10 Call of Duty Heroes Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on April 14, 2016
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Call of Duty: Heroes is a real-time strategy game, but the gameplay mechanics is similar to that of Clash of Clans. And while the game won’t get 10/10 from some reviewers, CoD fans might find this a welcome change from the traditional run-and-gun mechanics.

Like most mobile strategy games, Heroes lets players build a base, train troops, upgrade buildings, raid enemy bases for oil and gold and fight human players in PvP battles. The game introduces some really innovative skills, something which hasn’t been introduced in any game before. You can use a chopper gunner or man a turret in first person perspective, launch an unmanned aerial vehicle, drop care packages for your soldiers or unleash drone strikes at a touch of a button.

Call of Duty: Heroes is easy to play if you are familiar with Clash of Clans style gameplay. If you are new to this genre or want to improve your game, follow these basic tips and strategies:

1. Use a Hero’s Area Damage Skills to Earn More Skill Points

Skill points have an energy symbol. Total points are shown on the right side of the screen and the number of skill points for each skill is shown below the special skill symbol.

To earn quick points, use a hero’s special area damage skills, such as drone missiles, EMP Artillery and Chopper Gunner. They can be used to destroy enemy buildings in PvP battles to earn extra points.

2. Tips to Make the Most of Your Heroes

  • Since you can control your hero anytime during battle, make sure you use him to destroy buildings located in the outer vicinity of the enemy base. Tap and drag a hero to move him. Hit the unprotected buildings first and then use his special skills to destroy the buildings inside the base. (Make sure you have enough skill points to use hero skills).
  • Unlock heroes by upgrading the Command Center. You can deploy only one hero during the entire battle, so choose the one you would think would be effective against all enemies.
  • Each hero has its own special skills. Just tap on “Heroes” (located on the bottom-left corner of the game screen) and tap on a hero’s profile to find out stats and skills.
  • You can upgrade hero skills by tapping on a skill and pressing the upgrade button.
  • For a quick level-up, upgrade your command center to level 6.

3. Fortify Your Base: Build Some Defenses

Your base’s shield prevents enemy attacks on your base for a limited time. You will immediately lose your shield if you join a PvP battle mode. Normally a base is shielded for a day or two. You can buy additional shields by tapping on the plus icon sign beside the Shield icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

If you don’t want to buy then prepare for battle. Thankfully, there are some good defenses that will keep your enemies at bay. To build one, head straight to the Build menu > Defenses and place structures in and around your base. This table will give more information about basic defenses:

What Does It Do
Sentry Gun
Ground and Air
Medium ranged automatic gun
Eliminates troops and land units
Guardian Turret
Long range microwave emitter
Damages ground targets and slows down enemy movement as well as attack rate
Long range
Splash Damage
SAM Turret
Medium/Long Range
Splash Damage
Laser Turret
Splash Damage

4. Correct Turret Placement is Crucial Part of Your Base Defense Strategy

Everybody has his own base defense strategy. Proper turret and mine placement depends on a player’s base layout. However, keeping long range air and ground defenses inside the base and around key buildings can be a good idea.

Keep a few turrets on the outer side of your base to slow down enemy movement and place the rest inside the base. Place all defenses, including bouncing betties and anti-tank mines to fortify your base. Later stages will have both air and ground attack so place a mix of both land air defenses.

To know the exact range of a turret, tap on it. You will see a green circle around the turret. This will give you a good idea of its range and place it around key buildings. You can also move your defenses anytime by tapping and dragging your finger to the area you want to place them.

5. Upgrade Structures to Create a Stronger Base

In most Clash of Clans-like games, upgrading buildings allows players to unlock resources, make buildings and units more powerful and create extra space for army deployment. Upgrade rules applies to Call of Duty: Heroes as well and you will need to level-up units and buildings frequently to keep pace with your rivals. This table provides a handy reference guide for each unit and building upgrade:

Building Name
Upgrade Benefits
Deployment Yard
Increases soldier capacity by 5 or more and increases health points
Training Compound
Increases health points and unlocks additional troops
Command Center
Unlocks new resources and buildings. Increases resource capacity and health points
Sentry Gun and other defenses
attack damage and health points
Oil pumps and gold miner
Increases production speed and health points
Gold and oil depot
Increases storage capacity and health points
Ballistics Lab
Increases health points

6. Make the Most of Barricades and Mines

  • Those tiny looking mines can inflict serious damage to enemies if you upgrade them.
  • Mines are hidden from enemy sight, so make sure to place them around the outer area of your base. Anti-tank mines are triggered by mechanized ground units and ant-air mines are triggered by nearby enemy air units.
  • Barriers can be quite effective against human troops as they slow down movement. The best strategy is to place turrets close to barricaded buildings. Soldiers will be busy destroying barricades and this will give turrets plenty of time to eliminate them one by one. You can also barricade your entire base inside as well as outside to further slow down troop movement.
  • Heroes (and maybe snipers) don’t need to destroy barriers first, so a barricade protection would be futile as a hero would get easy access to enemy buildings.
  • To move barriers, select a wall and drag it through other walls. The selected barriers will be highlighted in blue. You can now move multiple walls as a group.
  • Upgrade your barriers if you want a stronger base. Upgrading increases a barrier’s health points and makes it difficult for enemies to infiltrate.

7. Unlock a New Mission by Earning at Least One Star

In every campaign mission, you will have to fulfill three conditions to earn 3 stars. You will need to fulfill at least one condition to emerge victorious. The first condition is to destroy 50 percent of the resources. To earn a second star, destroy the command center and the third condition is to demolish all buildings to get a third star.

The trick is to destroy most of buildings placed in the outskirts of the enemy base to fulfill the first condition. You can then go for the second and third condition. Even if you lose, you will earn a small amount of resources, but win that mission and unlock another mission. You can play that mission again with when you have stronger troops.

8. Find out What a Soldier’s Primary Target Is Before Deploying Human Troops

Each soldier’s primary target is different from the other. Juggernauts can easily take out turrets whereas a sniper’s primary target is oil depots, oil pumps, gold miner and other resource-generating buildings. This table will help you find each soldier’s targets, their strengths and weaknesses and deployment occupancy:

Soldier Type
Primary Target/Strength Primary Target/Strength
Deployment Occupancy
Any (Deploy in large numbers)
) Mines. Turrets can easily eliminate them
Can be effective against turrets
Resource-generating buildings
Turrets and other defenses
Special Ops
Can Destroy Walls (Also effective against ground and air units)
RPG Trooper
Any (Ground and Air)

While training troops, keep an eye on “Unit Capacity”. The deployment occupancy section shows the space a soldier will occupy. Before deploying human troops and other units, select a mission and study the enemy base layout.

Once you get an idea about a particular enemy base layout, including the barricades placed, defenses, the buildings in the outer vicinity and the inner part of the base, press the Return button (single-player missions), (you don’t lose a mission if you retreat) select those soldiers you would really need to break into the enemy base and then go out for an all out attack. Don’t forget to take your hero along with all units.

9. Skill Points Can Be Earned Only in PvP Battles

In Call of Duty: Heroes, a player can earn skill points by demolishing enemy structures, but only when he is in Player vs. Player battle. Destroying mines and barriers won’t earn you any skill points. The points earned in PvP battles can be used to upgrade and activate special hero skills. For example: Price’s Chopper Gunner can be used in battle when you have enough skill points earned from destroyed enemy structures.

10. Build More Than One Gold Miner to Increase Production

You will need gold to build an oil depot, oil pumps and military structures and train soldiers. Build a Gold Miner to produce gold and a depot to store your gold reserves. Build more than one Miner to speed up gold production.

You may also need to upgrade both miner and depot to boost production and increase storage capacity respectively. Upgrading a Miner will increase capacity, production per hour and health points. Upgrading a gold depot increases capacity and health points.

You can also earn gold by raiding enemy stronghold and destroying buildings. Additional resources can be earned by paying PvP battles. Upgrading both depot and miner requires oil.

Additional Tips and Tricks

  • Keep an eye on daily rewards. Tap on the gift box button on the top-right corner of the screen. Next, tap on Collect beside each reward. You will receive gold, oil, free celerium and player experience points. Each day your rewards increase by a certain percentage. For example, if you log-in the second day of play, you get 10% more rewards than what you received in day 1; 30 % more on the third day and so on.
  • Level up your player profile (located at the top-left corner of the screen) by earning Player Exp points. Earn player experience points by constructing and upgrading buildings and playing Player vs. Player battles.
  • Your command center and resource-generating buildings must be barricaded with walls. You can keep deployment yards outside the barricades to free up space.
  • You can also assign your hero to defend your base. To do this, you will need a Heroes’ Post. Upgrade your command center to level 4 to unlock the Heroes’ Post.
  • Most defenses require oil, and one of the best ways to get oil is to build a couple of oil pumps and a depot. Upgrade them to increase production and capacity. You will need gold to build them.
  • Completing single-player missions earn you plenty of gold and oil. Replay missions to earn resources, which can be used to build and strengthen your base.

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