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Building Stations in Buried - "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies"


There are a total of four Building Stations in Buried. These Building Stations are spread out in the town area, but since the town area is small they are not very far apart. Just like in Mob of The Dead, you can choose what item you build on each station. Each location has advantages and disadvantages. Some stations are easier to access than others, which could determine where you choose to build important items. Careful planning will help ensure that you can access your equipment when you need it by building the equipment you use the most in the area that you spend the majority of your time.

There is a Building Station in each of the following structures:

  • The Saloon
  • The Courthouse
  • The Church
  • Building Next to the Sherrif

The Saloon

The Saloon is located behind the Candy Store and Beside the Gunsmith. There is a large sign above the main door that says Saloon. As you walk through the main door the Building Station will be on your left against the wall.

Players will likely enter this building regularly since it is the primary location for the Booze that is given to the Friendly Giant, Sloth. It is also a large room with two possible exits. For these reasons I normally build the Head Chopper at this Building Station.


The Courthouse

The Courthouse is across from the Candy Store and beside the Church. This is not a sign above this building, but the setup inside looks like a Courthouse. When you enter the main door the Building Station will be on your left hand side against the wall.

This building has a secondary exit that will lead you upstairs and give you the option of going into the tunnels or jumping down to the other side. You can also pick up Speed Cola and draw a weapon on the wall. I find it easier to access this Building Station than I do the last two, so I will often build the Trample Steam here.


The Church

The Church is Between the Courthouse and The Haunted House. The entry is blocked but you can not buy the door. In order to enter you will need to have Sloth bash through the junk blocking your way. The Building Station is on the left right as you walk through the door.

I will normally only enter this building in order to buy the new perk, Vulture-Aid. The entry way is a bottle neck and can cause you to be trapped in high rounds. There is another exit directly after the Building Station that will lead up stairs. I normally will build the Turbine in this location since I rarely use it.


Building Next to the Sheriff

This building is across from the bank and next to the Sheriff. You can enter this building by taking the stairs that are next to the starting location of the Mystery Box. It is on your left as soon as you enter the room, on the same wall as the door.

This room is very small and can easily be blocked. You will need to use this room in order to travel to the Jail and release Sloth at the beginning of the game. After he is released he will create a new entrance to the jail. After that the only purpose of entering this room is to access this Building Station. I will normally build the Subsurface Resonator here since I rarely use it. It can be useful, but it needs a Turbine which makes it hard to transport.

What You Need To Know

  • You can only carry one Building Station Part at a time, but can carry other parts that do not require a Building Station.
  • After a player has attached a part to a Building Station all other parts to that specific item can only be added to that station.
  • If you go down while carrying a part you will drop it. It will stay there until someone picks it up, unless you fell off the Map.
  • If you fall off the Map the part will go back to its original location. You can fall off the map at Pack-A-Punch and in a well once the fountain is destroyed.
  • You can task the Giant with building equipment by feeding him Candy near the Building Station.

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