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Die Glocke (The Bell) and Wonder Weapons in "Call of Duty: Zombies"

This is Die Rise, the map in the game and the facility where Die Glocke is thought to have been built. In this article, I will first give a brief summary of the Die Glock legend and then show its connections to the "Call of Duty" Nazi Zombie Story.

This is Die Rise, the map in the game and the facility where Die Glocke is thought to have been built. In this article, I will first give a brief summary of the Die Glock legend and then show its connections to the "Call of Duty" Nazi Zombie Story.

The Legend of Die Glock

Die Glock is an important element in the Nazi Zombie story that is often overlooked in most versions of the Nazi Zombie Story. There are entirely too many connections between the legend of Die Glock and the Zombie Story to think that they are not related.

The Legend of Die Glock is shrouded in mystery and the subject of many conspiracy theories. Much of the mystery is due to all the evidence being the account of only one man, Igor Witkowski, a Polish journalist and author. He claimed that in 1997 a Polish intelligence contact allowed him to view documents regarding Nazi Wonder Weapons (Wunderwaffe) but did not allow him to make any copies. He wrote about these transcripts, which included Die Glock, which is German for "The Bell." The Bell was a nickname given to this project due to its appearance, but I am getting ahead of myself. First, let's look at the origins of Die Glocke.

The Birth of Die Glock

When the project began in 1942, it was called Tor, or "gate." Later the project was split into two separate projects. The first was called Chronos (time), and the second was Laternentrager (lantern bearer). The device they were experimenting on was nicked named Die Glocke due to its resemblance to a large metal bell. It is thought to have been nine feet wide and 12 to 15 feet high.

Initial Experiments With Die Glock

The experiments with Die Glock took place near the Czech border in Poland, deep down in an underground facility called Die Riese (The Giant). Here, it is said that a purple mercury-like substance was filled into the two counter-rotating cylinders inside Die Glock. This mercury-like substance was given the code name 'Xerum 525'. In order for the experiments to function, the entire structure would be cryogenically cooled and fueled with high-voltage electricity.

The tests were thought to have taken place at 'The Henge', an outdoor structure near the Wenceslas mine in Polan. During the first tests, Die Glock emitted something that, according to legend, killed at least five scientists. Scientists that survived reported problems sleeping, a metallic taste in their mouth, and the feeling of 'pins and needles' on their skin.

Theories of Die Glock

There are many theories as to where Die Glock came from and what they were trying to do with it. Some believe it was reverse-engineered from a crashed alien craft. It has been claimed that the Germans were trying to use it for anti-gravity propulsion or to bend space and time in some way. One of the stranger claims was that putting a concave mirror on top while it was operating gave the ability to see images from the past. But, critics of Witkowski's claims have suggested that even if it did exist, it would have been created by German Scientists and used to enrich Uranium.

What Happened to Die Glock

In the end, it is suggested that all of the scientists that worked on this project either died from the device itself or were killed in order for the secret to not get out. Little is known of Die Glock after the fall of the Nazis. But there are several theories, including that it was moved to South America or that it was moved to the US as part of a deal made with SS General Kammler. However, the most interesting theory is the Kecksburg UFO incident.

On December 9th, 1965, there were reports by thousands of people of an object flying over several states and crash landing in Kecksburgh, PA. Local authorities described the object as being as big as a car and acorn (bell) shaped. Later the army arrived, cleared the area, and then denied any knowledge of the event.

It is important to remember that in 1965 a former Nazi scientist was heading up components of the US space program. That scientist has ties to research in Germany that could be associated with Die Glocke.

Die Glocke in Call of Duty

First, I will discuss the most obvious connections. Then I will piece in some of the loose connections. Finally, I will throw out some of my own theories.

Die Riese (The Giant)

The first Call of Duty Map to introduce teleporters is Die Riese. Die Riese is also the facility in which Die Glocke is thought to have been built or re-engineered. In COD the Die Riese map is the facility where zombies were being tested. It is also the facility where the first Wonder Weapon was created, the Wunderwaffe (German for Wonder Weapon). The first Wonder Weapon is actually called the Wunderwaffe DG-2. The DG in this title stands for Die Glocke.

Element 115

In Call of Duty, Element 115 is the substance that creates the Wonder Weapons and Zombies. It was found in a meteor and has a purple color to it. The liquid reported to be used in Die Glocke was a purple Mercury-like substance. Mercury is a liquid metal, which could be the same consistency as a melted-down meteor.

Kino der Toten

In Kino, there was a bell-shaped teleporter on the Stage. This facility was intended to be where Maxis would show the teleporter for the first time. The Bell shape of the Teleporter fits the shape of Die Glocke.


Verruckt is the second map in Call of Duty: Zombies. It takes place in a hospital that is thought to be an asylum. It would make sense that there would be a place to bring the scientists that were affected by Die Glocke; this is likely a take from that place.

Samantha Maxis

Ludvig Maxis has his daughter kill all of the members of Group 935 for betraying him. The members of Group 935 are the scientists that were experimenting at the Die Riese facility. This matches up with the Legend of Die Glocke that all the scientists that did not die from Die Glock were killed.

My Theories

  • The Moon - In order to get from the Moon, we must first teleport from Area 51. The timeline with these matches with the Kecksburgh UFO sighting. If Die Glocke crashed in PA, it would explain how the United States acquired the technology to teleport to the Moon.
  • Ascension - The "lifts" can be explained by the theories that Die Glocke could be used for anti-gravity propulsion.
  • Power - Die Glocke needed a lot of electricity in order to function. If the Perk-A-Cola Machines are using the same element as Die Glocke, then they would need a lot of electricity. This could be why there is so much focus on turning on the power.

Other Interesting Information

  • Another Wonder Weapon supposedly worked on by the Nazis was going to use sound waves. This could be the basis for the Subsurface Resonator.
  • The Paperclip Project could explain why the United States would have access to Die Glocke information.
  • Animals and plants were reported as being the test subject of Die Glocke and were reduced to a black goo.


jalinahmlin on September 29, 2019:

why is call of the dead a big map in call of duty black ops 4 and what is the easter egg in kino der toten in call of duty black ops 1

anon on September 20, 2019:

Sounds like the scientist were injecting large amounts of morphine, that would explain the pins and needles feeling and the metalic taste and problems sleeping.

Toasterz on June 03, 2017:

In the new Kino Der Toten Chronicles map, I heard Richtofen call the Thundergun the "DG3" when getting it it out of the mystery box. I believe that this might be the weapon that uses frequencies. This would explain why the front of the weapon looks like the face of an amp.

anthonyr89 on May 30, 2017:

Plus taking info from bad sources like Wikipedia does not help.. hah

anthonyr89 on May 30, 2017:

Except you mixed fiction with non-fiction too much here. Reise, was the actual German facility that housed POW's during ww2. DER Reise was the zombies map. Die Glock did NOT portray images nor was reported to, that is a load of shit you threw in to associate it with zombies. Yes, cod has a ton of German experiment exploitation in all maps, including the fact they tried reanimation, hence Nazi Zombies.

Tom Hahn on November 02, 2014:

One thing you left out is Viktor Schauberger and how his 1958 patent fits in. Was his generator made to run off mercury instead of water? And its original shape looked like a bell.

Johnd733 on May 10, 2014:

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