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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": Booze Locations in Buried

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Booze Locations in Buried

In Buried, in order to have the Giant (Sloth, Tiny) bust through barriers you will need to feed him booze. After the Booze is used, you will need to either wait until next round or buy a bottle at the Saloon. The only exception to this is in the first round. You can use the Booze in the cell and will still find a bottle in the Saloon when you open the door.

The bottle originally appears in the Cell with the Friendly Giant. However, at the beginning of each round, a new bottle will appear either in the Cell or in various locations inside the Pub.

Uses for Booze

  • Getting the Giant to smash barriers.
  • Getting the Giant to smash through a crowd of zombies.

Possible Locations

  • The Cell
  • Saloon Bar
  • Saloon Table by stairs
  • Saloon Center Table

The Saloon

Three of the four possible locations for the booze are in the Saloon. It is easy to identify since it has a large sign above it that says Saloon. It is located behind the candy store and beside the Gunsmith. The Saloon has both a first and second floor, but you will only find the booze on the bottom floor.


The Cell

When you originally find the Giant he is in a locked cell. After you use the key to open the cell he will remain in the cell until you give him Booze. The Booze always first appears inside the same cell as the Giant and it can also appear randomly in the cell at the beginning of new rounds.

The Cell is inside the Sheriff's office. It is across from the Barn in the same general area that the Mystery Box originally spawns.


Saloon Bar

One of the possible locations for the Booze is on the actual bar inside the Saloon. If here, it is always in the far corner, by the piano.


Saloon Table by the Stairs

The Booze can also be on the table closest to the stairs. The bottle blends slightly with the background, so you might not notice it right away.

The green glow makes the bottle easy to see, if you happen to be looking in that direction when it first appears.

The green glow makes the bottle easy to see, if you happen to be looking in that direction when it first appears.

Saloon Center Table

The third possible Booze location inside the Saloon, is on the Table in the Center of the room. In the picture, you can see that it has a green glow around the bottle. It glows green momentarily when it appears in the room.


Buying More Booze

After the Booze has been used you can buy more during that round. There is a cash register on the Bar that will allow you to buy a bottle for 1000 points. However, if a player has picked up and is holding the booze you will not be able to purchase one until he uses it.

What You Need to Know

  • If you are not sure which player is hoarding the Booze, watch the Giant. He will follow the player that has the Booze. However, if he is following quickly it could indicate that that player has the Candy instead of the Booze.
  • The Giant will go after the person with Candy and ignore the person with Booze if they are both in his vicinity.
  • You earn points for having the Giant Smash barriers. You will receive more points by having the Giant run a long distance.


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