"Counter Strike Global Offensive" Rifler Guide

Updated on August 14, 2016

What is 'Rifling'?

"Rifling" in Global Offensive: Counter Strike is a term used to define the role of some of the best professionals that the game has to offer. It means someone with expert marksmanship and cat-like reflexes. To perfect the role, one must acquire the necessary skills with both Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist rifle weaponry.

Since each side has its own repertoire of rifles, it's important to practice your aim in casuals before heading into the matchmaking arena. Rifling has been around since Counter Strike's pre-beta days over a decade ago.

In more modern days, players who choose to be riflers can choose between the Terrorist's AK47 and Galil and the Counter-Terrorist's M4 (unsilenced and silenced) and the Famas. We will take a look at what each weapon has to offer and how you can utilize your skills to become a legend in matchmaking.

1. The AK47


The favored weapon of choice when it comes to rifling is also one of the more difficult weapons in its class to master. Becoming talented with the AK47 requires the most practice and patience when aiming. It's recoil is above and beyond any of the other rifles of its nature so it makes hitting your target not an easy task.

Although its recoil is outrageous in comparison to CT's other rifle selections, it still packs the biggest punch out of all these weapons. Its armor-piercing bullets and powerful impact make for an easy kill if you can land a well-placed shot on your foe.

Kills helmet wearers in one hit
Less accurate than CT counterparts
High damage output
Very high recoil
Fast reload
Loss of accuracy in longer bursts
High first-shot accuracy
Slower firing rate than the M4A1
High skill gap
Less mobility
Cheaper than CT counter parts
Can only be bought by Terrorists
Effective at all ranges
Loud firing sound, easy to reveal position
No side-to-side sway in first 8 shots
Sometimes inconsistent

2. Galil


The Galil is one of the rifles that you can purchase on the Terrorist side when you're facing economic turmoil, or if you're having no luck with the AK47. There are some people who actually prefer the Galil over the AK due to the increase in magazine size and decrease in cost. However, the Galil does a lot less damage in comparison to the AK.

There are definitely some people who think that the Galil is one of the stronger weapons in the game as far as rifles go. However, the obvious choice should be the AK47 if you're looking to get the most out of your rifling experience and statistics.

Largest magazine capacity
Less accurate than the AK & M4
Lower damage than the AK
Cheapest rifle on Terrorist side
Loses accuracy in longer bursts
Moderate accuracy
High recoil
High rate of fire
Low movement speed
Decent penetration
Lower recoil than the AK47

3. The Famas


The Famas is one of the most reliable weapons in Global Offensive. It comes equipped with all the stats that a rifler would need. Although it is lacking somewhat in damage it does have a higher magazine than the silenced version of the M4.

The Famas has been one of the more popular choices for the Counter Terrorist side because of its cheap price in comparison to the expensive unsilenced version of the M4. People who use the Famas enjoy its powerful accuracy and spray. Its recoil is a bit overwhelming at first but you can get the hang of it almost immediately after picking one up.

3-round burst capability
Slightly weaker than the AUG
Cheapest CT rifle
Low accuracy if fired in automatic
Very accurate at long range in burst
Low rate of fire if in burst mode
Highest fire rate in CSGO
Smaller mag than the unsilenced M4
Larger mag than the silenced M4
Long reload time

4. M4A1 Carbine (Silenced)


This weapon is the preferred rifle for a lot of players in Global Offensive. Not only does it cost less than its brother rifles, it also comes equipped with a silencer which can be extremely advantageous on various maps.

At first it was the European professionals who decided to trade out the unsilenced M4 for this silenced and inexpensive version. It didn't take long for the North American and South American professional teams to follow the same path. However, in recent years it's becoming more apparent that the small clip size (20 rounds) compared to it's brother's 30 round clip can be vital as well.

Fairly high damage per round
Lower damage per shot than the AK
Excellent at close to medium range
$200 more than the AK47
Accurate if shot in bursts
Not very accurate in long bursts
Silencer adds perfect stealth
Counter Terrorist exclusive weapon
Higher fire rate than the AK
Good mobility
Low recoil and accurate

5. M4A4 Carbine


The M4A4 carbine is a rifler's dream come true. This was before the silenced version of the rifle was released into Global Offensive. A lot of players fondly remember the M4A4 for its clip size and its damage output in comparison to the weaker and small mag sized M4A1-S.

The bullet penetration is well above any of the other rifles on the Counter Terrorism side. However, its important to remember that dueling an AK47 player who is precise with his aim is dangerous, considering that it has less damage overall in comparison to the AK.

Overall both rifles, the silenced version and this version, are great rifles to become experts with. They have less recoil than the Terrorist rifles but they pack a smaller punch. If you find yourself in longer gun battles and running out of rounds in your clip early, switch over to the M4A4.

Larger magazine than the silenced M4
Costs more than the silenced M4
Larger amount of starting ammo then M4
No silencer
High rate of fire
Less damage than the AK47
Larger than average clip size
Less accurate in larger bursts
Good mobility

Important Warm-Up Exercises

  • Go into a deathmatch and try to finish one or two games with each of the rifles you want to practice with. So for example, do one entire game for the AK, one entire game for the M4A4, and then you can go into competitive matchmaking to try your luck.
  • Make sure you always practice the back-up rifles, no matter what, before heading into the matchmaking system. This will at least give you a backup plan if you start to fail or become inconsistent. Even though you think the Galil and Famas are trash, you should be able to use them if stressed economically.
  • Play with the intention to win, but no matter what, don't forget that you're playing a game which is also intended to have fun. If you start to notice a negative trend in your game play or attitude, address it or switch to another activity.
  • When you play as a rifler, you must always be capable of holding down one of the bombsites if you're playing as CT. If you're playing as a Terrorist, you should be capable of making clean entries into the bombsites and defending the bomb planter. These two ingredients, if consistently applied, can create a monster rifle player.

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