Far Cry 3 Tactics - Best Stealthy Skill Build

Updated on January 13, 2017

Far Cry 3 is a big game and so it can be a little daunting when you first begin to explore Rakyat island. This hub was written with the intention of helping you hit the ground running a little better when you start things off. Specifically, I'm going to talk about playstyles and the skills and equipment that best suit each approach.

Stealthy Playstyle

The addition of an RPG-type skill tree to Far Cry 3 was a neat touch and added a little more depth to the gameplay. The first thing to note however is that Far Cry 3 is still a shooter first; this ain't no Borderlands. Choosing the wrong skills won't screw up how you perform, since most of them provide some kind of benefit, even if it's something that you're unlikely to make use of. However, with a little forward planning we can make sure that the skills optimize the kind of approach you want to take whilst playing through the game.

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches; stealthy or aggressive. With the stealthy approach you're going to want to focus on getting through areas without being noticed (obviously) and this means focusing, especially during the early segment, on using the bow and making use of knife takedowns wherever appropriate. It also means that you want your other weapons (once you've crafted a bigger holster) to be equipped with suppressors so that if a shoot-out does occur, you're still able to keep a low profile.

Skill-wise it's going to mean focusing on the Spider tree, where all the stealth skills are located with a liberal smattering over the other trees, to round out your strategy.


Ok, starting with the stealthy approach first here's want you want to be taking:

· Takedown: This is the mandatory first skill of the Shark Tree and it's the best place to start. With this you can take down guards quickly and quietly.

· Sprint Slide: This is the mandatory first skill in the Spider tree, and allows you to move from a sprint straight into a crouch with the tap of a button. Not bad, and we need it to access anything else.

With these two taken we now have several options to choose from in two of the three trees. You can leave the Heron tree for a while, it doesn't have anything that you desperately require. Now you want to prioritise all of the takedown skills and archery based skills such as Takedown Drag and Expert Archery.

Jungle Run is also something which is much better than it looks - allowing you to move faster while in a crouched position. It's surprising just how often you can close the gap to an enemy, before he spots you, that you wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. Finally, there's Knife Throw Takedown, which does what it says, when you perform a takedown you can throw the enemy's knife at another enemy. This is quite possibly the most important skill for this build since it effectively increases the range in which you can score quick, not to mention silent, kills. The other key takedown ability for a stealthy build is Chained Takedown, which allows you to take out up to three enemies in a row if they are close to one another. When combined with the knife throw skill this can mean up to four enemies assassinated in one fell swoop.

Once you've nabbed all the that stuff you can either move into the Heron tree for Death From Above and Death From Below, which later on can be upgraded to take out two enemies simultaneously. On the other hand, if you're feeling a little on the vulnerable side you'll want to then start picking up the Conditioning skills in the Shark tree to improve your health. Either way, once it's available, make sure you acquire the Heavy Beatdown upgrade. Once you have this you are able to perform takedowns on heavy enemies (that's the ones with the flamethrowers and big machine guns). What's more it works with skills like Death From Above, meaning that you'll have plenty of ways to take out those bigger threats. Do make note though that you cannot use knife throw takedowns on heavy opponents.

By this point you'll have most of the essentials and so it shouldn't be too much of an issue what you take. Do try to get Ninja Step when you can since this will allow you to move about much faster while remaining silent and sprint between hiding places.

Oh, and think of picking up Horticulture 101 which means you bag two leaves every time you harvest a plant. With a high-level loot bag this enables you to stockpile plenty of leaves easily, meaning that you'll have the right syringes at the right times. In particular you want crimson leaves for the Sharpshooter and Enhanced Perception injections along with green leaves for the necessary supply of health recovery syringes.

The difficult part is getting into the flow during the early game. Later on you'll have mastered most of the skills, and have plenty of money. At the beginning though, by focusing on a particular style of play it will greatly reduce any frustration. This is by no means the perfect way to do things but should make a pretty effective sneaky ninja out of Jason Brody.


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