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"Destiny 2" Guide: How to Get Glimmer

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I'm just a normal person going through life, writing some articles as I find the time to.

A chest filled with glowing blue cubes known as glimmer.

A chest filled with glowing blue cubes known as glimmer.

Most Activities Give Glimmer

You may or may not have noticed that almost everything gives glimmer. It took me a couple weeks to notice that I was getting it for just about everything, but it was in such small amounts that I wasn't reaching the cap. I didn't know what I was doing, I still don't in many ways, but I did learn how to get some glimmer and now I barely struggle to stay near cap.

  • Kill enemies: This gives very small amounts, but if you aren't in a rush, this is good.
  • Dismantling some items: Again, small amounts, not very beneficial.
  • Chests: This is my original main way. They give 400, but if you collect too many, that goes down fast.
  • Lost sectors: Similar to chests, but you can only collect 5 to get the 1800 they hand out.
  • Playlists: PVP, PVE, PVPVE, you get some from the kills and some for completing the activities.
  • Spider bounties: These can be good if you like to kill.
  • Spider resource exchange: This is the best way, you can get 10k from him very quickly if you have the materials already.
  • Season pass: The free tier has less than the paid tier, but both offer some glimmer.
big robot npc named Spider sitting on his throne with his arms over his belly

big robot npc named Spider sitting on his throne with his arms over his belly

Spider Is Your Main Source of Glimmer

Between Spider's bounties and the resource exchange, you'll get a lot of glimmer out of this man. Every day he offers glimmer in exchange for a planetary resource, so stick a resource scanner on your ghost and get collecting as many as you can find. Once you have 20 of the ones he wants that day, exchange them for the glimmer.

Sometimes he offers the same resource for legendary shards, so if you're full on those or don't want to spend them on anything else, you can basically convert them into glimmer this way. Sometimes he can also offer glimmer for legendary shards, which is an even clearer cut version of the exchange.

Exchanging materials for glimmer will be the bulk of your daily glimmer intake, or at least it's the simplest way, especially if you gather the materials as often as you can and gain a bulk inventory of them to trade later.

This should be the first place you check when you log on if your goal is to make glimmer fast. You can pick up some of his bounties if you want or go to the planet for the material he wants, or whatever else you want to do after, but don't miss out on glimmer if you have a lot of a planet material to exchange.

Method 2 - Chests/Lost Sectors

If you decide to go to a planet to gather materials for Spider or just in general, you should be gathering chests you see for their glimmer. Doing the patrol quests usually brings you near some, and you run around past some material as well so that you can turn into Spider on days he wants that planet's materials.

If you don't like patrols, you can instead go into a lost sector and complete that. The chest will give more, but you have less tries before you start, you'll get diminishing returns on it. Once you kill the boss, open the chest, and get out ASAP. Once you leave and go back in, it should reset and you can do it again. Five times is the max before you start falling off on the glimmer and it's not worth the time.

Normal chests you can do a little longer, but you get less overall. Both are best done while gathering materials for Spider or do the lost sector for his bounties of the day for that boost as well.

Method 3 - Ghost Shell

This isn't really a method and more of a general tip. Ghosts have mods that can increase glimmer gains, allow you to detect chests or materials, and a lot more. You can even have one ghost that is specifically for running these kinds of things, a money ghost shell with the best combo of the glimmer, chests, and material for your needs.

I usually get the highest radar option for the material/chest combo and then the highest glimmer I can get, because I'm more of a gatherer and don't want to miss out on materials or chests. I've tried running separate chest and material options and it didn't really work for me. The combo just felt better, so play around with it if you don't like what you have!

I've been on my way to a material and then my ghost tells me it's there, and I've also almost completely walked past chests without seeing them before my ghost points them out to me. It's really a big benefit to have when you're seeking out those items even if you think you spot everything. Of course, if you find it's not a benefit, then don't use it and mod something else. I'm not the one playing, you are.

There is also an item called rainmaker, which makes glimmer shoot out in a shower/rainfall when you kill something with a precision hit, so if that happens a lot, I recommend turning that on before doing a lot of killing. It lasts four hours, so make sure you use it as best you can, or maybe it's not worth it because you don't play that long.


In summation, Spider is your best bet for gathering glimmer.

The exchange for materials and the bounties are way more glimmer than just running around and killing, and you can do both of those things while you are killing. Gather materials and go to his bounty locations on your death route. It helps me have a sense of direction and purpose when the game likes to distract me down a million miles or I have no idea what to do and log off.

Use your ghost shell to help you out, even if you have a separate one for your glimmer runs, having the chest, material, and glimmer boost mods can really help make the small glimmer from those sources a little better.

I hope this helps you reach the glimmer cap or buy whatever you need to buy.