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Escape From Tarkov: 5 Incredible Keys for Reserve

Brandon is an avid first-person shooter gamer. He's been playing Escape From Tarkov since Feb. 2020. The Reserve map is always his go to.


Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore first-person shooter. You spawn into the map of your choice and loot for valuables while keeping a sharp eye out for enemies. One of the maps available for play is Reserve. This army reserve map can be seen as one of the most competitive and valuable maps in the game. During your raid, you are guaranteed a lot of competition. Throughout the map there are different doors and cages that require a key to unlock. These areas usually have profitable loot behind their locked doors. There are 29 possible keys to use on Reserve, so which ones are the best? I’ll cover 5 keys and why I think they are of great value.


Key #1

The first key I’ll cover is the RB-KPRL. This room has a lot of loot spawns that have the possibility to spawn rare valuables.


Location: Outside/underneath the Dome. There are two guard shacks, the RB-KPRL key goes to the left guard shack.

Behind the Lock:

  • One Standing Weapon Safe
  • One safe
  • One Weapon Cabinet
  • Weapon Box
  • Small Safe Under Desk
  • Intelligence spawn on desk
  • Key Spawn

Key #2

The next key is RB-BK. This room is of high value. It has multiple spawns that could lead to high priced items. This key can only be used 25 times. Be sure to examine the room thoroughly as loot tends to get overlooked.

Key: RB-BK

Location: Basement of Black Pawn Building

Behind the Lock:

  • VPX Modules Spawn
  • Virtex Processor Spawn
  • Gold Chain Spawn
  • Key Tool Spawn
  • Multiple Weapon Case Spawns
  • Possible Container Spawns
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Key #3

The next key is the RB-AM. This room is great for scrapping together awesome attachments and rare tools. Plus, there are multiple tech spawns, as well as a high value intelligence spawn.

Key: RB-AM

Location: First Floor of Black Bishop Building

Behind the Lock:

  • Tools Spawn
  • Weapon Attachments
  • One Jacket
  • One Wooden Crate
  • Three Toolboxes
  • Tech Spawns
  • Intelligence Spawn

Key #4

The next key is RB-SMP. I included this key because it is great to find medical supplies in. In addition, there is also the possibility of a LEDX spawn.


Location: Second Floor of White Bishop Building

Behind the Lock:

  • A lot of Medical Supplies
  • LEDX Spawn
  • Ophthalmoscope spawn

Key #5

The last key is RB-VO. This room is very similar to RB-BK. There are many possibilities of rare loose loot spawns, as well as good ammo spawns and weapon spawns. Like the RB-BK key, this key can only be used 25 times.

Key: RB-VO

Location: Outside of White Rook there are two Barrack Buildings. The door is in the building NOT facing White Rook.

Behind the Lock:

  • Key Tools Spawn
  • Key Cards Spawn
  • Gold Chain Spawn
  • Virtex Processor Spawn
  • Weapon Spawns
  • Ammo Spawns

Hopefully this list of keys will help get your feet wet on Reserve. Good luck out there!

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