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"Black Ops Cold War Zombies": Die Maschine Map Guide

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War launches with a new zombie map called Die Machine. Veteran players may recognize part of the map because it is Nacht Der Untoten, the first map from World at War. One of the primary goals in any Zombies map is to survive to a high round or complete the Easter egg. In Black Ops Cold War, players can now call for extraction. Exfiltration is an optional escape that starts at round 10 and every 5 rounds after. You'll have to defeat a horde of zombies before successfully escaping, though.

One of the newest additions to Zombies mode is custom loadouts. Players can choose a variety of weapons to spawn with, but none of them will be rare or deal high damage in the higher rounds. Zombies will get progressively stronger after every round. Eventually, a powerful enemy called the Megaton will attack you. Megaton enemies can split into two enemies after they are defeated.


Weapon Rarities

A monumental change to the weapons has been made to Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. Every weapon will have a different rarity. A gun can be uncommon, common, rare, epic, and legendary. Higher tier weapons deal significantly more damage and come equipped with randomized attachments. Gold (or yellow) is the rarest type of weapon.

The Mystery Box has always been a staple of Black Ops Zombies, but there is an even greater incentive to use it instead of buying wall weapons. When you reach higher rounds, the Mystery Box will give you rarer weapons with different attachments. It is probably best to use the Mystery Box after you opened up the map and have a few perks. Don't waste all your points on it in the early rounds, as the probability of obtaining something rare is much lower.

Crafting Table

Zombies will drop salvage, armor, and other miscellaneous equipment that can be quite useful. The scrap you get from enemies can be used to create things at a crafting table. The menu has three categories: tactical, lethal, and support. Tactical and lethal require uncommon scrap, but support requires rarer item drops. Scorestreaks like the chopper gunner can be created at a crafting table, but they can be found in the Mystery Box as well. The Monkey Cymbals are fundamental because they distract the zombies for a temporary period of time.

Perks and the Pack-a-Punch

Perks are essential if you want to survive to the higher rounds in Die Maschine. It's possible to get all 6 perks if you have enough points. The perks currently available to purchase are Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Stamin-up, Deadshot Daiquiri, and Elemental Pop. Every perk can be upgraded multiple times in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. You'll need to unlock Raw Aetherium Crystals.

The Pack-a-Punch is used to upgrade weapon damage. In Die Maschine, a gun can be upgraded 3 times. The Pack-a-Punch can be built after turning on the power. Fortunately, it does not teleport to a different location and you can choose what type of ammo upgrade you want. The first upgrade only costs 5000 points, but it gradually gets more expensive.


Armor System

Black Ops Cold War Zombies features an armor system. Armor mitigates damage from all directions. Armor can be purchased with salvage at the vendor that is located in the large power room area. Armor can be upgraded multiple times, but it's a finite resource. Eventually, you'll need to purchase more with salvage. Enemy zombies will sometimes drop armor, but it's very rare. It's best to use the Jugger-Nog perk with armor to maximize your defense.


Enemy zombies have health bars. While this may be useful to see how much damage you're dealing, it might be jarring and frustrating to constantly see all the icons and damage numbers. If you want a classic experience, turn them off. Motion blur is enabled by default, but it can be turned off as well. The horizontal and vertical sticks sensitivity can be adjusted. They are set fairly low by default, so you might want to increase them. A higher sensitively might make it easier to aim or elude the enemies in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.


Plaguehound Rounds and Megaton Boss

After every few rounds, a special type of enemy called Plaguehound will attack you. They are a mixture of the Hellhound and Nova Crawler enemies. They can blind you and damage you. While the Plaguehounds are fast, they are not particularly strong. They should not be a problem if you find a good corner to shoot them from or run around with Jugger-Nog. After defeating them, a max ammo power up will drop.

Eventually, a boss type of enemy will spawn called the Megaton. They are much more powerful than zombies. It's best to use a ray gun against them, the bow, or the chopper gunner. The Megaton are dangerous because they can throw projectiles at you. Also, once a Megaton receives enough damage, it splits into two enemies!

Obtaining ammo should not be a big issue in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Ammunition crates are in multiple locations on the map. Just remember that the price of ammo will increase if the weapon has been upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch. A good area to survive is at the Crash Site because there's a lot of space to run with an ammo crate in the area. The Mystery Box is sometimes in the area as well.