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"Black Ops 4 Zombies" Tag Der Toten High Round Training Strategy

Tag Der Toten strategy to win

Tag Der Toten strategy to win

What's New in the Tag Der Toten Map?

After many years, the "Call of the Dead" map from Black Ops 1 was remade. The new map is called "Tag Der Toten." While the new layout is similar to the original in some regards, completely new locations have been added, and the old areas have been altered to some extent. The lighthouse is a fundamental aspect of the level. George A. Romero and the original characters do not make a return. Instead, you'll play as one of the four characters from TranZit. The map looks and feels similar to the original, but you'll be using Black Ops 4 perks, weapons, equipment, and elixirs.

Personally, I am ecstatic that Treyarch has remade Call of the Dead for Black Ops 4. The map was excluded from the Chronicles DLC content from the previous game. Unfortunately, the special sniper rifle weapon has not made a return in Tag Der Toten, but you can acquire wonder weapons like the Thundergun and the Wunderwaffe.

Perhaps the biggest change to the map is the spawn location. Players will begin the game on the opposite side of the map on Tag Der Toten, the area behind the lighthouse which has been expanded. The original spawn location (the beach) from Call of the Dead is the strategy that will be discussed in this article.

High Round Strategy to Beat the Map

One of the best areas to survive against dangerous zombies is on the beach in front of the lighthouse. The beach is a fantastic location because it's an open area with a lot of room to run. It's a great training spot to defeat zombies, level up, make points, and survive to the higher rounds! The Pack-a-Punch spawns in the area (across the cold water), and there is an ICR assault weapon that you can continuously buy ammo for when running a zombie train.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to surviving on the beach is the water. The water can freeze your character if you linger too long. Additionally, you won't be able to sprint. The negatives can be rectified if the player acquires a heat pack. The heat pack increases swimming speed, allows sprinting on top of the water, and increases resistance to the cold.

Before doing any long-term strategy, you should unlock the Pack-a-Punch by activating both power switches. The first power switch is on the dock where you spawn. The second one is located at the top of the ship. Then locate the blue rock in the "lighthouse approach" area. It's a small little cave below the lighthouse. Melee the blue rock to knock it down, then pick it up. Take the blue rock to the top of the lighthouse and place it on the wooden pallet to give to the hermit. The Pack-a-Punch is located wherever the lighthouse points. Thankfully, it occasionally spawns on the beach, which is very convenient when running zombie trains around the water.




  • Deadshot Dealer
  • Quick Revive
  • Mule Kick
  • Dying Wish
  • Bandolier Bandit
  • Blaze Phase


  • ICR
  • Wunderwaffe
  • Thundergun
  • Any assault weapon that you can buy ammo for
  • The Zombie Shield
  • Samantha's Music Box (works like monkey bombs or homunculus)

Classic Elixirs

  • Anywhere But Here
  • Equip Mint
  • Nowhere But There
  • Now You See Me
Beach training spot strategy

Beach training spot strategy

Beach Training Spot Strategy

Running a zombie train on the beach on Black Ops 4 Tag Der Toten should not be too hard. Make sure that you build the shield because it protects from enemy attacks from the back when you're running. Keep running on the beach and cross the water before you freeze, obtaining any ICR ammunition if you are low. The hellhound rounds are good because they provide max ammo at the end of the round.

The Wunderwaffe serves as an excellent weapon for this strategy. After crossing the water on the beach, turn around and shoot the large hordes of zombies to electrify them. It can eliminate multiple zombies with a single shot or two, albeit, it is sometimes less effective than the original Wunderwaffe. Use the scope for better accuracy.

The beach has a trap that can be activated by spending points. After activating the trap, the lighthouse fires a deadly laser that will annihilate zombies in its path. Be aware that the laser can damage you, though.

Zombies move pretty slow in the water, so you can usually use the Deadshot Dealer perk to line up headshots with an assault weapon before they get too close. When the rounds get tougher, use the Pack-a-Punch to increase the damage of your weapon. I'd recommend upgrading until you get the "Brain Rot" upgrade. Brain Rot will corrupt a zombie and cause it to attack other zombies, potentially saving you from harm.

Zombie train on the beach

Zombie train on the beach

Other Tips and Tricks

If a player goes down and you're too far away from them, use the "Nowhere But There" elixir. It will instantly teleport you to their location. It is a serious lifesaver on any Black Ops 4 map! However, you might want to wait a few moments before teleporting to the downed player, for zombies may be around them.

Samantha's Music Box is a good item to utilize when you're in danger or need time to revive a player. It works like the monkey bombs, but instead, the zombies levitate off the ground for a short time, then explode!

Make sure to replenish your shield when it gets damaged. It's much harder to survive in the higher rounds on Tag Der Toten without a shield. Go to a workbench and spend points to acquire a new one.

While not absolutely necessary, the heat pack does make surviving on the beach a bit easier because the cold water is less dangerous.

If you want to save ammo or try something different, you can use the flinger on the ship nearby to eliminate zombies and jump across the beach to the other side. It takes a few seconds for the flinger to activate, so be careful! One of the challenges on Tag Der Toten actually requires you to use the flinger and zipline.

The biggest problem you'll inexorably encounter is running out of ammo when the rounds go on for a very long time. You can rectify that issue (to an extent) by spawning max ammo with an elixir, buying ICR ammo, using Bandolier Bandit, Mule Kick, and/or completing a Hellhound round that guarantees a max ammo power-up. The lighthouse trap can save you some ammo, but it always requires points to activate. With a bit of skill, patience and luck, you can make it to round 35 or higher by surviving on the beach on Black Ops 4 Tag Der Toten. Good luck!