Call of Duty Franchise: What Activision Should Do to Save the Franchise

Updated on March 29, 2017
Call of Duty - How Activision Will Save the Franchise
Call of Duty - How Activision Will Save the Franchise

Are the Best Days Behind Us?

Call of Duty (COD) was once at the helm of first-person shooters, but when it comes to the Call of Duty titles that we see today, it is more likely that a loyal fan from the great days back in 2009 will find themselves playing other first-person shooters like Battlefield 1.

Granted the franchise must constantly stay on its toes to surprise fans and to revitalise the game settings a bit, but many would have to argue that Activision has gone too far in the wrong direction.

This has become clear with the release of the latest series title, which is called "Infinite Warfare" because many hardcore fans of the franchise have said that the title is too far into the future of warfare to be enjoyed as a COD titled game.

Granted, the Infinite Warfare title ties into the futuristic warfare element for the franchise, however, for the most part fans just are not buying into this warfare style. Many fans have subsequently left the franchise to play alternative gaming titles like Battlefield 1, a video game set in World War 1.

Infinite Warfare is a little underwhelming from the point that we start to play the game because it does not feel like we are playing a COD game, but rather a Halo game. Many Call of Duty fans love the modern warfare and old warfare settings, like with the World at War title and Modern Warfare titled games.

What has pushed Activision into the futuristic warfare game styles is the fact that they have already worn down their ideas for more modern styles of gaming, but this has been stated many times by fans as a move that just did not fit the bill for the franchise. Game sales for the Infinite Warfare title surely back up the fan arguments against futuristic titles, especially because in the first week of sales the Infinite Warfare title only sold roughly 5 million copies.

Another couple of futuristic warfare style Call of Duty games were the two released before Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare. And, all 3 of these futuristic Call of Duty titles did not sell as well as the Modern Warfare or WAW title games for the franchise.

So, really, are the best of the Call of Duty days behind us? In my opinion, this is not the case because we will surely see some more boots-on-the-ground style Call of Duty video game titles soon enough. Especially since it would be unwise to further disappoint fans with any more futuristic game releases, and the current sales results would sway them against the idea for more futuristic bot games.

Boots on the Ground or Futuristic Bot Gameplay

What Call of Duty Setting Game do You Want to See for 2017?

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What Activision Should do to Save the Franchise

Call of Duty was at the top of its game back in the days of World at War and in the Modern Warfare series, and many fans have made how they feel clear to the franchise creators.

Activision needs to earn back the trust among its more loyal fans by bringing back boots-on-the-ground action to their first-person shooter franchise. Their sales for the Call of Duty franchise have plummeted around the futuristic title releases, and over time many fans have quit playing out of distaste towards the futuristic direction that the franchise has taken.

But, what type of boots-on-the-ground action do fans want?

I think that the direction that could save the COD franchise might be in the heavily-speculated push into the Vietnam War era. This would shock audiences back into the franchise for those who are sick and tired of the futuristic elements that have come with the more recent Call of Duty titles.


Activision could take fans back to the origins for the franchise and perhaps set the game back in the World War 2 era, as this would be a change from all of the more modern and futuristic game titles that we have seen from the franchise over recent years.

World war 2 was pretty much all that COD would release at one point; edging in at 3 title releases before they pushed the boat out and released Modern Warfare 4. And even then, they were quick to release World at War the following year which was set in the World War 2 era. Something tells us that going back to the World War 2 era might be just what the franchise needs to breathe some life back into it.


Activision has covered all areas of potential warfare over the years, releasing countless titles for the Call of Duty franchise, but there is still one type of warfare that they have still yet to cover which is the World War 1 era.

We have seen the Battlefield franchise push into this war era recently with the release of Battlefield 1, so it might be interesting to see if Call of Duty could do a similar game title for this war era. Given it is pretty much the only area of war that the COD franchise has yet to cover, this may be the next potential title.

Current 2017 Franchise Speculation

The information regarding the 2017 Call of Duty release is currently at the point of complete secrecy, however there has been much speculation over the internet concerning the type of Call of Duty warfare that we will be seeing in the upcoming year.

Speculation Theory 1: Call of Duty: Vietnam

Call of Duty: Vietnam is the first speculated title that could be released in 2017 and it is based around the Vietnam War. This would be quite an exciting release for the COD franchise as they are still yet to cover the Vietnam war and this would give them good grounds to create jungle warfare maps on their multiplayer game mode.

Speculation Theory 2 - World at War 2

Call of Duty: World at War 2 would be an interesting title release for the COD franchise as it takes us back to the roots for the franchise. In (the first) World at War game the online function was superb and it had much larger maps that included drivable tanks that made the multiplayer function more immersive to play. Plus, even to this day World at War stands as having one of the best single player campaigns in the Call of Duty franchise.

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