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Buildables for "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," Zombies

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

Buildables play an important role in Buried, Mob of the Dead, Die Rise, and Tranzit. They can access special areas, add a layer of defense, be used as a weapon, and are a lot of fun to use. I have worked Buildables into most of my strategies on these maps.

I am going to list the Buildables starting with the one's I find most useful, and ending with those I find not as useful.

Note: Both the Power and Pack-A-Punch must be built in Tranzit. I am not going to include these as Buildables since in most maps they are already built.

The Turbine in Tranzit

The Turbine first appeared in Tranzit and is the first buildable that most of us encountered.

In Tranzit the Building Station and the Turbine parts are located in the room we spawn into. On this map, it is the most useful Buildable because of its many uses. First, you can use it to open doors that can not be bought. This allows us to leave the starting room without buying a door, access the Bus Parts, and obtain the GalvaKnuckles. It also allows you to buy perks before you turn on the power, cool down the Jet Gun, and power other Buildables. Finally, the Turbine is needed in order to get into the Pack-A-Punch area.


The Trampo Steam in Die Rise

The Trampo Steam was first introduced in Die Rise. It is as versatile as the Turbine, which makes is almost as useful. This tool can save time in accessing some areas, but is not necessary to get into those areas. The Trampo Steam can be your best line of defense, or your early demise. In Die Rise, building the Trampo Steam is an essential part of my strategy for starting a game.

You can use the Trampo Steam to launch yourself to different parts of the map and fling yourself out of harm's way. It can also be set up to fling oncoming Zombies and Jumping Jacks (Zombie Creatures). The Trampo Steam is an instrumental component in my strategy for achieving high rounds and getting a free perk.

The Zombie Shield In Mob of the Dead

The Zombie Shield was reintroduced in Mob of the Dead. In Mob of the Dead, the Zombie Shield is made up of three parts, instead of two. The parts are close together in the Docks and Citadel Tunnels. With so many tight areas and small passageways the Zombie Shield can be the difference between a narrow escape and the early end of a game. When playing MOTD I will keep a Zombie Shield on my back at all times.

The Acid Gat Kit

The Acid Gat Kit was introduced with Mob of the Dead, Alcatraz. It has the ability to turn the Blundergat into the Acid Gat. The Acid Gat is a powerful weapon that attracts zombies similar to the Monkey Bombs and then showers them in acid. It is a useful tool, but can only be used by the players that have the Blundergat.

  • The Acid Gat is needed for acquiring the Golden Spork
  • In order to complete the 'Pop goes the Wiesel' Easter Egg you must have the Acid Gat.

The Sliquifier

The Sliquifier is the second Buildable in Die Rise. I normally build the Siliquifier shortly after I have the Power on and the Trampo Steam built. This is considered the Wonder Weapon in Die Rise and is sometimes referred to as the Slippery Gun.

The Sliquifier can be used to make an area slippery. This can cause the Zombies to slow down as they slip, slide, and fall. If the collide with each other during their fall it can kill them and you will be rewarded the points. It can also be shot directly at zombies and has the ability to kill several with a single shot. However, be aware that you can also slide in the purple mess it leaves behind. If shot in the wrong place you can fall to your death or slide into a Zombie Train.

  • This weapon is considered over-powerful by some players and is used in several 'glitches'.
  • The Sliquifier is needed to complete the Richtofen side of the Die Rise Easter Egg, High Maintenance.
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The Bus Parts

The Bus Parts do not do anything on their own, but they give you access to two important areas. I rate them higher than the Jet Gun because they give you access to the Galvaknuckles. If I had the choice between the Knuckles or the Jet Gun I would pick Knuckles every time.

Installing the Hatch at the Diner will give you access to the Galvaknuckles. The GalvaKnuckles make it much easier to travel in the fog and destroy the Electric Man. The second most important bus part is the Ladder. It allows you to access the Bus Roof. I personally don't ride the bus often. But, without the ladder installed the bus can block the entrance to the Power Building. Finally, there is the Cattle Catcher. It will kill zombies when the bus strikes them.

The Trample Steam in Buried

The Trample Steam was brought back in Buried. However, its name had a slight change. It is made up of the same parts and functions in the same manner.

The Trample Steam can help players access areas of the map without opening doors. It can also be used to defend an area. It is not as useful as it is in Die Rise, but it can be a valuable piece of equipment.

Along with Buried Survival, the Trample Steam can also be found in Borough Grief.

The Head Chopper will create Crawlers if placed on the ground. It is intended to be placed at head level.

The Head Chopper will create Crawlers if placed on the ground. It is intended to be placed at head level.

The Head Chopper

The Head Chopper was introduced with Buried, Resolution 1295. It is a unique piece of equipment that can help defend an area. If used properly it will chop the heads off zombies. Unlike other defensive equipment it will not kill the crawlers unless it is placed too low.

This equipment can also cause damage to players, so it should be used with caution.

The Jet Gun

The Jet Gun is the Tranzit Wonder Weapon. Its parts are scattered across the map, so building the Jet Gun can be time-consuming. But the time is well spent since it can get you out of a tight situation.

The main use of the Jet Gun is to kill zombies. It can take out a wall of zombies that are blocking your path and allow you to keep moving while you chew them up. You can also use it to float from a high spot. This will limit your fall damage and allow you to navigate your landing. But really it is just fun to do.

The Jet Gun will break if you allow it to overheat. When that happens the parts go back to their location and you will need to build it again in order to use it. Watch the Gauge closely and allow it to cool down. It will cool down on its own, but you can cool it down faster using the Turbine.

The Zombie Shield In Tranzit

The Zombie Shield first appeared in Tranzit. It can be used as a Melee Weapon, placed on the ground as a barrier, or can protect your back. It is arguable the Buildable that is used for the longest duration in Tranzit.

The Zombie Shield is not as useful as the Jet Gun, but it is much easier to build. It only has two parts and they are both very close to each other. I normally use the Zombie Shield until I finish building the Jet Gun.

The Turbine In Buried

The Turbine was brought back in Buried. In this map, the main use for the Turbine is to power the Subsurface Resonator. This can be a handy tool for defending an area, but is not nearly as important as it is in Tranzit. The Giant can go fetch your Turbine if you feed him Candy near the Subsurface Resonator.

The powerful sound blast can help defend an area.

The powerful sound blast can help defend an area.

The Subsurface Resonator

The Subsurface Resonator is available in Buried, Resolution 1295. It can only function if it has a Turbine placed in the immediate area. This piece of equipment sends a blast of sound that will kill zombies in early rounds and knock them down in later rounds. It can be valuable, but is not as useful as the Trample Steam or Head Chopper since they do not require a second piece of equipment in order to operate.

The Turret Gun

The Turret Gun can be built in Tranzit. Due to the parts being closer to each other, it is easy to build the Turret Gun. It can be used to kill zombies and defend an area. However, you need to have a Turbine placed close to it in order for it to function. It does not seem to last very long, and if you are between it and a zombie you will also receive damage.

I do not use this very often. You either need to leave it in an area and then go get the Turbine, or get another player to work with you in setting it up. Also, you do not receive any points when zombies are killed with the Turret Gun.

The Electric Trap

The Electric Trap is also located in Tranzit. It does not take long to build the Electric Trap. However, it has the same issue as the Turret Gun, it will not work unless there is a Turbine placed in the area.

The electric trap can be laid down to block an area. Zombies will hit the trap and be electrocuted. However, it also will damage you, so you are also blocked in that area. I have only used this trap one time, and I have little desire to use it again.

The Guillotine

The Guillotine can be found in Buried, Resolution 1295. It is used to complete the Richtofen side of the Buried Easter Egg, Mined Games. I do not consider this a very useful Buildable since it has no other function.

Hangman's Noose is only used to complete the Easter Egg, Mined Games.

Hangman's Noose is only used to complete the Easter Egg, Mined Games.

Hangman's Noose

The Hangman's Noose is located in Buried, Resolution 1295. It is used to complete the Maxis side of the Buried Easter Egg, Mined Games. Its usefulness is limited since it only functions as part of the Easter Egg.

Favorite Buildable

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Jason Bourne on June 01, 2017:

This tutorial SUCKS. No guide for how to get the turret at all, when you need it for the achievement.

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