"Call of Duty WWII": Operation Griffin Defense Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on December 13, 2018

There are a few tips and tricks you should employ when playing defense in Operation Griffin that will allow you to succeed and emerge victorious. I will cover these tips below in relation to each objective. If you have any questions please comment below.

Objective 1: Stop the Tanks From Moving Forward

The first objective, which requires defending the tanks while they're advancing, is arguably one of the toughest to successfully accomplish. While it is difficult, it is not impossible. On the first attempt, two players should go to each of the locations. One player should provide cover fire while the other player builds all of the barricades. If these barricades do not get built, I can pretty much guarantee that a team will not be able to provide adequate defense to accomplish this objective.

Once all the barricades have been built, one player should be at Tank A and one player should be at Tank C while the rest of the players provide coverage on Tank B. Players from Tanks A or C should go back and forth to the other two objectives to assist the team. Tank B will have to be the main focus because it is typically the tank that makes it across faster than any of the other tanks.

Each player on defense should be using grenades. Grenades can be extremely beneficial if multiple people are throwing them at a tank that has a group of players behind it. If you can land two grenades on the right location or target, then there is a good chance that you will end up killing all of the players that are around that tank.

I'm also a fan of using sniper rifles on Tanks A and C in this objective. You can typically defend fairly well when using a sniper rifle, while the rest of your team uses automatic weapons and rotates between each tank to provide assistance.

Objective 2: Protect the Fuel

In this objective your mission is to protect your fuel supply from the enemy. The enemy team will attempt to steal fuel three times to refill their tank. There are two places that the opposing team can steal from. One location is in a barn and one of the locations is outside. Each location has two primary ways for the enemy to get into the fuel area. In the barn, you can fully secure the location by building up both sets of doors, but be careful not to board up your team's entry way while building. At the outside location you can board up one entry way, although if the enemy comes in through the street entrance they can make it in without taking the additional time needed to blow up a wall.

When you are protecting the fuel supply, there should be a couple of players stationed at each location and a couple of players floating back and forth between the two locations. Close range weapons will work best in this objective and I would suggest staying away from sniper rifles if you want to successfully help your team.

All players should continue using grenades in this objective. It is easy to get random kills with grenades if you throw them into your enemies' paths.

Building barriers to prevent the enemy from getting to each of the fuel supplies is also extremely important. Doing so will increase the amount of time that it takes the enemy to get into the fuel stations.

Objective 3: Prevent the Tanks From Moving Forward

The last objective (which is arguably the easiest to accomplish) is to prevent the tank from moving forward. Enemy players will need to stand behind each tank as they attempt to progress beyond checkpoints that are placed roughly every 25 feet.

Grenades are very important tools to use in this objective because they enable players to easily take out multiple enemies at once.

Having a couple of snipers can also be beneficial because they will prevent anyone from getting inside the turret and they'll kill enemy players that are running up to the tank from wherever they spawn.

If you are going to be running up to the tank, I personally suggest using a shotgun with incendiary rounds to effectively clear out the enemies that are standing behind the tank.


In my opinion, this is one of the better war maps in the game. Having the right teammates can help, but more importantly, one can have fun playing in this map with whichever weapon they prefer to use.

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