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Updated on June 20, 2016
Borough Grief Lobby
Borough Grief Lobby | Source

The Borough Grief map is the town only portion of the Buried map. This map brings us a whole new Grief experience. A game can be expected to reach rounds that are not normally seen on the other Grief maps. This is partially due to good perks, an easily accessible Pack-A-Punch machine, strong wall weapons, and the addition of buildables.

In This Guide:

  • Map Layout
  • Perks
  • Weapons
  • Buildables
  • Game Play
  • What You Need To Know

The Borough Map Layout

The map in Borough is similar to the Buried Map, except you can not access the Haunted Mansion or the Maze. You can still navigate the Tunnels and will have access to the entire town area.

While the area is basically the same, there are a few differences. The barriers that are normally smashed by the Giant have been removed, and since the Giant is not available there is no ability or need to pick up Booze or Candy.

Jugger-Nog | Source
Double Tap
Double Tap | Source
Quick Revive
Quick Revive | Source
Speed Cola
Speed Cola | Source
Mule Kick
Mule Kick | Source

Perks In Borough

The same Perks that are available in Buried Survival are also available in Borough Grief, with the exception of Vulture-Aid. This new Perk could have changed the way Grief is played, since you could gather a train, hide in the green stink, and allow the zombies to go after the rival team. However, this map has the Perks that really matter.

Perks In Borough:

  • Jugger-Nog
  • Speed Cola
  • Mule Kick
  • Double Tap
  • Stamina Up


Jugger-Nog is in the same place as it is in Buried Survival. It is located between the Sheriffs Office and the adjoining building. It is set back in a narrow passageway that can be access from the front or from above.

Speed Cola

Speed Cola can be found on the top floor of the General Store, in the small room at the top of the stairs. It can also by purchasing the back door that is near the bank drop down.

Mule Kick

Mule Kick is in the Gunsmith Building, on the second floor. It is in this same location in Buried Survival.

Double Tap

Double Tap is hidden on the right hand side of the Haunted Mansion's porch (left hand side if facing the mansion). It can be tricky to pick up this perk in high rounds, since zombies will spawn in that area.

Stamina Up

Stamina Up is between the Courthouse and the Church. It is sitting in the same area that a Crystal Ball can be found in Buried Survival.

The Paralyzer
The Paralyzer | Source
Pack-A-Punch in Borough
Pack-A-Punch in Borough | Source

Weapons In Borough

There are many power weapons that can be bought directly off the wall, or given randomly from the Mystery Box. There Paralyzer is a very useful weapon, but can only be obtained by one person. This can cause the other team to have a slight disadvantage. However, there are plenty of powerful weapons available, and if used properly they can minimize that advantage.

The Pack-A-Punch machine can be found in front of the Church and the Haunted Mansion.

Unlike survival mode, Borough grief does not have Galvaknuckles, Bowie Knife, SVU, Time Bombs, or the LSAT.

Popular Weapons:

These weapons can be a big asset in Grief, but must be acquired randomly from the Mystery Box.

  • Paralyzer
  • Monkey Bombs
  • Ray Gun Mark II


Wall Weapons In Borough

There are many useful Wall Weapons spread across Borough. The advantage to using these weapons is the access to ammo.


On the front porch of the Haunted Mansion. As you walk up the steps it is on your right.


It can be found on a wall inside the Courthouse. Look on the same wall and slightly past the Building Station.


The M14 is located on the outside wall of the Courthouse. It is close to the Hangman's Noose, which is used to complete the Mined Games Easter Egg in Buried.

The Olympia

The Olympia is located on the front outside wall of the Sheriffs Office.

The Courthouse Mystery Box Location
The Courthouse Mystery Box Location | Source
The Original Mystery Box Location
The Original Mystery Box Location | Source
The Sheriff's Office Mystery Box Location
The Sheriff's Office Mystery Box Location | Source
The Tunnel Mystery Box Location
The Tunnel Mystery Box Location | Source

Mystery Box

There are five possible locations for Mystery Box, but it will always start in the same area that it starts in Buried Survival. After the Mystery Box moves for the first time the Fire Sale Power-Up will be able to drop randomly from zombies. This Power-Up will benefit both teams when picked up.

Mystery Box Locations

Original Location

The Box will originally appear by the bottom of the steps to the building next to the Sheriff's Office.

The Courthouse

The Mystery Box can appear on the second floor of the Courthouse. It is at the end of a dead end hallway.

The Sheriff's Office

The box can also spawn on the second floor of the Sheriff's Office. It is in a dead end hallway right before you walk out onto the balcony.

The Gunsmith

Another location for the Mystery Box is the second floor of the Gunsmith building. It is in the room behind Mule Kick. This room has a secondary access to the Tunnels, but a couch must be bought in order to use this access point.

The Tunnels

The Tunnels is the least desirable location for the Mystery Box. It is in the large cavern that has a hole that drops into the Barn.

The Church Building Station is closed in Borough.
The Church Building Station is closed in Borough. | Source
The Courthouse Building Station
The Courthouse Building Station | Source
The Saloon Building Station
The Saloon Building Station | Source
The Building Station in the building next to the Sheriff's Office
The Building Station in the building next to the Sheriff's Office | Source

Buildables in Borough

There are three Buildables that can be used in Borough, but do not have to be built. They will randomly appear in three locations. Unfortunately the Head Chopper is not available in Grief mode, since there is one less Buildable the Building Station in the Church is covered and will not hold a Buildable.

Every player can pick up and use each Buildable. Only players on your team can pick up your equipment. However, all players can destroy your equipment with a well timed Grenade. Also, all players are effected by your equipment, so you can fling an enemy with your Trample Steam, or be flung.

Available Buildables

Building Station Locations in Borough

The Courthouse

The Building Station is on the left hand side as you enter the front door of the Courthouse. It is against the wall across from the bench.

The Saloon

The Saloon is the second location for a Building Station. The station can be found against the left wall as you enter the Saloon.

The Building Beside The Sheriff's Office

The final location for a Building Station is in the top floor of the building that is next to the Sheriff's Office.

Game Play on Borough

Game Play on Borough can be very different from the other Grief maps. The area is much larger than the Farm or Town Grief maps and unlike the Cell Blocks Grief Map (MOTD) it has Jugger-Not. These factors result in higher rounds than commonly experienced in the previous Grief Maps.

With the lack of Knuckles, EMP grenades, Traps, Brutus, and fire it can be difficult to effect rivals in a manner that will directly down them. However, the addition of Buildables allows for players to have a defense against zombies, making the rounds last even longer.

If these factors were not enough, players utilizing glitches, the Paralyzer, Monkey Bombs, or the Jug Strategy can cause the rounds to enter a dangerous level, where both teams could continue to go down. Strong teamwork and quick strategy is essential for winning games early.

What You Need To Know

  • A well placed Trample Steam can send a player into a dangerous area, or even off a structure high enough to cause extreme fall damage.
  • A player that has the Paralyzer, Monkey Bombs, and upgraded Ballistic Knives can be very difficult to defeat.
  • A player can be impossible to kill if they are in a glitch. I suggest reporting any player that you see using a glitch in grief. These cowards should go back to hiding in their custom games.
  • Persistent Upgrades do not work in custom games.


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