CoD WW2: Darkest Shore Zombies High Round U-Boat Pens Strategy

Updated on February 6, 2018

Darkest Shore Nazi Zombies

The Darkest Shore is not a small Nazi Zombie level, but it's not all that large either, particularly when compared to the older Call of Duty Black Ops zombie levels. There's a combination of indoor and outdoor areas. You'll spawn on a beach after a cutscene plays showing the four main characters riding a boat. They witness the deaths of the people on boats in front of them. Afterwards, a large horde of the undead rise from the water slowly and ominously.

The first wave (or round) does not start until after you destroy the initial group of the undead. Choose to eliminate the zombies with the weapons you spawn with or use the mounted machine guns on the beach. There's a mounted machine gun on both the east and west side. The machine guns will annihilate the zombies, but unfortunately, the weapons will become ineffective in the higher rounds. You'll get a trophy or achievement if you take out the horde of enemies without the aid of the machine guns.

This guide will explain a strategy, along with some tips to make it to a higher round. Call of Duty WW2: Nazi Zombies refers to the rounds as "waves," but this article will use the word "round," as many players are more familiar with that term from previous levels from the Black Ops series.

Darkest Shore Strategy

Your main objectives should be to turn on the two power switches, unlock the weapon upgrade station, purchase perks, and build and upgrade the ripsaw wonder weapon. Additionally, acquiring the Jack in the Boxes out of the random mystery box will be useful. The Jack in the Boxes is essentially a bomb that after thrown distracts the zombies, then explodes. It's similar to the monkey bombs from the Black Ops series. Unfortunately, you can no longer get twice the amount of Jack in the Boxes with the mod that gives you more grenades. The game must have been updated.

You can view my other guides on how to upgrade weapons and acquire the ripsaw if you don't know how.

The Fog Zombie Boss

Just like the Final Reich map, the "Wustlings" will spawn on the Darkest Shore. They are the slow moving special zombies that attack you with a spiked-club. But now you'll have to deal with another enemy as well. Eventually, a deep fog (or mist) will cover the entire map, clouding your field of vision, making it extremely difficult to see. The fog zombie is agile, fast, and can kill you with a few hits, even less if you don't have armor equipped. Keep your distance from it by sprinting. Try and avoid bumping into walls or other objects when there is fog.

U-Boat Pens High Round Strategy

Past the power switch is the U-Boat Pens. It's a large room that contains a large boat with propellers on the back that can be activated as a trap to destroy zombies. The room is an excellent location for creating zombie trains and creating distance between enemies to avoid sustaining damage.

There's a Thompson M1928 on a pillar in the back. You can keep running around the room and purchasing ammo for it when you're low. Additionally, there's an armor vendor right outside the entrance of the U-Boat Pens. Convenient, right?

Although the U-Boat Pen area is a great area to run zombie trains, it works best when you're either on solo or your teammates are in other areas of The Darkest Shore. It may be too dangerous for all the players to stay in one location, especially on the higher rounds. Ideally, the other players should stay in other areas of the level to distribute the spawning of enemies.

Tips for the Darkest Shore

Before trying to survive in the U-Boat Pens area for a prolonged period of time; you might want to do the following:

  • Build the ripsaw at the work bench by finding the sawblade and sawhandle.
  • Use the Pack Mule mod to carry an extra weapon.
  • Use the grenadier mod to carry double the amount of grenades. Grenades are much more powerful than the grenades featured in Treyarch games.
  • Use the mystery box until you receive the Jack in the Boxes.
  • Unlock the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade station by finding the 3 batteries in the minecart tunnels, then place the batteries in the console to open up the elevator shaft.
  • Try and get the MG42 out of the mystery box because it's effective for killing the Wustling spiked-club zombies.
  • Buy the perk that increases weapon damage and the perk that gives you infinite sprint.

Just like the Final Reich, you'll get a max ammo for eliminating all the special zombie types. It occurs every 5 rounds (5,10, 15 etc.)

The challenge of trying to survive in the U-Boat Pens is dealing the with Wustling spiked-club zombies. They can get in the way when you're running zombie trains. The best way to deal with them is to sprint away from them or shoot them with a light machine gun like the MG42. The MG42 has an extremely high rate of fire when it's upgraded.

You can activate the camouflage ability or throw Jack in the Boxes if you're about to die or need to purchase more armor. Also, you can activate the trap in the U-Boat Pens periodically.

Note, there's a minecart in the U-Boat pens. Use it to escape to another area of the map if things become too chaotic. If you have any strategies or tips to survive longer on The Darkest Shore, feel free to leave a comment below.


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