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Final Reich High Round Strategy Training Spot: "Call of Duty: WWII" Zombies

Read on to learn an effective high round strategy for The Final Reich.

Read on to learn an effective high round strategy for The Final Reich.

High Round Strategy for The Final Reich in COD: WWII Zombies

The Final Reich is a Nazi Zombies map in Call of Duty: WWII. Half of the map takes place outdoors and the other half is inside the bunker. Not only do regular zombies attack you, but there are stronger zombie variants that have more health. Eventually, a dangerous enemy that carries a flamethrower will spawn in higher rounds.

This article will explain how to make it to a high round, mainly using the SVT-40 semi-automatic weapon.

Where Is the SVT-40?

The SVT-40 can be bought off the wall. It's located in the center of the map in the courtyard area. It's past the generator. The weapon is not that powerful initially, but it deals much more damage when you upgrade it.

Before you start a Nazi Zombies game, equip the special ability that allows you to shoot infinite ammo for a temporary period of time. It's essential for the training spot strategy to work effectively. Additionally, use the mod called "mule kick." It allows you to carry three weapons instead of two! In Black Ops Zombies, mule kick was a perk that you could lose, but it's permanent in this game!

When you spawn, save ammo by killing enemies with the shovel. The heavy attack does a special animation, but it's slower and risky to utilize. Open the gate to the courtyard. Once you have enough points, purchase the SVT-40 rifle.

The Strategy

Your main objective should be to purchase perks, armor, and weapons. Buy quick revive (Lebenblitz). Quick revive allows you to revive yourself if you go down on solo. In coop mode, it decreases the time it takes to revive an injured player on the ground.

Unlock the bunker area by powering up the generator using the three valves, then head down into the sewers and activate the other generator. If you have enough jolt points, purchase the perk that increases your speed and grants infinite sprint. It's called Laufenblitz. The perk will be invaluable when I explain the main strategy later on in this article.

Make enough points inside the bunker command center until you have enough to open the doors to other areas of the map. The commander center is actually a great training spot area. There's a lot of room to circle the room using the staircases. Wait until there's a large group of zombies behind you, then turn around and shoot them. There's an M1 Garand weapon in the corner.

To open up the salt mines, turn the two switches. One is located in the laboratory and the other is in the morgue. At this point, you should focus on making enough points to upgrade weapons.

You must go through all the disposal tubes and press the buttons in the sewers to unlock the Pack-A-Punch weapon upgrade station. Upgrade the SVT-40 rifle, as you'll need it for the strategy.

Training Spot to Survive to High Rounds

Note that this strategy works best on solo or with two players. Once you have upgraded weapons, particularly the SVT-40, return to the courtyard area where the pilot light trap is. Wait until the majority of the zombies are behind you by running in a circle, then run past spawn until you are in the pub area next to the Kugelblitz perk. Kugelblitz increases weapon damage. Stand next to the ledge and shoot all the enemies behind you for a few seconds, then drop off the ledge. Go through the following streets until you return to the SVT-40 weapon. You can continuously buy upgraded ammo for it whenever you need it.

Return to the courtyard area and activate the trap to blow up the zombies. The trap is very powerful and it can be used as long as you have the points. Basically, this strategy involves running a big circle around the outside area of the map. Simply keep buying enhanced ammo for the SVT-40, using the trap, and shooting zombies periodically when they are lined up behind you.

The best area to use your special infinite ammo ability is by the kugelblitz perk in the pub because zombies can't attack from behind because of the ledge. Also, the Tesla gun can eliminate multiple zombies in one shot. Don't waste ammo shooting a single isolated enemy because the Tesla gun does not carry much ammunition.


Flamethrower Enemies in Nazi Zombies

As you progress to the higher rounds, you'll encounter flamethrower enemies. They move rather quickly and deal high damage. Keep your distance or you'll lose your health and armor. Make sure you have the Laufenblitz perk because it increases your speed and enables your character to sprint forever. That perk is indispensable to avoid being burned alive by the flamethrower zombies.

Sprint away from the flamethrower zombie until you're a safe distance and use the infinite ammo ability. Alternatively, use the Tesla gun and upgraded weapons like the MG42 light machine gun or any fully automatic weapon.

The Chargers

Sometimes slow-moving zombies will appear that charge at you when they are provoked by a player (like shooting them or standing near them). They have much more health and will damage your health more than regular enemies. Additionally, using the ability that makes you invisible to zombies will not work against them, as they will still be hostile towards you. Sometimes it's better to ignore them and kill them in between rounds when all other zombies are dead. I have not confirmed this yet, but I don't think instant kill works against them.

Round 50?

You should be able to make it close to round 50+ in The Final Reich as long as you have enough points to purchase the SVT-40 enhanced ammo for 4000 points. Make sure to pick up any nuke power-ups or max ammos. Just keep running in a circular path (in the same direction) around the level to allow zombies to follow behind. Activate the trap in the center of the courtyard periodically. Good luck!

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Husky716 on July 25, 2018:

its best to lure them to the morgue then to go on the dock and shoot down on them