Destiny: Rise of Iron - The Fourth Expansion

Updated on August 15, 2016

The Story

Lord Saladin, the last Iron Lord needs your help Guardian! The Fallen have stumbled upon an old quarantined area known as the Plaguelands (an area South of the Cosmodrome). The Iron Lords sealed this area off to contain one of the most dangerous things they had ever faced. Humans discovered self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology called SIVA during the Golden Age. Around the fall this technology turned against humanity and the Iron Lords sealed it away deep under the Cosmodrome. The Fallen House of Devils unearths this technology and are transformed by its power, turning them into machine gods. The Iron Lords died one by one fighting to contain SIVA until all that remained was Lord Saladin.

This technology, SIVA is changing the Fallen House of Devils into a new force to be reckoned with. Every Fallen House has splicers – “body hackers and bioengineers, these Splicers meld flesh and machine”. Now you are no longer fighting against a Fallen house that worships a machine god but is instead becoming machine gods!

The story will take you through a journey to bring back everything the Iron Lords stood for and to reestablish a new ranking of Iron Lords.

What are they adding:

There will be a new playable area called the Plaguelands (an area that was previously quarantined by the Iron Lords). This is where the campaign will take place. In the Plaguelands there will be a new social space called Felwinter’s Peak. You must scale the mountain, killing Fallen along the way and take back Felwinter’s Peak. In addition to Felwinter’s Peak and Plaguelands you will also explore The Wall (the place you first start the game at).

They are adding new cinematic cutscenes, new missions and questlines. Also, there will be new patrols and public events.

The Fallen House of Devils will be the enemy in this expansion but they will be changed (much like the Taken). They are changed so much that they are considered a new race.

New weapons, armor and gear. New three player strike and a revamp of the existing strikes much like what happened in The Taken King. Phogoth and Devil’s Lair are supposed to be “re-done” (what that fully means we don’t know yet).

New maps and modes for the Crucible.

New six player raid that hasn’t been covered hardly at all. Gameinformer did release a little information on this the other day. The raid will be much like the first raid, The Vault of Glass.

The Khvostov 7G-OX is an exotic now?!? There will be a new quest chain that you must follow (much like the Sleeper Simulant quest). You will pick up weapon parts around the Cosmodrome that you must turn in and start up a quest-line (if you have your original you can scrap it for a weapon part that can be turned in). The gun is fully customizable! It should be noted that they released information that once you complete the campaign the quest is unlocked. If you are not able to find a weapon part to start the chain before you finish the quest you can at least be sure that it will be available once you complete the campaign. Find the full article on this here.

The Gjallarhorn is back?!?!? And black (if you preorder the game)!!! It has been confirmed that you follow a quest to “reassemble” your Gjallarhorn and it is something that EVERYONE gets. Only people that preorder the game will get the black one though.

The two handed flame ax you see in the video though will be usable much like the sword in the original game or the scorch cannon.

There is talk about tokens that you receive for “heroic deeds” in the Plaguelands. They say that you must completed patrols, kill enemies, etc… to get the coins and it is “not too grindy”. They will sell 3 artifacts each week that you can but with the coins. More will be updated here as they release more information.

They are adding a “record book” that will show you what you are supposed to do next. Once you hit certain checkpoints in the book you receive rewards (shaders, guns, armor, etc…).

Shaders will affect class armor now.

You can select between a few different options when ranking up a faction. For example, you will have three options when you pick up the package and it will let you choose between a weapon, armor piece, or something else (this is still heavily rumored and not completely confirmed other than a Tweet from a developer).

Archon's Forge

New game mode that is being added. It is said that it is a mix of CoO and PoE. The encounters last about 5 minutes and they are in a horde like fashion (waves of enemies). The arena you fight in is supposed to be big (about the size of PoE). And it is co-op like PoE and CoO.

*More coming later*

What is changing:

For starters Destiny: Rise of Iron will be a “next gen” console game only. PS4 and Xbox One only. If you are on the Xbox 360 or PS3 you must upgrade your system before September 20th.

The next thing they are changing is artifacts. Not a whole lot has been said about it but it has been released that they are going to increase the impact artifacts have on your build. More to come!

New Light Level:

The light level has not been released yet but we know that they are raising it from its current 335 max.

What I hope to see:

I really hope that they bring us some kind of conclusion (or at least a continuation) of the Stranger. We saw her in the base game, she helped us defeat the true threat to the universe and then she disappeared after giving us an awesome weapon. I need some sort of resolution on this topic. I have read about 95% of the Grimoire cards and have seen all the lore behind her character and am only more intrigued by the character.

Also, I still think that the Queen is out there. I would like them to bring her back!! Long live the Queen!

FAQs so far:

  • We know that the wolves that you see in the video are not involved in the story. It was already confirmed that we will have no interaction with them.
  • The current infusion system will remain in place. The 1:1 ratio for infusing weapons and armor will not be changed.
  • No matchmaking for raids at this time.
  • Rise of Iron costs $29.99.
  • Rise of Iron does require that you have all three prior expansions before being able to play (in addition to only playing on PS4 or Xbox One).
  • In all the prior expansions the focus has been on fighting a certain enemy type (Fallen, Taken, Hive, etc…) but this expansion will centralize around you becoming an Iron Lord.
  • There are “fragments” that you collect in the game, similar to TTK.

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