Black Ops 4 IX Gladiator Zombies: High Round Guide and Tips

Updated on October 15, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies has introduced a new cast of characters. The story line is no longer connected to the previous video games. You'll play as four different characters on the IX zombie map. The beginning of IX takes place in an ancient gladiator arena where you'll fight zombies, tigers, and armored gladiators. The map also will take you to alters, crypts, a temple, and underground passageways. IX will feature special rounds where you'll face a larger number of gladiators and unique enemies. After winning a special round, you'll be rewarded with a max ammo.

Some of the zombies that spawn are elemental. For example, one of them will obscure your vision. You should keep your distance from elemental zombies because they're more dangerous in some regards.

Besides enemies, fire traps will pose a potential danger to all players. You can sustain some fire damage, but too much will put you in last stand. The fire traps will activate during certain rounds. Additionally, they will follow different patterns.

This article will offer some useful tips to help you reach the higher rounds in Black Ops 4 IX Zombies. Building the Zombie Shield is one of the most important things to do. The shield serves many different functions that will protect you from the zombies, tigers, and gladiators.

Black Ops 4 IX Gladiator Arena

The game begins in a massive arena. Your first order of business should be to visit the four alter rooms. Bang the gongs in each of the alter rooms to summon a mini boss. Defeat the four mini bosses on Black ops 4 IX to get their heads. The heads must be placed on spikes in the Temple Room to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. The Pack-a-Punch allows you to upgrade weapons multiple times.

Because you get 150 points for each knife kill, you should melee in the first few rounds. The knife is less effective as the rounds progress, but you can get an instant kill power up to make it work better. A regular zombie kill only gives you a total of 90 points.

Buy at least one weapon like the shotgun. Don't spend too many points, though, as you'll need a lot to open up doors that lead to the alter rooms and Temple Room. You can actually spawn with a more powerful weapon if you're a higher rank. The weapon must be equipped from the main menu before starting.

The mystery box
The mystery box
The Homunculus
The Homunculus

The Mystery Box and Homunculus

The mystery box has at least a half a dozen spawn locations. Sometimes it will be in the alter rooms or the underground passages beneath the gladiator arena. The mystery box has a new look. It appears some kind of undead are surrounding the box. The mystery box costs 950 points, but a fire sale power up will make it cost 10 points. Additionally, the fire sale will spawn the mystery box in every possible location for a short time. If you're safe from zombies, you should use the box when a fire sale power up is activated to save points.

In the previous Call of Duty: Black Ops video games, there was a special item called the Monkey Bomb. It could be thrown onto the ground to distract zombies. An explosion would occur after a few seconds. The new zombie maps have an enigmatic creature called the Homunculus. You should try to get the Homunculus from the mystery box. The Homunculus will attack and distract zombies after it's thrown. It will take place of your grenades or whatever else you have equipped.

Zombie Shield

If you're serious about getting to higher rounds, then you'll want to build the Zombie Shield. It is amazing and powerful! The new Zombie Shield instantly kill zombies with the special blade it comes with. It will also protect you from zombie attacks from behind when it's on your back. If you're holding the shield, you can shoot zombies with projectiles. The projectiles are limited, but they are powerful against the gladiators. Once the Zombie Shield is damaged, you can repair it and replenish your projectiles at a work bench. The number of points required to repair the Zombie Shield increases over time. Fortunately, Treyarch implemented an update to Black ops 4 recently that made the repair cost less. Originally, the repair cost was 1500 points the first time!

There are three parts required to build the Zombie Shield:

  • The blade part is on one of the floors of the Zeus Tower.
  • The bulk of the shield is located in three spawn locations in the Ra Alter Room.
  • The last shield part is either in the Odin Alter Room, Odin Cauldron, or the Odin Entrance.

If you're lost on the IX level, check your HUD because it tells you where you are on the level.

Black Ops 4 IX Training Spots

There are many areas in IX that are good training spots. Some of the areas give you a lot room to distance yourself from zombies to create trains. Grouping up a large number of enemies behind you is the best way to survive to the higher rounds. Ideally, you should have upgraded weapons, the Zombie Shield, and the Homunculus. The Hammer of Valhalla will prove to be a useful special weapon to defeat the mini boss enemies.


The gladiator arena is one of the most obvious training spots. The entire arena is huge, allowing you to create a lot of distance from enemies. Unfortunately, there are no good weapons nearby to buy ammo from when you're low. The fire traps will go off during some of the rounds. The arena is a good training spot if the fire is not there. However, it's possible to stay in one of the quadrants and survive when the fire traps are activated.

Temple Room

The Pack-a-Punch is located in the Temple Room. It's a good area to survive in the higher rounds, as you'll have quick access to weapon upgrading. There are a few ways to run around. You can circle the room or loop around the smaller areas. Unfortunately, the fire traps will occasionally activate, making it more difficult to survive against large groups of zombies, tigers, or gladiators.. You can alternatively run around the entire underground area and buy ammo for the wall weapons.

Pit Room

One of my favorite training spots is the Pit Room. You can loop around the room multiple times and continue to use the work bench to repair the shield. The room is relatively small, but you can use the Hammer of Valhalla if you're cornered by enemies or the Zombie Shield to free yourself. The amount of zombies in the room will depend on how many players are in the game. I played with three players who were in other areas of the Black Ops 4 IX arena.

Recommended Loadout for IX


There are many different loadouts that can help you survive the higher rounds, but some of the Elixirs will make a big difference. One of the Elixirs that you should equip before starting a match is called "Nowwhere But There." It makes you teleport to a downed players location. It's extremely good when players are too far away to revive. The second Elixir that is very useful is "Equip Mint." It refreshes the cooldown on your equipment. The Elixir lets you use the Homunculus creatures a lot more. The Homunculus are indispensable because of the distractions they cause.

Some Elixirs cannot be used more than once in a game. They must be unlocked in the main menu by spending points. The Wall Power Elixir is very good because the the first weapon you purchase will already be upgraded. It's extremely rare, though. Use it wisely.

Another Elixir that is rare, but very good is "Join The Party." It will automatically bring back all players who have died. It's useless on solo mode, but good to activate on a full game of players when you're on a higher zombie round.

You can equip a total of four Elixirs. They cannot be changed once a match has begun.

Recommended Perks

You won't have access to all the perks in Black Ops 4 Zombies until you rank up. Half of the perks are unlocked when starting. Some of the perks will be more useful than others. Unfortunately, Speed Cola and Double Tap have been removed.

Here is a list of perks that are most useful:

  • Quick Revive
  • Dying Wish
  • Stamina Up
  • Victorious Tortuous
  • Time Slip

Because you can only equip a total of four perks, you'll have to experiment until you find a combination that works best. Considering you're automatically revived several times when going down on solo, Quick Revive is not as useful. Save Quick Revive for cooperative Black ops 4 matches.

The Zombie Shield becomes practically overpowered when utilizing the Victorious Tortuous perk. The Zombie Shield will make you temporarily invincible when holding it up. Additionally, it will explode when it's destroyed. The Pitt Area is an excellent area to use the Victorious Tortuous perk because the work bench is nearby to repair the shield repeatably,


Because you keep your weapons on Black ops 4 Zombies after dying, the higher rounds are easier in some regards. The key to surviving is unlocking everything on the map as early as possible. Find a good training spot and use your strongest weapons. If someone goes down, use Nowwhere But There to teleport to an injured player. The Homunculus will not revive downed players, but it will afford you precious time.

Only purchase upgraded ammo when you're in dire need because max ammos are given during the special gladiator rounds. It costs 4500 points to buy Pack-a-Punched ammo.

By following the basic tips provided in this article, you should be better prepared to survive. It will require a lot of patience in rounds past 30 because the number of enemies are higher. Additionally, the enemies absorb a ridiculous amount of damage the father you progress.


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