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Die Rise Tips - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on August 1, 2016

Die Rise is different from the other maps in Black Ops 2, Zombies. Buildables such as the Trampo Steam and the Sliquifier make it a lot of fun to play. However, the Trampo Steam has also lead to some of the funnies deaths in Die Rise. These deaths are often the favorite segments of 1000 Zombie Deaths. This map can be very difficult to play, but your chance of survival in Die Rise increases if you are able to:

  • Travel efficiently
  • Utilize your Trampo Steam
  • Use the Siliquifier Properly
  • Get your Free Perk
  • Avoid Dangerous Areas


Travel: Jump, Drop, Elevators, and Trampo Steam

There are several areas in Die Rise that can be difficult to occupy mid-round. Utilize the several means of travel In order to decrease the chance of being caught in such an area. The main methods of travel are:

  • Walk
  • Jump and Drop
  • Elevators
  • Trampo Steam

There are three buildings in Die Rise. The Spawn Building is the building that you spawn into when the game starts. This building also contains the Trampo Steam Building Station. The Power Building is the building that contains the power switch. It is also the building that has a playable roof. The Upside Down Building is exactly as it sounds, it is turned upside down. This building also contains the AN-94 and is known for the large open room commonly referred to as the Buddha Room.

Each building has multiple floors. You can navigate the floors by walking. However, in order to travel to another level you will need to Jump, Drop, take an elevator, or use a Trampo Steam.

You Can Jump:

  • From the Roof of the Power Building to the bottom floor of the Spawn Building
  • From the bottom floor of the Upside Down Building (Buddha Room) to the second floor of the Power Building
  • From the bottom floor of the Spawn Building to the top floor of the Upside Down Building.

You can drop down to lower floors in various places. To find a drop area look for a break in the floor that leads to a solid structure on the floor below. There are two dangerous drops that can often lead to a player being 'downed'. The first is the slide from the bottom floor of the Spawn Building, which leads to the original box room. Do not take this slide directly after being hit by a Zombie. The second is the drop down the elevator shaft that leads to the AN-94. Drop down slowly, allow all the red to leave your screen before taking the next drop. On the final slide stay to the far left. Any other landing can result in the player being 'downed'.

There are three elevators in the Spawn Building and four elevators in the Power Building. You will need to ride on the top of the elevator since there are perks located in the elevators. You can use a key to call up an elevator, but it can only be used one time.

Finally, you can travel by using the Trampo Steam. This is often the quickest and most dangerous mode of transportation. The improper placement of the Trampo Steam and result in falling off the edge


Utilize your Trampo Steam

Building the Trampo Steam is often the focus at the start of a game. It is commonly referred to as The Trampoline during game play. As explained above the Trampo Steam can be used to travel, but it can also be used to defend and escape. During the creature rounds it is a staple in getting the free Perk. If you are new to Die Rise you should first learn how to build the Trampo Steam.

You can defend an area with the Trampo Steam by placing in a manner to disrupt Zombie Traffic. The most common way this is accomplished is by placing the device against a window, effectively blocking a zombie spawn location. It can also be put in front of the players as final barrier to the approaching zombies. In some cases this will block only one area of advancing zombies, see my video on the 4 Player Strategy for High Rounds on the Roof for an example. It can also be used to block the sole entry point as seen in my Die Rise Solo Strategy and my 4 Player Strategy for High Rounds in the Buddha Room. The draw back to using a Trampo Steam for defense is that it will incur a lot of damage and will need to be replaced often.

You can use your Trampo Steam to escape danger by placing it in an area that will not interfere with zombie traffic. If you encounter a dangerous situation you can run onto the Trampo Steam and launch yourself to a safe area. It is important to ensure that the device will not throw you over the side or into more serious danger.

The best defense against the creatures is to utilize the Trampo Steam. You can do this by:

  • Placing it in the middle of an open area and running around it
  • Standing behind it while in a corner
  • Building a protective wall with several Trampo Steams


The Sliquifier

The Sliquifier is often called the Slipper Gun, the Slip Gun, and the Goo Gun. This weapon can be very useful, but can also be destructive to you and your team. You can Build the Silquifier on the bottom floor of the Power Building. It is important to use this weapon properly.

Proper Use of the Sliquifier:

  • Make zombie entry points slippery. This will slow down the zombies.
  • Directly shoot a zombie for a one shot kill.
  • Gather a group of zombies and shoot one of them directly. It will be 'infected', explode, and 'infect' the other zombies.
  • Make an area slipper when it will aid in your ability to evade zombies.

Improper Use of the Sliquifier:

  • Make an elevator shaft entry point slipper. This can result in sliding to your death.
  • Make an area slippery when multiple players are in the area. This will cause the players to slide around and could result in them being trapped.
  • Just run around shooting it without regard to the area that will become slippery.

Get Your Free Perk

Creatures, called Jumping Jacks, will appear every 4 - 6 rounds. These creatures are fast and agile. They can be very dangerous. However, they will drop a Max-Ammo at the end of the round and can also give you a Free Perk. In order to get the Free Perk you will need to kill all of creatures without missing a single shot.

The best was to do get your Free Perk:

  • Use the Trampo Steam to kill the creatures
  • Use the GalvaKnuckles or Bowie Knife
  • Use Claymores
  • Do not fire a single shot

If you need to shoot let your team know so they can also shoot. If you go down but did not shoot you can still get the free perk. Your team can grab the perk Power-Up after you are revived or when you re-spawn.

Avoid Dangerous Areas

The following areas can be very dangerous in the middle of a heavy round. If you need to access these areas you should hold a zombie at the end of the round.

  • The 2 bottom floors of the Power Building
  • The Room with the Trampo Steam Building Station
  • The AN-94 Room after the couch is removed
  • Dead man corner
  • The original box location


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