Edward Richtofen, Character Profile - Call of Duty: Zombies

Updated on April 29, 2017
Richtofen in Origins.
Richtofen in Origins. | Source

Edward Richtofen is the most notorious character in Call of Duty, Zombies. He has more appearances, voice clips, and images than any other Character in the Game. However, he still manages to remain a mystery. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? What is his motives? Why did he want Ludvig and Samantha Maxis killed?

In this profile:

  • Biography of Edward Richtofen
  • The Richtofen Story
  • Maps Richtofen Appeared In
  • Other Items of Interest

Biography of Edward Richtofen

Name: Edward Richtofen

Alias: 'The Doctor', 'The Doc', 'The Butcher'

Profession: Interrigator/Scientist

Memberships: Worked for the Axis Power. A member of Group 935. Ties to the Illuminati.

Created: Wunderwaffe DG-2, Monkey Bombs, Hellhounds, the Quantum Entanglement Device, and perfected teleporting.

Family: Only known family is his mother and sister.

Edward Richtofen is a sociopath and masochist that has no moral compass. As an interrogator for the Axis he enjoyed listening to his victims scream in agony. He was known as the 'The Butcher' by many of his victims.

Richtofen showed signs of associated with sociopaths as a young kid. He tortured and killed animals, and tormented his sister. His mother shamed him for his actions against animals and masturbation, which could have led to his anger issues.

Despite his psychological issues he is a very gifted Scientist with an extremely high intellect. Due to his intellect and background he was recruited into Group 935. The Group was made up of various scientists from around the world, with the goal of improving the the human condition. He worked directly under the leader of Group 935, Dr. Ludvig Maxis.

Edward Richtofen has unknown ties to the Illuminati, a group that also is thought to want to improve the human condition. They are thought to be plotting to do so by controlling the world.

The Richtofen Story

Group 935

While working as an interrigator for the Axis, Richtofen was recruited to Group 935. He was under the impression that Group 935 was working towards improving the human condition. It is possible that he agreed to work with Group 935 in order to relay information to the Illuminati.

Richtofen was assigned to be the assistant to Dr. Ludvig Maxis, the leader of Group 935. Together they experimented with Die Glocke and Element 115. The experiments included teleportation, mind control, and special weapons (Wonder Weapons).

Maxis Betrays Group 935

Soon, Richtofen started to experiment with Dr. Schuster on Teleportation. They successfully teleported a walnut. But when Richtofen discussed this success with Maxis, he did not heed the results he expected. Maxis was angry that Richtofen was experimenting with the Teleporter and instead wanted him to continue working on the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Richtofen tried to explain the significance of his Teleporter Experiment, but instead of agreeing Maxis teased him. Maxis then let him know his hidden agenda.

Ludvig Maxis intended on mass producing the Wunderwaffe. He had made a deal with the Nazi Party to produce this weapon in return for funding. Richtofen was surprised by this, and asked how the other scientists would react. Group 935 was made up of scientist from around the world, and were to be neutral in the war. Maxis told Richtofen that the other scientists did not need to know, and it would be between the two of them.

The M.P.D.

Maxis continued testing the Teleporter by sending live subjects. They would disappear instead of being destroyed as before. Richtofen claimed it as a success, but Maxis did not. He said it was not a success because they did not reappear at the Main Frame. Richtofen suggested that they not only teleported through space, but also through time. Maxis thought the claim was preposterous and would not believe it without proof.

Richtofen and Schuster continued to experiment with the Teleporter behind Maxis' back. Eventually Richtofen had Schuster Teleport him with the machine. When Teleported Richtofen ended up in a cavern with a large pyramid shaped device. He did not know it at the time, but he found the M.P.D. on the Moon. When first arriving he heard whispering that he thought was Dr. Schuster. However, they whispering was voices in his head due to his contact with the M.P.D. Device.

Richtofen teleported back to the lab 19 days later. At that point Dr. Schuster thought that he was lost. Richtofen explained to Schuster the device he had found, and laid out a plan for
Schuster to lead testing on the device.

Dr. Richtofen, Dr. Schuster, Dr. Groph, and other scientists with Group 935 worked behind Maxis' back to build Griffin Station around the M.P.D. Device. While they were working on this project they needed to live a double life, and still work on the projects assigned to them by Dr. Maxis.

Mind Control and Human Experiments

During the construction of Griffin Station Richtofen continued to work on Wonder Weapons and Mind Control. Exposure to 115 took a tool on many of the scientists, causing them to have various symptoms. This Exposure eventually led to the accidental discovery of zombies.

Richtofen ran experiments on Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and an unnamed Mexican in order to attempt mind control on live subjects and determine why they were not having the same symptoms when exposed to Element 115. During these tests he killed the Mexican after removing his spleen to see if the barrier to 115 was located there.

Spy Games

Then Richtofen found out that there was a spy at one of their facilities. He found and brought back the spy, Tank Dempsey. The discovery of this spy made Richtofen question all American Scientists that were involved with Group 935. This added to his natural hatred for Americans. He had all american scientists killed, including Peter McCain.

Richtofen also was intrigued by the fact that the rest of Tank Dempsey's team was effected by 115, since Dempsey was not, he decided to replace the unknown Mexican with Dempsey as a test subject.

The extensive testing on these subjects have various results. Nikolai needed to be drunk with vodka in order to function properly. Takeo became quiet, when he would talk it was in the form of proverbs. It also wiped the memory of all three test subjects. He was unable to get Tank Dempsey to stop being angry, even after the memory wipe.

Plot Against Maxis

Within two years of the start of the M.P.D. project Griffin Station was up and ready to operate. Richtofen has noticed that Maxis has taken a liking to his secretary, Sophia, and thought the distraction would work in his favor. He held a meeting with the Scientists from Group 935 and explained that Maxis had betrayed them, and is planning on mass producing the Wunderwaffe for the Nazis. He told them that they must work on figuring out how to turn on the M.P.D., and he would work on taking care of Maxis. When they questioned turning on the device Richtofen told them in was a portal to another dimension.

Rictofen returned to Der Riese and continued to give the illusion that he was working as Dr. Maxis' Assistant. During this time the scientists discovered the M.P.D. can be powered by souls. Richtofen had people sent to the Moon base in order to power the machine. After he being told that the machine was ready to go, Richtofen determined it was time to take care of Maxis.

Richtofen decided that the right time to do this is during an experiment where Maxis wanted to test the teleporter by sending Samantha's dog, Fluffy, through the device. Richtofen changed the settings in order for the machine to have different results. After Maxis powered the Machine Fluffy came back as the first Hellhound. Samantha saw this, got upset, and ran into the room. Richtofen closed the door, locking them all in the room. Maxis yelled at Richtofen to open the door, but when he refused Maxis teleported himself and Samantha.

Samantha Takes Control

Samantha ended up on Griffin Station. She ran directly towards the M.P.D. Device and ended up inside it. She did not know immediately, but from in here she could control the Zombies. When Richtofen was informed of this development he ordered them to find Ludvig Maxis. He told Schuster that if Samantha appeared then Maxis should be somewhere. They found Maxis in a tunnel and had him teleported to the M.P.D. Device. He was upset when he saw his daughter floating in there, and apologized to her. Then he told her to kill all the members of Group 935. He was then shot by one of the Scientists, and his soul entered the M.P.D.

Richtofen's Group

Samantha sent the Zombies after Richtofen and the other Group 935 Scientists. Richtofen released Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Tank Dempsey. With their memories wiped, he convinced them join him in order to survive. However, his true motives were to get them in assisting him in his quest to gain control through the M.P.D. and the Aether.

The Group overloaded the teleporter in Der Riese with the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This results in them teleporting forward in time and into Kino der Toten, the theater that Maxis was planning to use for the demonstration of the Teleporter. From there they teleport to an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome, where they freed Dr. Gersch.

When the teleport from Ascension they end up far in the future, to the set of a movie in Siberia. They are trapped in a room, but get assistance from the actors in the movie. Richtofen secretly gets the actors to bring him the Goldenrod. From there they teleport to Shangri-La so that Richtofen can acquire the Focusing Stone.

Richtofen's Grand Scheme

After having the necessary equipment to complete his plan he teleports the group to Hanger 18 in Area 51. They are immediately swarmed by zombies, but escape into a teleporter that sends them to Griffin Station. They find and open the M.P.D., which reveals Samantha Maxis. Richtofen fuses the Golden Rod to the Vril Generator and switches bodies with Samantha. He laughs at his group and tells them he will now control everything.

The group was angry that they were tricked by Richtofen. Ludvig Maxis convinces the group that he can minimize the damage that Richtofen will cause. With the lead of Samantha, now in Richtofen's body, they help Maxis release three rockets towards Earth. This resulted in the destruction of most of the Earth and the death of countless people.

Battle For Control

Maxis has a backup plan that he set in place back when he first suspected Richtofen of betraying him. In this plan he would need to get the assistance of the survivors on Earth. Richtofen realizes he has limited control of the zombies and tries to prevent Maxis from taking control from him. They both influence survivors to complete tasks.

Four survivors in Green Run can hear Maxis, while only Stuhlinger can hear Richtofen. Richtofen tries to convince Stuhlinger to have his group complete tasks in Green Run, Die Rise, and Buried. If they complete these tasks Richtofen shares a body with Stuhlinger and takes complete control of the zombies.

If the Four Survivors listen to Maxis then Richtofen is turned into a zombie and Maxis will destroy the Earth.

Other Items of Interest

  • Hidden Radios on the Moon, Call of The Dead, Shi No Numa, and Der Riese contain voice clips from Richtofen's Diary.
  • Richtofen can be heard on the TV in Nuketown Zombies.
  • Richtofen tries to recruit Nikolai into the Illuminati.
  • Richtofen hears voices in his head similar to Stuhlinger. He also has several quotes that suggest that he has eaten zombie flesh.
  • Richtofen's name is carved in the alter in Shangri-La
  • Richtofen makes several references to time travel, before they time travel.
  • Maxis hid the Thundergun from Richtofen. Richtofen calls it the DG-3, however, he also calls the upgraded Wunderwaffe the DG-3.
  • Richtofen has several quotes that bring his sexuality into question, including telling Nikolai that the Monkey Bomb is soft and fuzzy like him.


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