"Die Rise" Review: "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" – Zombies

Updated on June 5, 2019
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Outside of my day job as a human resource professional, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

Die Rise

Die Rise takes place in three sky scrappers.
Die Rise takes place in three sky scrappers. | Source

Die Rise is the newest addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops – Zombie Mode. It brings a lot of new challenges and some new weapons to meet those challenges. It is by far the most original map released in the zombies series.

Map Navigation

Navigating the map is difficult. Unlike most zombie maps, you can now fall to your doom very easily. You must jump between buildings and travel down elevator shafts. This can be very tricky when being chased by zombies. The slightest wrong move can turn your great game into a total disaster. In addition some areas of the maps are maze-like. You can easily get lost if you are not familiar with every twist and turn.

The Sliquifier

Watch the zombies fall in a pool of green goo.
Watch the zombies fall in a pool of green goo. | Source

New Wonder Weapon

Die Rise does not let us down with their new Wonder Weapon. It is called the Sliquifier, but is commonly referred to as the "Slippery Gun." It earns its nickname by making surfaces slippery. Zombies and players alike will slide around in the green goo it leaves in its path. This weapon allows you to slow the zombies down. It is also effective in killing zombies at close range. But be cautious, having a slippery area can slow you down also.

The Trampo Steam

You can build a Trampo Steam in Die Rise. This will allow you to jump further and can also send zombies to their doom. The Trampo Steam is a very important part of my 4 player strategy to achieve high rounds in Die Rise. This is more useful than any other item you can build in zombies. But like the Sliquifier you must be cautious. If you place your Trampo Steam in a bad spot it could be you that is sent flying to your doom.


You have the ability to get a free perk in Die Rise every 5 rounds. A new perk has been added, and several perks are not included. This map does not have Stamina-Up or Tombstone. As a replacement for Tombstone Who's-Who has been added. It allows you to revive yourself as a ghost.

Perks In Die Rise:

  • Who's Who
  • Jugger-Nog
  • Mule Kick
  • Speed Cola
  • Quick Revive
  • Double Tap

Note: PHD Flopper can be found in an elevator shaft, but it can not be accessed.

Weapons In Die Rise

Die Rise has an abundance of powerful Wall Weapons that can be purchased at a reasonable cost. The Mystery Box is available, but I would suggest using Wall Weapons until you start to reach the point where they lose their ability to be effective.

Wall Weapons In Die Rise

  • Galvaknuckles
  • Bowie Knife
  • SVU
  • AN-94
  • PDW
  • MP5
  • AK4u
  • M16
  • Semtex Grenades
  • Claymores

Special Weapons in The Mystery Box

  • Ray Gun Mark 2
  • Monkey Bombs
  • Ray Gun
  • The Sliquifier (after it has been built, equipped, and put back in the box)

Ability to Train

Running zombie trains have been a staple of the game since Keno Toten. This map allows for some decent areas for running trains. However, you must have some skill in running trains in order to be successful. Most training areas are small, have obstacles, or are on uneven ground. Compared to Transit, it lacks in training areas.


I will suggest this map to anyone that enjoys playing zombies. It is unlike the maps you have played before and brings endless possibilities for survival strategies. What it lacks in the ability to train in makes up for in areas to defend. The new weapons make it one of the most enjoyable maps that I have played. As a matter of fact, I am going to go play right now. Maybe I will see you in Die Rise.


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    • Shinzuu Katame profile image

      Shinzuu Katame 

      6 years ago from Maine, USA

      It's the easiest map in the game. I already made a full gameplay guide for this map. Come check it out sometime if you ever have issues getting to high rounds, and you're bored of Ghosts like I am.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love this map it's the only one I play and you actually have to play as a team in this game

    • profile image


      7 years ago


    • EdSaterstad profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward D. Saterstad 

      7 years ago from PA

      I like the change of pace. This is the first map that I will try to hold down an area - the trampoline makes this an actual option.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I think they should slow down, they are starting to make the zombie maps way more difficult then they need to be. But I guess people like something new. Oh well :D


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