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"Black Ops: Cold War – Firebase Z": Easter Egg Guide for a Free Wonder Weapon

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Firebase Z is a Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies map. Just like previous levels, it has the Mystery Box, Pack-a-Punch, new enemies, and an additional perk. The Mystery Box will move to a different location after you utilize it multiple times. While it's possible to get the new Wonder Weapon called RAI K-84, you have to be lucky and spend a lot of points.

Completing an Easter egg quest allows one player to receive the Wonder Weapon for free on Firebase Z. You'll need to acquire the parts necessary to build the RAI K-84 before you can build it in the Weapons Lab. The Black Ops Cold War Zombies inventory will indicate which parts you currently possess. A black silhouette means that you don't possess the part yet.


Firebase Z Free Wonder Weapon

Objectives required to obtain the RAI K-84:

  1. Turn on the power for the entire level to activate the Pack-a-Punch.
  2. Retrieve the blueprint of the RAI K-84 in the Weapons Lab.
  3. Go to the tank in Scorched Defense and obtain the Weapon Trial Folder, then get the eyeball from the downed zombie.
  4. Use the eyeball on the computer in the Weapons Lab to obtain the Locker Key.
  5. Go to the Barracks and open the lockers until a Mimic enemy spawns and drops the Barrel Assembly.
  6. Get the 3 numbers from the computer in the Weapons Lab.
  7. Shoot the correct 3 numbers on the dartboard in the Village Mess Hall to obtain the Aetherium Converter.
  8. Destroy the Mangler enemy type until they drop an Uncharged Power Cell.
  9. Return to the Weapons Lab and charge the Power Cell for 2 rounds.
  10. Use all the parts to assemble the RAI K-84 Wonder Weapon.

Assembling the Wonder Weapon

Before finding the parts for the RAI K-84, turn on the power to Firebase Z by activating every Aether Reactor on the map. Ideally, you'll want to do that in the early rounds when the zombies have less health. It's not particularly difficult, especially if you spawn with a knife that eliminates zombies in a single slash or stab.

Afterward, go to the Weapons Lab area. There are two doors that take you there. Pick up the blueprint for the RAI K-84.

Leave the Weapons Lab and go through the Barracks section until you reach the Scorched Defense area. Look for a destroyed tank with a dead zombie next to it. Pick up the folder, then use the knife to gouge the eye out of the zombie. You'll enter a pretty gruesome cutscene.

Take the eyeball to the computer to get the Locker Key. The Locker Key will be in a drawer.


Opening the Lockers in the Barracks

You'll need to use the Locker Key to open up the lockers in the Barracks. The Barracks are in the center of Firebase Z. One of the lockers will spawn a Mimic that will drop a Barrel Assembly part. A Mimic is a brand new enemy in Black Ops: Cold War – Zombies. They are fast and use a deadly attack that pulls you in toward them. Defeat them quickly by shooting them in the head. The Brain Rot Mod deals significant damage to them.

The Computer Numbers for Dartboard

Once you have the Barrel Assembly, return to the Weapons Lab. The computer will have a radar signal. Take note of how many times the radar moves to the right and left. Count the number of beeps to acquire a number. It will freeze to show the position. Pay close attention. The computer is actually simulating the positions of a dartboard. You need a total of three numbers.

The sequence will be different every time you start a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies match. For example, if it moves 11 times to the right (clockwise), then that means you must shoot the corresponding number on the dartboard that is 11 times to the right from the top number.

Memorize the numbers or write them down, then go to the courtyard (spawn area). Enter the building and locate the dartboard that's on the wall in the Village Mess Hall. Shoot the correct 3 numbers on the dartboard, then shoot the bullseye. If done correctly, you'll get a part. To avoid getting attacked by zombies during this step, throw decoy grenades to cause a distraction. The Aether Shroud ability will help during this part too.


Manglers and Uncharged Power Cell

Around round 15, an enemy known as the Mangler will spawn. Manglers are heavily armored enemies that shoot you with a canon. One of them will drop an Uncharged Power Cell. Pay attention when you destroy one, as they might drop the part without you noticing.

Manglers are easier to kill when you shoot their canon when they aim at you. The Manglers have a high defense, but a lower speed and offense compared to Mimics.

Take the Uncharged Power Cell to the Weapons Lab. Let it charge on the table for 2 rounds. Once it's charged, you'll be able to pick it up.

After you've acquired all the parts, you'll be able to assemble the RAI K-84 in Black Ops: Cold War – Zombies! It can be assembled at the table in the corner of the Weapons Lab room.