Quick revive may prove to be indispensable, as you can revive other players faster. Also, the quick revive perk regenerates your health faster.

The Golden Spork weapon and Cerberus head
The Golden Spork weapon and Cerberus head

Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead: Golden Spork

Warden's Office Code

Once you have the zombie shield, head to the Warden's office. You need a code. Hold the zombie shield out, then place the key through the shield to go into afterlife mode. You'll notice that there will be numbers on the pillars and walls. You'll only be able to see the numbers while looking down the shield in afterlife mode. The game will have a blue tint while in afterlife mode.

The numbers will be different every time you play Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead Zombies. Write the code down or take a mental note each time.

Warden's Office secret numbers
Warden's Office secret numbers

Citadel Tunnels

Go to the Citadel Tunnels. It's the area where the stairs spiral down in the Alcatraz prison. Go to the bottom of the stairs and unlock the number box. You cannot input the number sequence until you use the spirit blast with the key.

Absorb the souls of the zombies by pressing the right trigger when using the shield. Their souls will enter the key and become powered up. Once the key radiates blue, then use the spirit blast to power on the number panel.

Input the three numbers that you discovered in the Warden's Office. The correct combination will cause the cage to drop from the top of the Citadel Tunnels.

Number panel in Citadel Tunnels
Number panel in Citadel Tunnels


It is mandatory to have the Hell's Retriever tomahawk now. Head to the Docks area on Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead. You'll need to power up the electrical panel by the water. Drain the essence of more zombies until your key can be utilized. Shoot the spirit blast at the electrical panel to move the crane above.

Once the crane is moved, you'll see a net suspended above. Throw the Hell's Retriever tomahawk at the skeleton in the net. The Spork weapon will drop on a table. It's now possible to upgrade it to the Golden Spork.

All the players can obtain the Spork. It's not exclusive to one player.

The Docks where Spork is located
The Docks where Spork is located


There is a bathtub inside the Infirmity. The Infirmity is inside the prison upper floors. It's right before you access the rooftops.

Place the Spork in the bathtub. Blood must be filled in the bathtub by killing zombies on the rooftop. You're almost done, but the Acid Gat shotgun is required now.

Bathtub in the Infirmary
Bathtub in the Infirmary


The only way to complete the next part is to kill the zombies with the Acid Gat shotgun on the rooftops. After eliminating zombies on the rooftop with the Acid Gat, blood will drip down to the floor below. The bathtub will begin to fill up with blood. The Blundergat shotgun will not suffice, nor the upgraded version.

Once the bathtub in the Infirmity is filled with blood completely, you can drain it. If the bathtub does not drain, then that's an indication that not enough zombies have been defeated on the rooftops.


The final step required for the Golden Spork in Black Ops 4 Blood of the Dead may be quite challenging. You must go to the catwalks and use the Hell's Retriever tomahawk once again. The catwalk is a narrow area. It's usually congested with zombies, demon dogs, or even an armored enemy. Exercise caution.

Find the water tower by looking from the Catwalk. Throw the Hell's Retiever at the bottom leg of the water tower where there are a bunch of valves. If done properly, there will be an animation revealing the Golden Spork.

If you're having trouble with the final step, have someone else throw a monkey bomb if they have one. Unfortunately, you cannot have the Hell's Retriever and the Monkey Bombs at the same time.

Alternatively, you may want to utilize the minigun as a special weapon. It is great for clearing zombies in narrow areas. The minigun cannot be used for a long time, but it's good for clearing zombie hordes or providing cover to other players.

The Golden Spork is literally the strongest melee weapon in Black ops 4 Blood of the Dead. Although it will not be an instant kill forever, it will last until around 34. Afterwards, it will require two or more hits on the zombies to destroy them.


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    • Kain 360 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kain 360 

      22 months ago from PA

      @Anon Yes updating changes. Its unfortunate you can't get both.

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      You can’t use monkey bombs with the tomahawk, you get one or the other.


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