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Must-Know Tips and Tricks for "Call of Duty: WWII" War Online

Improve your chances of success in War Online mode with these useful tips.

Improve your chances of success in War Online mode with these useful tips.

How to Get Better at War Online Mode in Call of Duty: WWII

In this guide, I will explain some tips and strategies for playing the game mode War Online in Call of Duty: WWII.

War Online is an objective-based game mode where you play on one of two teams.

  • The offensive team has a set of objectives they must complete within a specific time frame in order to win the game.
  • If you are on the defensive team, you will have to defend your ground while the attackers are trying to complete their objectives.

At the end of the first game, each team will switch roles, and if you started out on the defending team, you will now be on the offensive side. This guide will cover weapons, load-outs, and the mode's different maps.

War Online is a great game mode to play if you're trying to rank up quickly, and it adds a new twist to a game that has not had many changes made to it over the last few years when it comes to game modes.

Load-Out Must-Haves

This is one of the most important aspects of playing the War Online game mode. While you can use any weapon to get kills, certain weapons make a lot more sense to use while playing in this game mode.

Sniper Rifle

Even if you are a beginner with regard to using a sniper rifle, having one in this game mode is basically a requirement for effectively completing certain maps and objectives.

Having a sniper rifle while playing on defense can enable players to do a fairly good job of holding off an attacking team on certain maps.

One example of this is Operation Neptune: If you are holding the beach, then you'll be able to get sniper kills while players are still in the water. Doing this can successfully hold an enemy team back.


Shotguns can play an extremely important role in War Online. If you are capturing the objective or defending the objective in Operation Breakout, having a shotgun inside that first small house can easily help you increase the number of kills you make.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are arguably one of the most important things that you can carry. In almost every game you play, there will be at least one sniper to worry about, so you should use a smoke grenade to give yourself cover. This significantly increases your chances of surviving and completing your objective.

If you are building the bridge in Operation Breakout, there is no way that you will be able to make significant progress in your endeavor because of the different vantage points that will expose you to sniper rifle shots. However, by placing a smoke grenade in front of the bridge, you will force the snipers to start guessing at your location since they won't be able to see you.

Primed Perk

Using primed as your perk will allow you to take two primary weapons into battle. Personally, my setup includes the Kar98K sniper rifle and a combat shotgun. This allows me to have two weapons no matter what stage of the game I'm currently playing in.


Whichever division you choose to use is solely impacted by the type of weapons you have selected. Each division will provide different perks that can help you in the game. Personally, I typically use the infantry division for the additional weapon attachment.

Kill-to-Death (K/D) Ratio/Score Streaks

The K/D ratio has been disabled for the War Online game mode. With that said, simply sitting back and going for kills is fairly useless in this game mode and doing so will not help you gain points while playing the game.

Score streaks have also been disabled for War Online. While playing in this game mode, a flame-thrower from the offensive team may occasionally drop, but all other kill streaks have been disabled.

Play Style

When playing War, it makes the most sense to play with the intention of accomplishing the objective. When you play each game, you should be focused on completing the objective and helping the team in the ways that make the most sense. A player should be focused on building the defense and/or destroying objects that may be blocking the path.

The Tank Turret

The tank turret is a good place to get easy kills. At the same time, from the moment you enter that turret, you will be a target to any sniper and any other players that are close by.

This position can have its ups and downs. I have been in the turret and gone on a 10-kill streak while defending the tank, and I have died five times in a row without allowing a kill to get into the turret. This all depends on whether the other team has multiple snipers, and other factors can also have an impact on results.

Working Together

Even if some players don't have microphones, that does not mean you cannot work together.

If you see your teammate charging the main entrance to a room, simultaneously using one of the multiple other entrances can often allow you to sneak in with no issues because most opposing players will be focused on that first-person heading towards the main door. The same goes for a tank escort.

If your teammate is escorting the tank from behind, you should be focused on clearing any debris from the road and making sure that the enemy cannot easily walk behind the tank to kill your teammate.

This game mode heavily requires that all players support their teammates.

Don't Just Go for Kills

Overall, War Online is a fun game mode that allows you to rank up fairly quickly if you play correctly. If you merely sit back and go for kills, you will not earn as many points as the players who are trying to accomplish the objective.

Although if you play as a team and focus on the objective at hand, there is a good chance you will be able to easily defeat the other team.

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