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"Call of Duty: Ghosts" Extinction: Destroying Alien Hives Tips and Tricks

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What Is Extinction in Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Are you a fan of Black Ops Zombies or World of War Zombies? Well, then you might like the new game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts called "Extinction." Extinction is a game mode that can be played with up to 4 players cooperatively. Players are fighting against aliens in a post-apocalyptic world. In Extinction, players will have objectives like destroying alien hives primarily. There is a class system where players can choose between either a weapon specialist, tank, engineer, or medic. It is possible to unlock various upgrades and weapons in these classes. Players will have to work together using their given class that can benefit other players. For example, the medic can revive other players faster and teammates around the medic will heal faster. Skill points are rewarded to the player when killing enemy aliens or completing different objectives. Experience is gained in Extinction to level up (rank separate from multiplayer).


Defending Drills to Destroy Alien Hives

Most of the time you will need to use a drill to destroy alien hives. The drill must be defended at all costs! Aliens will attack the drill and will also attack you when attempting to defend it. If the drill gets damaged enough, it will be destroyed. However, it is possible to repair the drill and the engineer class can put armor on the drill.

Using Propane Tanks to Defend Drills

Propane tanks are an extremely effective item that can be used in Extinction. You can pick up a propane tank and throw it anywhere. Shooting the propane tank will make it explode, damaging and killing enemies nearby. Throw it near the drill and shoot when large groups of aliens are attacking the drill. This will save you ammo and will help defend the drill. Do not worry, the explosion from the propane tank does NOT hurt the drills in Extinction mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Throwing Flares

Flares can be thrown on the ground to attract aliens. This will distract them and allow you to shoot them or give you time to revive someone or whatever else you need to do. These are somewhat similar to monkey bombs from Black Ops Zombies.

Throwing Down Ammo and Conserving Ammo

Ammo is very important in Extinction because you can run out if you are careless. Throw down ammo for your teammates or request for an ammo drop when you are running low. If possible, make sure to throw down the ammo when you are not getting attacked by large groups of enemies (unless last resort).

Also, using the knife and pistol can help conserve ammo. The knife is not very powerful, but can be good to finish off a damaged alien. In some cases, the pistol is better to use when dealing with weaker aliens or smaller groups so you can save more ammo in whatever primary weapon you are carrying.


Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Destroying Alien Hives (Continued)

Portable Minigun Turret to Defend Drills

The minigun turret is great to use when defending the drills against the aliens. Note that this is a turret that must be manned, it does not automatically shoot alien enemies. Place the minigun in a spot where most of the aliens will attack from the front. Be careful, though, because aliens can attack you from behind. If possible, have other players defend your back while you use the mingun and vice versa.

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If You Run Around a Lot, Use the Riot Shield on Your Back!

The riot shield is a great tool to use when defending the drills because it can protect you from aliens that attack you from behind if you keep the riot shield on your back. This becomes very useful when aliens are in all directions and you may get attacked from behind more often.

Place I.M.S. Near Or Around Alien Hives

The I.M.S. (intelligent munitions system) detects and destroys enemy aliens that go near it. Place them either near the alien hives when you are drilling or place them where large groups of aliens are.

Hypno Knife

If you scavenge around enough in Extinction, you may find a hypno knife. The hypno knife makes an alien an ally if you hit them with it. The alien will then attack other aliens which can help protect you and other players when destroying alien hives.


Electric Fences and Other Barriers to Defend Drills to Destroy Alien Hives

For those of you who played World at War Zombies, remember electric fences? Well, they are back and can be utilized to kill aliens and defend the drills. There are also gas traps and fire traps. Engineers can make traps last longer so if you want to make traps more effective, play as the engineer class.

Scavenging for Bouncing Betties and Semtex Grenades

In Extinction, players can find bouncing betties and semtex grenades. A well-placed bouncing betty will help protect the drills so you can destroy the alien hives. And semtex grenades are always useful because they can stick on to enemy aliens and explode.

These are just some basic tips for Extinction mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. This article will likely be updated in the future with other various tips etc.

What is your strategy for Extinction mode?


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