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How to Solo Buried in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Zombies"

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Before You Start

You're gonna need some cash, so make sure you have run through a few times and dropped some cash in the bank. If you don't know how to get in, there are a few options:

  • Run down the alley towards the Gunsmith and turn left, finding the door right at the back corner of the building on your left (straight across from the Gunsmith). Opening the door costs you 750. Go through the rooms and up the stairs in the other room. At the top of the stairs, to the right is another door. Open this for another 750 and go through. Turn to your right to see the broken out wall. Drop into the bank!
  • Run down the alley towards the Gunsmith as above, but go around the building to the other side. Go up the stairs and clear the debris (a couch) for 750. Up and to the right is the opening in the wall. Drop into the bank!
  • If you have opened the Gunsmith, turn left from the chalk weapons and drop through the hole in the floor. Follow the tunnel and hop out the other end at the bank!

Zombies in Buried!

I have been playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 since shortly after its release. I knew that a zombies mode existed, but I hadn't played much in the way of Zombies modes until recently. I had heard all kinds of things about how it was such a popular mode in Black Ops and how people were so thrilled to have it back in Black Ops 2, but personally, I didn't get it, and I didn't find it all that appealing.

If you've read some of my other Hubs, you may have heard me speak of my buddy E6 Hooch (XBL) who was the one to encourage me to get an Xbox in the first place, and then to encourage me to learn how to play First Person Shooters on a console. Well, recently, he got CoD: Black Ops 2 as well, but he got it solely for the Zombies mode. He has always been a proponent of being well prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse, so I was not surprised that he was a fan of Black Ops 2 - Zombies.

However, when he told me that I should jump into a Zombies game with him, I was not totally enthusiastic about it. I had tried out Zombies on my own, doing the TranZit Green Run, and that was about it. I didn't really get it; it seemed like there was something to do, but I had no idea what that was. It really didn't seem all that appealing to me, so I just never bothered taking it any further than that.

So, hesitantly, I joined him in a game of Survival in Town, and he showed me the ropes—where to get the Juggernog, how to use the Mystery Box, where to run to kite the zombies while trying to stay alive in the higher levels, how to properly use the Pack-a-Punch machine and not forget to pick up your weapon after you use it (*facepalm*). It turned out it was actually quite a lot more fun than I had thought, so I ended up playing it a few more times and having some good fun with it!

When he suggested I get the Vengeance DLC so we could play Buried, I took his advice, spent the cash and got the pack. I played a few times, got up to round 7 on my own, and that was when he told me: he could teach me to solo Buried past level 20, EASY!

Now, Hooch knows what type of player I am, so I figured he had to have been inhaling some paint fumes to make an extraordinary claim like that, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt! I HAD to see what kind of tricks he had up his sleeve

So How Do You Get Started?

It wasn't easy to figure out on my own, how to play through on the Buried map. I had figured out that there was a giant named Leroy that you could get to help you do things like break down barriers, and you can erase weapon drawings from one wall to draw on a question mark elsewhere, but beyond that, I didn't know much of what to do.

When you start the map, you are in some sort of industrial complex, with a machine that is obviously broken sitting in the center of the room you are in. If you hang around here for a while, zombies eventually come out to get you. They are easy to kill with a single knife slash in the first round, so they aren't that hard to deal with. When you drop down to the floor level at the place where the catwalk has broken, you fall through the broken boards of the floor and end up in an underground Old West town, where the townsfolk are the risen dead who want to eat your brain! Yummm!!!

"Black Ops 2 - Zombies" on Buried.  Come see the old west and fight the risen dead!

"Black Ops 2 - Zombies" on Buried. Come see the old west and fight the risen dead!

Money in the Bank!

In order to solo Buried, later on, you will need to bank a bunch of points. You can run through a few different times and keep depositing up to a maximum of 250,000 points!

When you are in the bank, there are two different teller windows that you can use. The one furthest to the right that is bathed in light is the withdrawal window. At the other end is the deposit window, which is much darker. When you get close enough to either, you get the message to press X to deposit/withdraw.

For the first few rounds, you are going to want to deposit at the dark teller window on the left. Put as much as you can, each round, and try to have at least 20,000 in there when you are ready to withdraw.

Ali-A Shows Off Some Buried Gameplay

Check Out Other Players' Methods!

I looked over the video to the right, and even checked out some others, and there are some pretty clever ways of gathering and destroying all of the zombies that come after you! In one video that I saw, the gamer was gathering a large group, kiting them around in front of the Gunsmith, then bringing them back to where the Juggernog is to blow them apart with the Subsurface Resonator! So while I like the method that I use, it is by no means the only option when trying to kill Zombies on Buried!

Check out Ali-A to the right, or some of your own favorite CoD: Black Ops 2 video playback hosts to see what they suggest as well!


Once you are ready to get going on your solo run to fame, you want to jump right down and take the slide to the underground. Go to the Remington drawing on the wall to the right and then draw it on the Question mark just ahead. You can take the Remington if you want, but then you won't have enough to open all the doors you need. Personally, the Remington just isn't powerful enough, long term, so I leave it and keep the cash.

Jump down the hole just to your right and you end up on the top floor of a barn. Just ahead is a broken out wall that you can jump through. Straight ahead from here is the jail and a path between the jail and the next building that has a bunch of debris, and a Juggernog machine behind the debris.

Ignore all of that for the moment, and go to the right. You will see the mystery box off to the right, but again, ignore that for now—we will get there!

Instead, go up the stairs, turn left and go through the room. Jump across from this room to the next room ahead, and fall down through the hole in the floor. Walk around this room and you will see a jail cell to your right and a key ahead. Grab the key, open the door and Leroy cowers when you come in.

To the right, on the table near Leroy (that's the giant's name, by the way) is a jug of booze. Pick this up and give it to Leroy. He will show you his first trick: smashing down obstacles! Whichever way Leroy is facing when you give the booze, he will turn 180 degrees and run towards whatever was behind him to smash through it!

Leroy - The Giant

Give him booze or candy and watch Leroy do some pretty crazy things!

Give him booze or candy and watch Leroy do some pretty crazy things!

Time to Get Paid and Gather Your Weaponry!

OK, Leroy is loose, so now it's time to get your gear together. Don't kill any of the zombies if you can help it. Your goal is to get 2 weapons that you will Pack-a-Punch later, open up some space to do you're kiting once you hit the higher levels, and grab 4 perks. You can get two bonus perks later—but again, we will get to that!

To start with, go grab some money from the bank! At the top of the article were three options for getting in. If the bonus first round jug of booze is in the jail, then you have a free pass to get Leroy to open the Gunsmith shop so you can run through the underground tunnel into the bank. If it isn't here, you will want to use one of the other options to open it up and grab 15-20K in points.

*Note* - each 1000 points that you withdraw from the bank deducts 100 as a fee for the transaction, so keep watch on what you withdraw. Also, keep watch on any zombies who happen to drop in on you, as you can be downed in two hits at this point. It's pretty easy to avoid them, but if you get caught unaware, it's a sad way to lose several thousand points you may have just withdrawn!

To leave, go through the tunnel to the Gunsmith's shop, then grab the AN-94 chalk on the wall. Head through the door near the chalk (if the front door debris hasn't been removed), then go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a Mule Kick perk-a-cola machine. I just ignore this one and go through the hole in the wall ahead. This takes you to the roof at the front of the Gunsmith, so you will need to jump down to continue.

Run ahead and avoid any zombies you encounter. Go to the front of the jail to the left and draw the AN-94 on the question mark you see. This is going to be your main weapon, so this is a good place to keep this—you will see why later on!

At this point, the zombies are all what I call "shamblers"—they shuffle and shamble along and are not very fast. This makes them easy to avoid while you run around and gather everything you need.

If you want to play with the Mystery box at this point, go ahead and see if you can get a good, powerful secondary. The Executioner isn't bad for take down power, and I don't hate the Ray Gun Mark II. I did try a round with the PDW from the Gunsmith, but this has far too little in stopping power, so I wouldn't recommend that.

The HAMR has good power and high ammo, but it has quite a kick, so it isn't as accurate as you will need it to be, later on, even Pack-a-Punched. MTAR and Galil are pretty good, as is the FAL. Avoid War Machine, RPG, SMR (good power, but high kick and slow firing), shotguns and sniper rifles. You want lots of shots in a short time, and a high number of rounds to last through the rounds.

Another good find from the Mystery Box is the Monkey Bomb. This can take the heat off, but is better for group play to be able to revive teammates. Time Bomb would be good if you are in a tight spot, too.

Another thing to consider before you hit the Mystery Box for the first time is that it can move around after use, if you roll the teddy bear. To stop it from happening, go to the candy shop, grab some candy, and then get Leroy to follow you. Give him the candy when you are next to the Mystery Box, and he will hit it, which will force it to stay in the one location.

What Else Can Leroy Do?

Leroy will lock himself in the jail again if you shoot him a couple of times (so don't do this at the beginning of the game). However—oddly—if you hit him with your knife while you have booze or candy, he will follow you more rapidly for a few moments. This can come in handy when trying to get him to follow you somewhere quickly while avoiding zombies.

He can get rid of the barriers that block various areas on the map. To do this, you need to have him face away from the debris you want to destroy, then give him alcohol. You get a free jug every round, but you can also buy more from the cash register in the saloon for 1000 points. The Saloon is the building right in the corner just past the Gunsmith.

The debris locations that you can get Leroy to destroy (and order you should have him destroy them) are:

  • beside the jail, blocking the way to the Juggernog.
  • in front of the door to the Gunsmith
  • between the General Store (adjoining the bank) and the Candy Shop
  • the church
  • the courtyard to the haunted house

There's another one to the right of the Gunsmith front door that blocks the way to the back of the barn, but I've never used this one. If you are going for the Nav Card easter egg, you will need to know that one.

Leroy can also build things for you! There are four traps/items that you can build from parts found in the General store. If you don't want to find them all and put them together yourself, get some Candy and stand beside one of the workbenches. They are located:

  • in the building beside the jail, in the room at the top of the stairs near the mystery box;
  • in the saloon, just to the left of the door;
  • in the church, just to the right of the main door; and
  • in the courthouse, in the main area to the left side of the room.

When Leroy follows you and you are standing beside one of the tables, give him the candy. He will then study the plans and head off to build the item for you. You can build a trample-steam (flings things around), head chopper (chops heads off living/unliving), the turbine (attracts zombies, but also powers the . . . ), and the subsurface resonator (powered by the turbine—this thing uses sound to blow s#!t apart).

If you are being chased by a lot of zombies and need some protection, give Leroy candy and he will roam around stompin' some zombie noggin!!! He apparently is unaffected by them and takes no damage. It's unclear if they don't see him, or see his low brain activity as a sign of kinship!

Finally, if you have a crawler on the map and you just want some time to hit the bank, play a few rounds of roulette with the mystery box to get some monkeys, or go take a bathroom break (you could also just hit Start to pause the game when you are playing solo), then give the candy to Leroy when there is a crawler nearby and he will pick it up and cradle it like a baby, keeping it out of your way!

Drink Some Cola!

There are various perk-a-colas around the map that you can find. If you like certain ones over others, then by all means get them. You can only take four, though, so choose wisely! However, also note that you can get two bonus ones in a bit.

The ones that I have found (and that were recommended) to have the best bang-for-the-buck are:

  • Juggernog - found beside the jail; get Leroy to smash the debris in front of it to get it
  • Vulture Aid (at the back of the church - it helps you see things more clearly
  • Speed Cola (upstairs in the courthouse)
  • Double Tap Root Beer - (in the haunted house, go to the parlour to the right.)

After you get through the haunted house and wait for the last few ghosts, once the last one is dead, you will get a free, random perk.

TL;DR - I like short stories!

Too much to read? Here's the short and sweet version:

  • Don't kill any zombies
  • Get Leroy out
  • Get money from the bank
  • Turn on the power (upstairs from the candy shop)
  • smash the barriers for the Juggernog (take it right away) and Gunsmith
  • draw the AN-94 chalk
  • get the AN-94
  • get a good secondary
  • (optional) get Leroy to build traps for you
  • get Leroy to break the other barriers
  • get Speed Cola, Vulture Aid
  • enter the haunted house and get Double Tap Root Beer
  • Go through the haunted house and the maze
  • Go downstairs of the gazebo and Pack-a-Punch your two weapons
  • Go back to the Juggernog machine and hold your ground until about Round 25-30 (however long you feel you are still in control of the area)
  • move between the barn and bank, and kite enemies from here, past the Gunsmith, past the Candy shop and into the courthouse
  • Hold your ground as long as possible at the bottom of the stairs of the courthouse.
  • Go upstairs, run through, back to the barn/bank alley
  • Lather, rinse, repeat until you die!

How high can you go?

What About Those Weapons?

OK, so you have made it through the haunted house, probably have no money left unless you came through unscathed (the ghosts take 2000 points every time they hit you), and you have five perks, and two nifty weapons. Now you figure your way out of the maze and kill the five or six zombies who have followed you here to the gazebo at the end of the maze.

For the next 6-10 rounds, you are going to kill all the zombies and make as much money as possible so that you can Pack-a-Punch both weapons. But wait—where's the Pack-a-Punch machine? At the bottom of the circular staircase in the gazebo, there's a room that has a door for zombies to get through, and the Pack-a-Punch machine. Just sit here for a spell and ponder the good life as the undead try to snack on your grey matter. You won't have much trouble here, and once the AN-94 is Pack-a-Punched, it has a capacity of 600 rounds. With your Double Tap, you effectively have 1200 rounds. It will be the powerhouse of the rest of your fight!

Once both weapons are Pack-a-Punched up, head back through the maze, through the haunted house, and back to the Juggernog machine.

This is where you take your stand for the next little while. Kill the zombies that come towards you, and collect the rewards, including power ups. After each round, quickly run around the corner and for 4500 points, ammo-up the AN-94.

You should be able to last until round 25 or so, in here. But once it gets hairy, it's time to head outside!

Not a Good Place to Be!

Surrounded?  On the table is a good place to serve up some zombie appies!

Surrounded? On the table is a good place to serve up some zombie appies!

Wait . . . WHAT!?!?!

Yes, now you are going to kite the zombies for the foreseeable future. Start off in between the barn and bank, right near the front of them. Put down a trample-steam if you have one, and lay down a few claymores, too. When they start to get too close, back off, still shooting as much as you can, and go around to the alley between the General Store and candy shop. Lop off a few more heads, then head for the courthouse, just before the stairs.

Here, you make another stand until you are about to be overrun. Head up the stairs and around to the opening that will take you back where you started. Kill a few baddies, then jump down (ammo up if you need to and can get there quickly enough) and head back to the barn/bank starting line. Keep doing this, round and round you go until you end up at round . . . ? Who knows!! Hooch has a personal record of 47. I messed up my last round so only got to 15, but that was my fault. If I hadn't messed up, I am sure I would have made it to 30 or more.

So go on and try it! And if it works, let me know how far you made it! Of course, I am just an everyman, not a pro, so if you are like me, I will be glad to hear that you made it to level 20 or much further beyond!

Happy Zombie hunting, Zombros!

© 2013 Sean K. Lueck


bob on September 27, 2015:

I got to round 49

Samuel Franklin on September 09, 2015:

Great guide I'm surprised its possible to solo that far on it, although my CoD skills are a little rusty.

Sean K. Lueck (author) from Kanata, ON on December 15, 2014:

@Shadwz - Nicely done! Glad I could provide some useful info! Cheers!

Shadwz on December 12, 2014:

Great guide I got to

round 36

Shadow on August 13, 2014:

This link can be useful


Shadow on August 13, 2014:

I forgot to mention in my last post this is quite a good guide keep making more

Shadow on August 13, 2014:

Sorry for the length. The LSAT is handy in rounds if your kiting just run around until you have a horde behind you then turn around and use the LSAT to get a ton of points and my personal record is 18 could go higher but just can't be bothered I tend to on solo stay in processing/spawn until I have 2k points go and buy the LSAT and just open up the back of the bank for 750 points this allows me to get into the gunsmith and the bank without wasting booze perks you must get on solo not counting the ones you can randomly get for the witches are speed cola juggernogg revive and vulture aid it is advisable to hit the box until you get a ray gun or ray gun mrk 2 and then be able to return to processing get leroy to destroy the fountain at the front of the church until it starts pouring water out once done go through the mansion using trample steam to get in without wasting booze if you look to the right side you will see a gap in the fence with some rocks there and place the trample steam there so if your in trouble you can use the trample steam to escape and run through the mansion and get a free perk on the other side and if you can get to the centre of the maze you will find a fountain destroy it you can now return to processing and get the achievement associated with it and if you back the ray gun MRK 2 it now has 40 or 42 ammo a clip not to sure on that but it is handy for higher rounds as is the portal in the centre of the maze because if your getting over run just go into it and your back at spawn well the lower level of it any way where you can build the nav table and complete a part of the Easter egg you can bring leroy through the candy shop and out the other side. Form personal experience the last is good if you be gone to the top of the church and then fell down the floor and ran out you can then uses this train to gain points with the LSAT. The trample steam like all other things you can build can kill zombies but after a while it shall break interesting thing about the trample steam if used to kill a zombie it immediately resets whereas if you use it it takes time to reset you can also uses this trample steam to get to speed without going around the long way or opening the door at the bottom