"Call of the Dead": Stand-In Easter Egg Walkthrough (Solo)

Updated on February 20, 2020
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I specialize in anything zombie-related, so it's a given that I love to play "Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombies."

It is actually easier to take this task on solo-style.
It is actually easier to take this task on solo-style. | Source

Send the Old Crew to Paradise on Solo!

If you are still trying to complete the co-op mega Easter egg in the new Black Ops –Zombies map, "Call of the Dead," you may have a better shot at completing this massive maniacal mystery case when playing all by yourself. Playing on co-op adds many painful steps to the process and if done incorrectly, the game is basically over.

There are only three steps when playing on solo! Although you only get one of the two Ensemble Cast achievements for completing the side mission all by yourself, you still get the glorious reward of the upgraded Wundewaffe DG-12!

The following steps can be followed after turning on the Power Switch and heading over to the Security Door near the lighthouse. Knife the door to start the Easter egg of ridiculousness and every time you complete a step in the Easter egg.

Talk to Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and sloshy old Nicholai; listening to their sob story about being stuck in the future. Apparently they need you to find a few items for them so they can make it to "Paradise."

Step 1. Find the Fuse Freak Sack!

The first item in the solo Easter egg is to find the missing fuse. It will be in one of three different locations in the room above the Security Door; Ph.D. Flopper being right in the room. The first place you can find it is on the desk next to the Ph.D. perk machine, the second on the table with the batteries (opposite the Ph.D. Flopper Desk), and on the floor next to the green cabinet.

Once you have the glowing teleporter fuse, you must head back to the Security Door and put the fuse in the fuse box on the right side of the door. Then knife the door to start the next step.

Step 2. Destroy The "Half-Dome Thingies"

Richtofen and the rest of the crew have gotten the power back to the teleporter, but klutzy Nicholai pressed the lock-down switch, enabling the Security Door's security system. To deactivate the security they need you to destroy the "half-dome thingies," as Dr. Richtofen refers to, which have the flashing red light at the top. There are four of these scattered throughout the map and each of them needs to be destroyed. Regular grenades work the best, but you can also use any weapon with an explosive tip, launchers, and Semtex grenades as well. It may take a few explosive rounds that are placed right under the crown of the dome.

The first "Half-dome thingy" can be found right near the security door. The second can be found by heading to the little island, in the building where the Stamin-Up perk machine can be found. Look out the window and there it is. The third one can be found towards the bottom of the lighthouse. There's a little bridge that leads to the other half of the ship (where you find the Semtex grenades) which needs to be opened. Look to your right in-between the icebergs and blow the lights out. The fourth dome can be seen by heading up the stairs to the first half of the ship. Head up the first set of stairs and around the right. Look over the left side of the ship to see this one, way down in the cold waters of the ocean.

Once you have destroyed all of the "half-dome thingies" head back to the Security Door and knife it to start the next part of the Easter egg.

Step 3. Find The Golden Rod

The final piece that the old crew from Nazi Zombie maps of yore will need you to find is the Golden Rod, which is going to take some patience. In order to complete the last step in the most extensive Easter egg to grace Black Ops Zombies, you are going to need a VR-11 and a whole lot of firepower!

TIP: You might want to try to hit the box early enough to get the VR-11 because after around level 5 or 6, it is nearly impossible to get.

Head to the power room and you will see the steering wheel and three switches to the right of it. Press the action button only once on the first switch so it moves one notch down. Leave the middle switch alone, and press the third switch 3 times. Once this is done, turn the steering wheel to the 5 O'Clock position (two turns to the right).

If completed properly you hear the fog horns sound and see a green light shining from a submarine, towards the top of the lighthouse. From the top of the lighthouse, this green light shines all of the way down to the bottom of the winding staircase.

This is where the Golden Rod will appear when you finally get the job done, but first, you will need two crawler zombies (one for the VR-11 and one for after that zombie dies).

Get the crawler to wander into the green light at the very bottom of the lighthouse. Shoot him with the VR-11 to turn him back into a human! Once he's human again, the eerie green light will start to suck him up towards the top of the lighthouse. You need to kill him before he reaches the top and it will not be very easy. You'll have the best luck with the Upgraded Scavenger or Upgraded Ray gun.

Rest In Peace George A. Romero
Rest In Peace George A. Romero | Source

Once you kill him, the Golden Rod will slowly float to the bottom and once its there, grab it and head back to the Security Door placing it in the vacuum tube to the left of the door. Knife the door and listen to the rest of the story. They will tell you thanks and leave you the upgraded Wundewaffe DG-12 (with limited ammo) and also the achievement for sending the crew to paradise on solo!

The best part about completing the Easter egg is when you kill George A. Romero, the Death Machine is replaced by the Wundewaffe!

So enjoy and good luck on your zombie slaughtering kill-o-rama Easter egg hunt! There is so much to do in this map, who knows what else you may find?

4 Player "Ensemble Cast" Easter Egg Video

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