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"Black Ops Cold War Zombies": High Round Strategy for Die Maschine Level

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Die Maschine is not the largest level on Black Ops Cold War Zombies, but it has several outdoor and indoor areas. Saving points and gathering salvage is paramount if you desire to reach the higher rounds. Players will no longer get points for simply shooting a zombie. Enemies must be completely destroyed to get any points.

Your first objective should be to turn on the power and build the Pack-a-Punch. Both are in the underground section of the level. The spawn is outside the Nacht der Untoten building. The m16 rifle with a scope is an excellent loadout in the earlier rounds. Pick up all the salvage that the enemies drop. You'll need resources for armor and items that can be made at the Crafting Table.

Enemies are always weak and slow in the first few rounds in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. You should not have a problem accumulating points in the spawn area for the first few rounds. Go for headshots or melee kills to acquire maximum points. Use the double points power up if an enemy drops one. I'd recommend opening the door on the right because that path takes you to the Jugger-Nog perk and a possible Mystery Box location. Do not open the pink door on the left side of the building if you wish to survive in this area later.

Crash Site and Mystery Box

You must open three barricades to access the Crash Site area. If you're lucky, the Mystery Box will be here. The Mystery Box is a good way to obtain the rarest weapons in Black Ops Cold War such as the Ray Gun or legendary weapons. Purple and yellow weapons are the most difficult to acquire. After repeated uses, the Mystery Box will teleport to a different location.

There is a shotgun wall weapon in the Crash Site area. While the shotgun is expensive, it's a tier 3 weapon with good damage output. The reload speed is slow, but the Speed Cola perk can rectify that issue a little bit. Alternatively, purchase the ak74u, a wall weapon with a high rate of fire that can be found in the underground section.

Ideally, you'll want to earn around 4000–5000 points before opening up the cave barricade that takes you to the underground section of Die Maschine. It's easy to get trapped by enemies if you don't have the points to open up a door, especially on solo mode.


Building the Pack-a-Punch

Make your way down to the underground section until you reach the Particle Accelerator room. Go up the stairs on the far side and spend points to open the doors. Activate the power switch. With the power on, other areas of Die Maschine open up. Activate the two switches in the room to make the Dark Aether portal appear in the center of the room. Use the portal that transfers you to the Dark Aether, an alternate dimension with different aesthetics.

You must locate a part for the Pack-a-Punch in the Dark Aether. Beware, zombies can still harm you in the Dark Aether. Return to the surface and find a portal that will teleport you to the Pack-a-Punch machine part. The game will have an icon that tells you where the portal is. The Dark Aether is only open for a limited amount of time. Make sure to have at least 500 points to use the portal.

Once you have the machine part for Pack-a-Punch, build it in the center of the Particle Accelerator room. It costs 5000 points to upgrade, but you can upgrade a weapon multiple times. Ammo mods can be imbued to your guns in Black Ops Cold War.


High Round Strategy Goals

As you reach higher rounds, the probability of acquiring epic or legendary weapons from the Mystery Box increases. Your objective should be to obtain a Ray Gun. Veteran players will recognize the weapon because it was in World at War and countless other titles. Since it can be upgraded three times, the weapon has more potential than ever! And the ammo crates will refill the gun when your empty. Previously, you had to utilize a max ammo power up. Unfortunately, the Ray Gun will still cause damage to your health if it's fired too close to an enemy, so don't become reckless.

Make sure to upgrade your armor with salvage and purchase Jugger-Nog. If your armor breaks, return to the power room between rounds for repurchase. Without armor, surviving a high round in Black Ops Cold War Zombies becomes an arduous task. The bottom left of the screen will indicate how much armor your character has.

Megaton Boss

Eventually, a ruthless and powerful enemy known as the Megaton will spawn. Initially, it's an enemy in a hazmat suit, but will split into two enemies after it is defeated. The best way to defeat the enemy is to use a ray gun, bow, or a powerful shotgun at close range. The Megaton is particularly dangerous because it can damage you from a distance. It is a relentless enemy that will attack you when other zombies are pursuing you.

I'd suggest using a Cymbal Monkey when dealing with the Megaton. The Cymbal Monkey can be created at a Crafting Table with salvage. Once thrown, the Cymbal Monkey will distract all the zombies for a short time before exploding. Attack the Megaton enemy when the zombies are distracted. Alternatively, use the Field Upgrade called Aether Shroud to make yourself hidden from enemies. The effect is ephemeral, but it's indispensable. The duration of Aether Shroud can be increased by spending Aetherium Crystals.


Returning to the Crash Site

One of the best areas to survive in is the Crash Site in Die Maschine. By running around the debris, zombies will cluster in massive hordes, making them easy targets. Sometimes you'll have to sprint or shoot zombies that block your path to avoid damage. Use the airplane wings to create distance from the relentless undead. The Stamin-Up perk will increase your speed.

Sometimes the Die Maschine level becomes shrouded in mist, decreasing your visibility. The mist will dissipate after a few minutes, but it will return occasionally.

Besides the Ray Gun, the D.I.E. Shockwave is a great weapon for defeating massive hordes of enemies. It can be obtained from the Mystery Box (rarely) or created by completing an Easter Egg. The Chopper Gunner and War Machine scorestreaks are effective, but you must be a high enough rank to utilize them.

It's possible to delay a round by throwing grenades at zombies to turn them into crawlers. Note, crawlers will die after 10 minutes. As long as one enemy remains, the next round will not start. If you continue to upgrade the Ray Gun, possess all perks, and maintain your armor, it's possible to reach round 40 or higher in Black Ops Cold War Zombies. The most challenging part is making sure that you do not get surrounded at the start of each round. I was fortunate enough to obtain the Ray Gun on my first Mystery Box use during round 10, but I was unable to get it in my other matches.