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"Black Ops 4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten": How to Get the Wunderwaffe and Tundragun (for Free)

Don't Miss These Easter Eggs

Just like all zombie maps on Black Ops 4, "Tag Der Toten" has its Easter egg secrets. For players that are unaware, Tag Der Toten is the last extra zombie map for the season pass. It is a remake of the Call of the Dead level from the original Black Ops video game that was released back in 2011. There are new secrets to be discovered. One of those secrets is the three wonder weapons that can be obtained for free if the player completes specific tasks (usually called Easter eggs).

Players can acquire the Wunderwaffe, Tundragun, and Thundergun. A player can only carry one wonder weapon in their inventory at a time, but other players can use the other weapons once unlocked.

This article will explain how to get the Wunderwaffe and Tundragun, the easiest ones to get. The Wunderwaffe has a different design compared to previous Black Ops zombie levels. It now has a scope on it that be used to target zombies easier. The overall aesthetics have been changed to a degree. As for functionality, it can still kill multiple zombies by electrifying them with a chain of attacks, but it seems slightly less effective than the original Wunderwaffe, at least when firing a single shot. The Tundragun has splash damage, meaning it can damage you. Arguably, the Tundragun is the worst wonder weapon, but it is still better than some of the conventional weapons for certain situations, as it can freeze zombies, quite useful for completing some of the challenges on Tag Der Toten.

Black Ops 4 Zombies

Black Ops 4 Zombies

Tag Der Toten: How to Get Tundragun

Before you can obtain any wonder weapon, you'll need to open up the map, turn on the power switches, and get the zip line handles so you can go to the facility above the lighthouse. Turn the power on at the spawn at the start, then go to the top of the ship by the beach to activate the second one. The zip line handles can be found on the wrecked ship. They are at each end of the ship in several different spawn locations (it is random). Look closely for handles on the ship. They are red wheel-shaped items. Once you've found the handles, attach them to the two devices on the ship that align the zip lines.

Required Steps

  1. Reach the facility by using the zip line at the top of the lighthouse
  2. Pick up the snowballs
  3. Hit five targets on Tag Der Toten by throwing snowballs at them
  4. Hit all the targets quickly because it's a timed Easter egg
  5. Grab the Tundragun from the box on the ship

Ascend to the top of the lighthouse, then use the zip line to reach the facility at the top, a new area that was not featured in the Call of the Dead level for the original Black Ops.

Go to the east (or right) side of the facility to the area titled "Loading Platform." The top left of the screen will indicate your present location. Before entering the facility, look for a target above the entrance. Throw a snowball at it to begin the Easter egg. Make sure that you hear a ding sound. Each target that follows must make a ding sound for it to count.

Quickly use the zip line to spawn area (Docks) and go through the Frozen Crevasse into the tunnel (below ice slide) where the next target is. Throw a snowball at it.

The next target is at the top of the ship where the power switch is. It is called the Sun Deck. Quickly throw the snowball at the target, then use the flinger to jump to the lighthouse.

Go inside the lighthouse (via the stairs) to reach the 3rd floor where the target is next to the spiraling staircase. Throw the snowball at the target, then make haste to the top of the lighthouse and use the zip line to the ship.

Turn around in the water and throw the snowball at the target to open the box next to it. If you were quick enough, then you'll find the Tundragun inside the box!

It might be easier to hit the targets quickly when there are fewer zombies on the map. Try attempting the Easter egg during the early Black Ops 4 rounds when the game is less difficult. Zombies can block your path, slowing you down and making you fail to hit the targets with the snowballs in time.

Wunderwaffe weapon in Tag Der Toten

Wunderwaffe weapon in Tag Der Toten

How to Get the Wunderwaffe

There are three possible locations for the icicle. The first icicle is on the top of the cave before you enter it from the beach. Shoot it to knock it down and pick it up. If it's not there, then go to the front of the lighthouse.

Look below the railing of the top section of the lighthouse for an icicle. If it's not there, check below the staircase outside, in the Lighthouse Cove area.

Once you have the icicle, take it to the pot in front of the ship. It might be a good idea to leave until it melts, especially if a bunch of zombies are chasing you. Return after it's melted and grab the key that was inside the icicle.

Use the key on the safe that's in the Specimen Storage (the facility above the lighthouse). Kill 10-20 zombies around the safe until you fill the Vril Device.

Give the Vril device to the hermit by placing it on the wooden pallet. The hermit is at the top of the lighthouse. He'll give you a key to open up the right chest with the Wunderwaffe! Now you can electrify zombies in Black Ops 4.

Quick Summary

  • Shoot the icicle that spawns in 3 different locations on Tag Der Toten
  • Go to the Forecastle (front of the ship) and place the icicle in the pot over the fire
  • Wait for the icicle to melt until it reveals a key that you need
  • Use the zip line to return to the facility and go to "Specimen Storage"
  • Open up the safe with the key & kill 10-20 zombies to collect souls
  • Take the Vril Device to the hermit at the top of the lighthouse
  • Use the key the hermit gives you on the box nearby to acquire Wunderwaffe